Time / time / real time is what mean?

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In recent years what models sell the most fire? SUV is definitely NO.1! Why do you favor SUV plus? Large space, good vision, compared to the car better through the sex … … Also, that every man in the heart of the cross country dream! Love behind the road, is the heart of the man […]

In recent years what models sell the most fire? SUV is definitely NO.1!

Why do you favor SUV plus? Large space, good vision, compared to the car better through the sex … …

Also, that every man in the heart of the cross country dream!

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Love behind the road, is the heart of the man to conquer. Tramp over mountains and through ravines, dash. Open SUV, Yiqijuechen, as if by our knight. Of course, pure “ tough ” has become less and less, walk in the city of “ Yu hsiaosheng ” more and more.

Sharp tools make good work。 Want to play off-road, there is not a proper four-wheel drive system, your SUV with the car what is the difference? Let you then how ambitious, and can only be the heart of the YY” “.

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The most important SUV four-wheel drive system is mainly divided into: four-wheel drive, real time 4WD AWD.

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Four-wheel drive: the most hardcore, the most pure four-wheel drive mode. Usually is the ordinary two drive when needed by manual transfer case to switch driving mode.

Four-wheel drive has the advantages of simple structure, high stability, strong and durable. But you have to stop the car.

Four-wheel drive popular professional off-road enthusiasts, but the operation is difficult, not the average consumer can wandezhuan. But once the improper operation, will damage the four-wheel drive system in vehicle.

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AWD: any time is four wheel drive, controllability and stability, through are quite good. And listen to the most popular name domineering, unknown to the consumer who sought!

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Real time: the name sounds very clever! Real time 4WD usually drove car fuel-efficient, computer control to meet bad routing rollcage. Has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, is now mostly used in four-wheel drive mode SUV.

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Four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive timely, which one is your dish?

The characteristics of ash method to the scene for you than the three.

1, the Rubicon trail to see who is God

Trail Rubicon (RS) is one of the world's top 10 classic cross-country places, a total length of 35 km. Hidden in the mountains between the mountains are known to all over the world, is the world's road enthusiasts in the hearts of the pilgrimage to the land.

The Rubicon trail SUV, to the summit of gods!

Then in the similar Rubicon trail this top cross-country track, three off-road capability four-wheel drive mode who is more cattle breaking?

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No matter in theory or in practice, four-wheel drive off-road capability is the strongest (currently only through the Rubicon trail production car is four-wheel drive)

And the AWD or at least have before, during and after the three differential lock is the challenge of qualification.

Real time: “ why can't I go in? ” I'm sorry, you're in the wrong place … …

But the Rubicon trail this extreme environment all over the world are few, not invincible off-road do not have too much fancier.

2, the Sichuan Tibet line through competition

Sichuan Tibet line is to test the SUV comprehensive off-road ability best place, let us look at the AWD and real-time in the Sichuan Tibet line of off-road competition!

This road is not only beautiful scenery, road conditions is complex, numerous driving and off-road enthusiasts. Can Hold live Sichuan Tibet line SUV, and its off-road capacity through without doubt!

You think this is the Sichuan Tibet line … …

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A bumpy road, only the Land Cruiser Prado, travel over land and water, and that God Pajero hardcore off-road vehicles to pass.

In fact, the reality has undergone earth shaking changes. In recent years, the construction of the Sichuan Tibet line, along the road have changed.

Here is no longer a traditional hardcore off-road car god world, but … …

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God car Wuling home court!

We can imagine, even after the flooding of Wuling Hongguang can not to mention the Raider can run in both directions unblockedly, SUV!

In most of the Sichuan Tibet line, general Wade Road, washboard road, home of real-time SUV to the full or part time 4WD hardcore off-road comparable.

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Now the domestic real-time SUV can be easily round you to dream, do not need to spend a wife to buy a very expensive car hardcore off-road.

So in the Sichuan Tibet line, 3 four-wheel drive mode can be said in the 80% road in a tie!

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Some people think I read less, Kathleen you don't deceive me! Four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive theory but timely four-wheel drive off-road ability strong!

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The ash for everyone to explain:

Four-wheel drive off-road is very fierce, countless God under the seat of the red horse. But the four-wheel drive also has a problem, is that you have to switch to even two in accordance with the road drive, four-wheel drive mode.

The switch is good, let you have a Dakar rally God style; switching is not good, you should find Wuling, and improper operation will hurt the 4WD system inside the vehicle. Simply, four-wheel drive how fierce when operation is good to see you! You can look at the Harvard H5, Roewe W5, there are some pickup on the transfer case operating lever, in addition to real off-road “ old guns ”, lovers in general a few will operate? Not to mention the operation more complex is equipped with MITSUBISHI “ super select 4WD ”.

All wheel drive is very fierce, but also have a differential lock.

The front or rear skid, lock the central differential lock; the rear one slip, locking rear differential lock; the front wheel which has a skid, locking front axle differential lock … …

Listen to make a big head! Not to mention the actual operation of the. And we look at the present in the AWD hardcore off-road sale, for example, found that 4 Land Cruiser Prado, is the standard lock, high version only after the lock. To complete the 3 differential lock only Benz G level, the 3 is not the differential lock cost is not low!

3, rural land road through sex competition

Compared to most people seldom go to the Sichuan Tibet line, suburban road soil is our most common place often need four-wheel drive.

This is the most common way of our daily life.

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Under the rain is muddy difficult, often drove ordinary before skidding and can't move, then the power of four-wheel drive will show up.

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Mud road, dirt road in our common suburban and rural areas, three four-wheel drive mode competition, whether the winner?

wheel drive


real time 4WD

We usually drive a lot of bad way, you will find that, regardless of the actual or subjective driving experience, really no difference!

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In the general road, and hardcore off-road performance as the wuling!

On the outskirts of the pavement, matched three four-wheel drive mode.

4, snow and ice road, non slip competition

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Another major role is the four-wheel drive on snow, skid resistance!

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Every winter snow, is the high incidence of accidents, a skid brake, it may end.

Then in the snow on the road, the three wheel drive model who is better?

Take personal driving experience as an example:

AWD more than real-time is not easy to slip, but once skidding swing tail, real-time intervention is better than full time 4wd. The four-wheel drive … … you can drive it when it is two.

When skidding flick, real-time automatic feeder after flooding, and this is to slide is suddenly connected without power rear wheel suddenly output power, the power output is to stop suddenly, sliding wheels play better than have AWD dynamic state intervention of the tail, and immediately controlled a driver to feel the same after intervention.

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On the whole, the skid resistance of the ice and snow road:

AWD > > timely four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive

But whether all wheel drive or real-time, leaving a reliable winter tire, skid resistance is greatly reduced.

5, the city road competition

The Sichuan Tibet line, suburban road, snow road soil … … these are also less likely driving conditions.

Our daily traffic, can be said that more than 90% of the time is running in the city.

So in the city, three who showed more excellent four-wheel drive mode?

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In such conditions the four-wheel drive and a general household before the drive performance, four-wheel drive will not use ah!

All wheel drive is not in the drive for every hour and moment 4 round, therefore the city on the road compared to the real-time higher fuel consumption!

Four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive to more clever, such small scenes “ ” basic, just use the front wheel drive, thus better fuel consumption.

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So, in the city on the road, real-time and four-wheel drive is better than awd.

In addition, city road driving if it is rainy slippery road, anti-skid performance of three four-wheel drive mode can refer to snow and ice road oh.

6, comprehensive competition

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The superior performance of each four-wheel drive off-road enthusiasts are yearning for. 3 four-wheel drive mode can be said that each one has its own merits. Can not deny the four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive with 3 locks strong off-road capability, but on the road more and more better today, they seem more highbrow, perhaps in the future, the real hardcore off-road, will be like Macarthur described as old soldiers never die, they just fade away &hellip …

Even the existing off-road models, in the configuration is difficult to adjust the weight of the mouth. Some people love all wheel drive with lock and lock, some people love four-wheel drive themselves to control, some non beam frame (non bearing) not to buy, and some people think now is totally enough for real time 4wd.