Out 16nm these mobile processors to 10nm

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With the development of science and technology, the mobile phone industry is experiencing the old computer industry, especially in the development of the processor, the mobile phone industry with a few years of time to go through the computer for decades to go through the road. In recent years, mobile phone “ nuclear ” war […]

With the development of science and technology, the mobile phone industry is experiencing the old computer industry, especially in the development of the processor, the mobile phone industry with a few years of time to go through the computer for decades to go through the road. In recent years, mobile phone “ nuclear ” war intensified, in addition to the performance of the upgrade, we can also see a parameter — — nano.


Under the same parameters, can better reflect the nano, and now this &ldquo nuclear war; ” age, intelligent equipment life has always been stagnant, the use of advanced nanotechnology can effectively reduce power consumption performance under the condition of not reducing, also is the current mainstream life solution scheme last year the 14nm and 16nm can not follow the trend of the times, the next generation of “ &rdquo SOC, an arms race; the manufacturers have given 10nm flagship, let Xiaobian to analyze:

10nm process is what?

Commonly referred to as the &ldquo of the CPU; production process ” refers to the process of production of the processor, the integration of the circuit's precision, that is, the higher the accuracy, the more advanced production technology. In the same volume can be stuffed into more electronic components, the processor's performance is stronger, lower power consumption.

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Although there is now the concept of 7Nm, but analysts said, 7Nm products at least until 2020 to officially available. At present, as the mobile phone industry giant — — Samsung has developed 10nm technology, Qualcomm has the next-generation flagship to Samsung foundry, in exchange, the next generation of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S8 will mostly use the new Qualcomm processor. Of course, as the chip maker's giant, the company also said that at the end of 2016 to launch 10nm process chip.

What 10nm process processor has been exposed

X30 Helio

In recent years, Helio in the mobile terminal processor side frequently force, X series of chips are also trying to hit the high-end market. It is reported that Helio X30 will use the latest TSMC 10nm FinFET Plus process, Helio X30 3 cluster architecture is still using Artemis A53 A35. GPU also switched to the PowerVR, the maximum can support the 8GB capacity of LPDDR4 memory, support UFS 2.1 technical standard storage particles, support for 3 carrier aggregation, Cat.10/Cat.12 full Netcom Communication baseband. There is news that the processor is the impact of the high end of the weapon, the first quarter of 2017 production.

X30 Helio

Samsung Exynos 8895

According to micro-blog's famous source @i ice universe news, the next generation of Exynos 8895 using the revised M1 architecture, clocked 3.0GHz and turbo to 3.4GHz, GPU will introduce the new release of Mali-G71 ARM, Exynos Mali-T880 MP12 allegedly than 8890 fast up to 80%, more than 821 Xiaolong Adreno 530. Performance on the upgrade, will inevitably lead to an increase in power consumption, in order to live to live to Hold explosion of the small universe, process to upgrade to 10nm.

@i ice universe broke the news Samsung Exynos 8895

Qualcomm snapdragon 830

Every Qualcomm Corp issued a new processor will concern, while its flagship Xiaolong 800 series, will soon apply to all manufacturers flagship model, earlier rumors that Qualcomm will release three processor Xiaolong 825, Xiaolong Xiaolong 828 and 830, and the three processors will the   (Samsung); 10nm manufacturing process, design 825 will use three core Qualcomm snapdragon 828, is the six core, two core Kryo architecture, four small core, the highest frequency is 2.4GHz.

Xiaolong 830

The most concern is the star Xiaolong 830, it is reported that 830 Xiaolong internal codename for the MSM8998, in addition to the 10nm process, but also the integrated support for LTE Cat.16 network baseband. The key lies in Xiaolong 830 may be eight core processor, and will use Qualcomm has always been proud of the Kryo CPU kernel, the highest frequency is 2.6GHz (also said 2.8GHz). The 10nm process is also used to improve the performance and control the power consumption at the same time.

Apple A11 processor

Morning news, apple A11 processor will be the next generation by TSMC. Will also use the 10nm process, although the 10nm chip TSMC 10nm chip than Samsung launched later, but the A9 processor &ldquo chip; &rdquo door; event also allows apple to fear, perhaps to avoid this happened again, Apple will A11 all the more profound precipitation by the technology of TSMC do.

apple A11

According to the projections of the Apple released a new machine in time, will be in September next year, Apple released a new machine iPhone 8, and A11 and MediaTek Helio X30 are using TSMC 10nm process, of course, there are rumors that Apple released the tablet next year A10X will be using TSMC 10nm technology, but there are guess, except that A11 is the process of TSMC 10nm, other parameters are not clear.

The future planning of 7Nm and 10nm

There have been experts said, according to Moore's law in 2020, the semiconductor industry will be officially entered the era of 7Nm, and 7Nm will be the limit.

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There is news that the 7Nm process chip has been deployed in the process, there are currently about 20 manufacturers will use their 7Nm process. The new process chip is expected in the second half of 2017 pilot, 2018 officially shipped. In addition, TSMC chairman Zhang Zhongmou said, in order to further promote the 10nm and 7Nm advanced process development progress, TSMC will recruit raised about 3000 R & D personnel, the number of existing R & D team staff expanded to nearly 10000 scale.


Although the news that 7Nm will be the limit, but what things can not say never, like two thousand years ago, also don't believe that human beings can fly out of the earth, we don't put all the things and events to do certain decisions, something in the future who can predict? Of course, understanding is evolving, but to be constrained by the historical conditions of the existing technology, the future will be a long time will be 10nm and 7Nm of the world. And when the semiconductor manufacturing process development stagnation, the development of science and technology which places to look for a breakthrough? This is the question that we should think about.