WHO expressly prohibited cigarette case marked “low tar” we have cheated?

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Know that smoking is not good, but always can not quit, then from the shelves to pick a low tar cigarette “ ”, find some comfort from the cigarette case numbers, then comfortably continue to smoke — — so far, there are still a lot of smokers continues this idea. Low tar ah, sounds like […]

Know that smoking is not good, but always can not quit, then from the shelves to pick a low tar cigarette “ ”, find some comfort from the cigarette case numbers, then comfortably continue to smoke — — so far, there are still a lot of smokers continues this idea.

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Low tar ah, sounds like a small harm, although not compared to quit smoking, but always “ health ” point it? No, don't think so. “ low tar ” can not reduce the harm caused by cigarettes, which has long been the consensus of the medical community.

However, there are many people do not know this. 2015 China Adult Tobacco Survey report shows that for low tar does not mean low hazard to the industry consensus, the correct proportion of the Chinese public is only 24.5%. In contrast, the proportion of Chinese adult male smokers have been high, people die every year from tobacco related diseases (young men dying Chinese shocking 1/3 in tobacco, including you?). In China, low tar is still many cigarette selling, misleading cigarette mark reform.

Why low tar cigarette smoking is useless, improving the health of the road? It's a clear day today.

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1, the so-called “ low tar ” on the basis of an outdated machine measuring value, it can not reflect the actual situation.

2, the amount of smoke inhalation in the real life is often much higher than the marked value of the machine.

3, studies show that low tar cigarettes do not reduce the health risks of smokers.

4, WHO "Framework Convention on tobacco control" clear requirements prohibit “ low tar ” and similarly misleading labeling, but China cigarette packaging still in need of reform.

“ low tar ” how to measure?

But it's a trick!

1950s, the relationship between tobacco and lung cancer and other diseases gradually clear. In order to appease the fear of consumers, tobacco companies began to study how to reduce the nicotine and tar in cigarettes, low tar cigarettes came into being.

Measure these values, using a device called &ldquo, a smoking machine &rdquo. Measurement, the smoking machine in the set of good conditions “ smoking ” and then analyze the amount of tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and other substances collected by the machine. There was a birth in 1936 by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the international organization for Standardization (ISO), gradually become a long-term industry standards. The suction condition is set, the smoke volume of each cigarette smoking machine is 35ml, every time the suction lasts for 2 seconds, the two time is 1 minutes.

ISO/FTC standardized experiments, looks very convincing. Therefore, those who changed the process, into the “ low tar ” the number of cigarettes have measured data used in the propaganda, claiming that their products are less harmful to health.

some kind of smoking machine. Picture from: sunjournal.com

But soon after, the tobacco industry and regulatory authorities began to realize that things are not pure — — smoke machine measurement and digital human inhalation, it is completely different.

The International Federation of oasis, tuberculosis and lung disease prevention, the improvement of design and composition of tobacco cigarette tar process, easy to let smokers have active compensation behavior. In other words, the actual suction of these cigarettes, people will increase the amount of smoke per mouth, shorten the interval of every two cigarettes, swallowing deeper, increasing the amount of smoking and so on. Therefore, the focus of the process of reducing coke on the cigarette machine is in fact a limited role.

In addition in the cigarette paper and cut tobacco, another important approach of reducing coke process is punched in a filter, these small holes will allow fresh air dilution of smoke, harmful substances that data collected sharp drop in smoking machine. However, when the real smoking is often to plug the hole naturally or half unconsciously smoke inhalation, also far more than the value of measuring machine.

Small holes in the filter nozzle. Photo: Oasis / International Union against tuberculosis and lung disease

Therefore, the so-called “ low tar ” (tar low) is very misleading, it only represents the value of the machine, but it does not reflect the actual situation. The so-called “ low tar ” however, the tobacco industry for the characteristics of the machine to make some of the characteristics of “ improved ” it trick got data, but still harm the body and mind of smokers.

Low tar and how? Smoking the same cancer

Even low tar cigarettes really reduce the tar content, they will be able to do less harm to health? The answer is negative. Large cohort studies in the United States showed that smokers who had moderate levels of tar, low tar, or very low tar cigarettes had no difference in their risk of developing lung cancer as long as they did not. British Study (Doctors&rsquo), which lasted for 40 years, also found that the risk of lung cancer was increased, even if it was widely used in low tar cigarettes.

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Low tar is a lie, the tobacco industry has long been well aware, regulators will later step action. In 2003, the WHO statement and the Framework Convention on tobacco control denied the ISO/FTC method. In 2008, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission formally abolished this method, said in the announcement, this method obtains the tar and nicotine content has no significance, will allow consumers to misunderstand intake and health risks.

Eleventh requirements of the Framework Convention on tobacco control, the parties should prohibit tobacco products on the packaging of false, misleading or deceptive representations, such as “ low tar ” “ light flavor ” and so on.

China cigarette

When will it change?

A new deputy director of health development research center, Professor Wu Yiqun said, the above requirements Chinese have not fulfilled the Convention, cigarette still marked measurements of misleading machine. In order to reveal the misleading of low tar labeling to smokers, the new center has released a set of experimental results for China's low tar cigarettes.

cigarette label. Photo: Oasis / International Union against tuberculosis and lung disease

The selection of &ldquo in low tar market benchmark; ” the &ldquo ” Zhongnanhai; brand cigarettes as a test object, involving the tar content was 1, marked 3, 5, 8mg four filter perforated low tar cigarette, and 10 11mg, two non perforated ordinary cigarettes, cigarette number 1840. The experiment was carried out by using &ldquo which is more close to the real person smoking behavior; the deep absorption ” the method was measured and compared with the ISO/FTC condition. It was found that the amount of harmful substances actually brought by these cigarettes was much higher than that on the packaging. If some or all of the pores are blocked, the tar will further increase.

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Canada deep breath method (closer to reality) measured tar intake (blue) and cigarette label (yellow), the amount of tar intake reached the cigarette labeling amount of 2.6 to 4.4 times. Picture from: Wu Yiqun / New Research Center for health development

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Filter air holes in different degrees from blocking conditions, Canada deep breath measured by inhalation of cigarette and tar volume label quantity. Picture from: Wu Yiqun / New Research Center for health development

Professor Wu Yiqun noted, although relatively low tar labeling cigarette nicotine and tar intake does seem slightly lower, but the actual situation is much more complex being inhaled harmful substances than smoking machine measured, not only according to the release amount to estimate the intake of smokers and health risks. Low tar cigarettes can also lead to high levels of nicotine and tar in cigarettes that are not safe.

Only to evaluate the harm to tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and other indicators of tobacco is not comprehensive, and new data released, even cigarette manufacturers as reducing coke core selling point, it is only for the outdated smoking machine detection conditions had no effect on the live.

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Since 2015, China's tobacco consumption has declined, but China is still the world's largest tobacco producer and seller, the adult male smoking rate is still as high as 50% or more. The national tobacco control laws has not issued warnings on tobacco packaging graphics also has failed to appear. Looking forward to the tobacco packing box Chinese change at the same time, their self deception to choose what “ low tar cigarette smoking, as &rdquo.