Zhang Xiaolong’s latest internal speech: vigilance KPI and processes

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WeChat will host a &ldquo every year, the leadership of the general assembly ” participants are more than leader of the grassroots, middle management cadres.   Recently, Zhang Xiaolong delivered a speech at the meeting, to recommend the “human history” this book as the opening, with the past examples of their thinking on product and […]

WeChat will host a &ldquo every year, the leadership of the general assembly ” participants are more than leader of the grassroots, middle management cadres.
Recently, Zhang Xiaolong delivered a speech at the meeting, to recommend the "human history" this book as the opening, with the past examples of their thinking on product and management, on the one hand, reiterated the need for agility, on the other hand, the product business thinking direction should not be from KPI, but from the perspective of the user to consider.
The following is the full text of the speech: members of the WXG (WeChat business group) colleagues, good morning, everyone! And our annual Leadership Conference. As we all see, WeChat team expansion is relatively fast, there are more than 1 thousand and 500 people. In this regard, last night I had a chat with Tony, we have a big worry is that, when a team size especially when big, a lot of behavior will enter into a &ldquo organization; ” behavior becomes to keep some of the characteristics of their good is not particularly easy. Here, I told everyone especially recommend a book, called "human history". Just the thought of this book, because the book reveals something out, for example, he said that when human beings in the ancient period, either a village of only 150 people, because there was no language as a tool, once more than 150 people, there is no way to hold up a group of people. You imagine, if there is no language tools, then, there is only a very simple way of communication. So he said, our memory is only suitable for dealing with interpersonal relationships within 150 people, once more than 150 people, it becomes a social organization. At this time is not very comfortable for the individual, has more than his comfort zone. When more than 150 people, this time depends on a kind of language ability, imagination or a kind of rule of imagination to maintain this relationship. In fact, we are in such a transition phase, when we have more than 150 people, our organization has been completely different from the previous. I remember in Nantong, including here a lot of colleagues from Nantong, there will be a very deep impression that there are some contrast. In Nantong, when we are on the first floor, everyone is walking just to another seat, to discuss the problem of looking for a white board began to discuss, we feel that time has very high efficiency. But now we feel the need to do a communication must make an appointment, or to open a video conference and so on, here a is not only our organization, to all organizations are very challenging, for the scale of hundreds of thousands of human nature more than capacity to say, how to keep you a very high efficiency of communication, or a very close relationship. On this issue, the philosophy of all organizational behavior and a wide variety of corporate management will be discussed. My concern is that we as a group of thousands, as if the 10 team of 150 words, I think it will have a very high creativity, as if the whole 1500 people, I fear that it will not have some decline in the ability to create. I would like to have two themes to do my own thinking and sharing with you today. What choice is meaningful as we all know, a company needs to have KPI, company executives need to have such a business goals, but if we take many colleagues directly working executives to work, especially a lot of digital, this is not reasonable. QQ mailbox began to rapid development of the time, I remember that I also had a share in the internal, when I said a word, called us to reach the KPI is our products. The so-called Deputy product is to say, we really put this thing to do after our KPI naturally reached. Early WeChat team has also been around such a way of thinking in the work. However, when our team became larger, this idea is actually slowly changed. This feeling in my own often get, because many of my colleagues to discuss some of the product or the direction of the business with me, often will give some evidence, the evidence is proved by digital — — this is the impact on me. I said that we have some impact is the driving force in the starting point of thinking about the problem, not from is not doing valuable things, but we can do it from a high data, then I will feel a little dangerous. I give a few small examples, the first is a good. Last year in the spring red wars, we do not have to compete as a war to look at, but competitors will take this as a war to look at each other, said PR must exceed us in data. I remember when the team at the meeting said, what is our strategy this year, I'm glad you finalize a strategy is that our goal this year is how to help users more efficient and more efficient, grab a red envelope, rather than the ultimate expression of a number of very large, this is a point of thinking completely different. If we are to make digital becomes great, more people grab more, spend more time, that our entire product logic inside will focus on this goal to do, we will let users grab 100 times to grab a red envelope, so the number of participants most times. If you allow users to efficiently grab a red envelope, our product logic has become the abolition of all the excess process, allowing users to spend as little time as possible in WeChat. The two result is not the same, for users, to spend as little as possible time to grab a red envelope, but he is the most happy, but the numbers are not the biggest contrast. In this case, then we can see the results, it is said that we adopt this kind of value to the users of the practice, finally gained the reputation is very good, of course, the data will be good, not bad. Here is a reflection of a point, you use a different goal driven, the method is completely different. We have never been to the company leaders reflect our KPI has a problem, but now many colleagues tend to focus on the target of the data, which is to reflect on. I discuss the issue with the technical team also said, do not pay too much attention to the growth of users, because this is a very natural growth, we should pay more attention to what we have done to the user. Meet the needs of their use of a particular need, the need for pleasure, should pay more attention to this aspect. In fact, you will see there are many unreasonable things even in WeChat inside, some places are popular. The reason is popular, but there is another reason why is that even in our BG, I did not see any one of my colleagues ran a piece, so that the overall WeChat experience a lot of difference, we should not do this, we just quietly endure, if you do this, whether it is business reasons what is the reason, it must have the truth. Himself is not bad, think it is not reasonable, but we will not jump out of this is wrong, we should get rid of it — — like this point I think it is particularly terrible thing. I give a bad example of the interior. For example, city services, city services as a function of WeChat inside the entrance is also very important, last year when the annual goal setting, the team gave me an annual target, the annual target I saw was surprised, because I did not see such annual data. What kind of goals? Out next year to achieve annual visits, the number of PV to achieve … … I said how there will be a year PV this argument, I have not heard of, I only heard the day PV, up to listen to the week PV. The team explained that if PV, the data is too small, not good-looking, I have rendered speechless at that time. This looks like a skill, but I hope that my colleagues use less of it. We should see the day PV, day UV in our growth, is not willing to see a big PV of such data; we should see the city service inside each service quality, its operability is getting better and better, do not want to see the number of how many there in — — just like said, because when we propose a target direction, the direction of our efforts will change with this goal, when presenting a pure data target, direction may be around to do this. To chat with Tony yesterday, Tony said that WeChat has a particularly big advantage, is the establishment of a business model is relatively clean, not in the state of overdraft flow to do. Before I have not thought about it, I think this is not the right? Tony said I just think of, we found that the flow in WeChat is actually very conservative, very cautious. All our business whether commercial or non-commercial, we go to measure it to the user specific value is not really great, and then decide whether to use this flow. As we see the performance of the same WeChat advertising, the last time in the company's meeting even Martin said that the space is particularly large ad, the reason is that the traffic here is not completely released. In fact, we will see from WeChat ads online to now, not a platform for advertising products like WeChat advertising circle of friends do not contradict what users almost, even now there are many users say why don't I see some of the ads, he could see — — this is a particularly good the effect of. We are not trying to achieve such an effect, but that even if we consider very commercial things like advertising, we first consider the user is not as a function of a very friendly, very good use, not to say that we try to measure the endurance limit, users until the breakdown of it, we do not think the problem. So for this piece of advice we think more, in fact, very interesting, you will find that at any time there is a branch of the road to let you choose to see what kind of method you choose to do. In the last year I said foreign public class a point of view, a good product is to allow users to run out and go, the feedback that you WeChat too hypocritical, because you have so many users, who also cannot do without, so you can say. In fact, it is not like this, in my opinion a good product is a good tool, a good tool should not stick to, is very efficient should help the user to complete his mission, rather than run out to play for a while, to get his hand for a while, that is not a very efficient performance. But some thoughts on such words, I hope it can rooted to the awareness of all, what we always want to do something valuable to users, I would like at this point to say something repeatedly. Agility and small teams are inseparable I want to share second points today about our agility. Because there are many colleagues did not experience the QQ mailbox era, I first tell you a story about QQ mail. In fact, QQ mailbox has experienced a very twists and turns of the process. In 2005 when we took over the QQ mailbox, the mailbox in the QQ Chinese ranking is back, no one can say seriously, take over is a mess. Did not realize that this is a mess, after all, ranked a dozen data is very large. So, we organized a team to do this thing, the goal is to do a good job in the QQ mailbox. We tried to do it in the first year.