Very tour of the battlefield 1 Evaluation

Very tour of the battlefield 1 Evaluation “back to the starting point” of the great war

Popular "battlefield 1" has been on the market, "very well," for us to bring the game evaluation video, look at it together. "Battlefield 1" evaluation "back to the starting point" of the great war: GsVideo ("Youku", " From=s1.8-1-1.1&spm=a2h0k.8191407.0.0&qq-pf-to=pcqq.c2c"); "Battlefield 1" this makes up for the weak story mode, the game screen is very high quality, good optimization, on the host "to guarantee frame" mechanism is also very good, as the traditional multiplayer mode, in ensuring the premise of classic does...
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“Battlefield female martial spirit: the blue revolution” massive intelligence three beautiful woman role appeared

Sega released a new trailer and a new intelligence, introduced the "Valkyria Chronicles: the four branches of the blue revolution" in seven new characters and the army. Game preview: GsVideo ("cool", ""); role Miranda Vilfort (Vilfort Miranda) CV: Fujimura Ayumi O Philia (Ophelia) a member of the Imperial Guard of the princess. She was born in a lower order noble family, is Godot's sister. She and the princess Leah are the same age, is her playmate, but also take care...
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“Titan 2” hand tore up the execution collection action of pleasure

"Titan 2" has been officially released, the game Titan battle looked particularly exciting. Tubing on the channel ckotherletters upload a game of Titan executed in the video collection. "Titan 2" collection of executions: GsVideo ("cool", ""); Each Titan in the game has a different execution action, each action is handsome, and seems to have a kind of hand tearing up the pleasure. "Titan 2" in the sale of the good reputation, whether it is a single player campaign or multiplayer...
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The pirate ship released

The pirate ship released “saw” version of PC video game player creative nightmare

Halloween is coming, Corsair official YouTube video station released a creative Promo: PC game player's nightmare, the clever use of the "saw" plot, look together. Pirate ship: GsVideo ("cool", ""); Adam is locked in a front of the computer, with the "horse brother" familiar with the line "wanna play a game?" However, this really is to play the game, or the new B agency "DOOM", but with the decreasing number of frames, Adam the game almost becomes a torment, horse...
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The retailer PS4 Pro packaging on exposure ready sale etc.!

The retailer PS4 Pro packaging on exposure ready sale etc.!

Just just, foreign Reddit forum, a netizen named perrilloux exposure of Pro PS4 packaging outside the box. Obviously, this is not a PS4, but Pro has arrived in the hands of retailers, waiting for November 10th that day. Pro PS4 packaging shell:
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Chinese fir fruit Halloween promotion has a surprise

Chinese fir fruit Halloween promotion has a surprise “dark soul 3”, “radiation 4”, “doom” has a discount

The Steam store opened on Halloween sale today, but mostly and halloween themed games related to participate. But in the cedar fruit mall also opened a Halloween promotional activities, which have some special discount game. Participate in the promotion of Halloween cedar fruit in the game, there are no discount on the Steam platform in the sale of Halloween game, such as "dark soul 3" original price 268 yuan, promotional price of 187 yuan. Click to enter "Doom 4" original...
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“Horizon: Dawn” 38 minute demo heroine incarnation of the Dragon Master

Horizon: at dawn, a 38 minute demo of the game. Horizon: the dawn of time: GsVideo ("cool", ""); The video demo from earlier Fami on Nico Nico live on. Shows the different ways in which the dinosaurs were hunted. However, due to the Nico Nico website for video compression is higher, so the video effect is a bit bad. And many of the scenes have appeared in previous shows. "Horizon: Dawn" will be released on February 28, 2017. Video screen:...
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“Call of Duty 4: re – plate” re – making the new notice confirmed landing Pro PS4

SONY announced the latest Promo "COD4" remake, and Bowen released confirmation of "COD4" heavy plate will have the PS4 version of Pro, support a rich texture and dynamic 4K images, and the highest number of series. In addition, also said that "COD4" heavy plate model will have 10 maps, in December will be announced another 6. "COD4" new trailer: GsVideo ("cool", ""); "Call of Duty 4: heavy plate" in November 4, 2016 will be bundled with the "call of duty...
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Sega statement:

Sega statement: “football manager 2017” will be a game player Chinese please rest assured

Sega announced as "2017" to join the football manager Chinese support. Sega announcement Steam store in the gaming community, Sega official announcement that "Sega have embarked on a" football manager 2017 "and" 2017 "football manager Touch translated into traditional Chinese work. At the same time, Sega is also considering simplified Chinese options. Now can not determine the specific launch time, but please rest assured that Chinese fans, the Chinese version is about to come." Sega had promised "" FM2017 "in...
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“Watch dog 2” edition box remote control robot could run expression

"2" watchdog of two edition, San Francisco Edition (San Francisco Edition) and the robot (Wrench Junior RobotCollector's Pack Edition), let's look at foreign media IGN bring us video out of the box. "Watchdog" robot 2 edition: GsVideo ("cool", ""); The collection contains gold version of the game: game body, season tickets, 2 sets of Marcos Holloway personalized equipment, vehicle skin, UAV and weapons, and today's leading small wrench robot around. This small wrench robot actual height of about 20 cm,...
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