Nova Launcher Prime V5.3-beta1 modified Chinese version

Nova Launcher Prime V5.3-beta1 modified Chinese version

Introduction of Nova launched an Android native-style,And compared to the original initiator can be customized more freedom and more beautiful,Support powerful customizations initiator。 Attention:Due to the changes in the beta version is more,Modify a waste of life,So at least Beta5 long color。 Screenshots no download addresses Baidu's Web site (extraction password:Gmqz) (full) OneDrive checksum file name:Nova_Launcher_v5.3-beta1_Prime_Orig-Theme_by_alphaeva. apk file size:8303747 Byte modified:2017June 15 12:11:31 MD5 :A5F7F8C9D98C347AC61F8C32FF122405 SHA1 :06EF7BD20FE8F9D3D490AAF22770902594354848 CRC32 :0– E5DB16A modified modified Chinese Simplified Chinese、Unlock the enhanced Edition features、Alignment optimization – if you want to use the TeslaUnread Plugin,Unlocked version must be installed to use,Can't install Google Play original,TeslaUnread Plugin and Nova Starter license validation。 TeslaUnread Plugin for power artifact,Can not install if I didn't need it。 -Please do not open the search bar appears on the weather options,Unlimited stops。Because if you want to use the Google API,First of all to certificate SHA1 signatures submitted to the Google verification,Before you can use the,Since this application is modified version,Must be able to use my certificate to sign in order to install,Check the verify data after recognition and official,Validation does not last,So this feature cannot be used。 General description […]
GetMusic v1.6.0 buy song free download tool

GetMusic v1.6.0 buy song free download tool

GetMusic,Charge on Android music to download tools,Free download lossless music,Major platform buy song free listen and download,You can select songs、Download MV,Support of NetEase cloud music、QQ music、Baidu music、Cool dog music、Cool music song search。 New Edition v1. NetEase MV 6 update download,In addition to the NetEase cloud other lossless music download GetMusic 1.6 Buy song free download tool HTTPS://
NET v1.2.2 for IOS video ads filter artifact

NET v1.2.2 for IOS video ads filter artifact

Music network – ad blocker,Video ads filter、Application、Web advertising screen artifact。AdClear,Music network,Block video ads、APP advertising! No need to root (jailbreak),A key to open! Data networks and WIFI networks to use! Support multiple devices:Mobile phone,Flat! Local agents,No remote servers,Safe! Block a phishing site、Dangerous script! Music network is currently the best mobile ad-filtering software,And is completely free! It can be very effective in blocking all popular video App ads,Watch the video without having to wait for advertising! Music network what can AdClear do for you? High efficiency air filter engine:Regularly updated filtering engine,Prevent pop-up and video ads,Ensure the best filter effects! Speed up mobile Internet:Block multiple types of ads,Web and app to browse speed,Controlled more smoothly! To protect users ' privacy:Cookie blocking Web page for user information,To protect users ' privacy,Pushed from the source cut off the spam! Save data flow:Screen advertising network requests,Minimize traffic overhead! Protection of cell phone security:Block malicious ads,Phishing site,Detecting XSS attack,Protection of mobile security! Encrypted data communication:Authorized VPN,Block user privacy and account information,Please feel free to use! New version changes 2017-07-07 V1.2.2 fixing problem Internet Widget feature fixes several bug,Follow-up will continue to improve Safari content blocking features to add a shortcut to hide advertising features,Click on the share button to Safari view。 NET v1.2.2 download,Direct search AppStore download install HTTPS://
VMware Pro 12.5.4 Official version and activation key

VMware Pro 12.5.4 Official version and activation key

Top virtual machine software VMware Workstation Pro has been updated to V12.5.4。12.0Is a large update,Specifically for the installation and use of Win10 has been optimized,Supports DX10、4K high resolution display、OpenGL 3.3、7.1Channel,And a variety of new hardware and new technologies。Attached below the permanent license key and our newest machine! V11 officially abandoned support for 32-bit systems,Installation package significantly reduced volume。 VMware virtual machine software is the most powerful,Users can run virtual machines at the same time a variety of operating systems,For development、Test、Demonstration and deployment software,Virtual machine replication server、Desktop and Tablet environment,Each virtual machine can be assigned more than one processor core、Main memory and memory。 VMware Workstation ™ 12 Pro continues the tradition of VMware,Provides professional and technical personnel using a virtual machine depends every day leading functionality and performance。Based on the latest versions of Windows and Linux、Latest processors and hardware support and the ability to connect to the VMware vSphere and the vCloud Air,It is to improve the efficiency、Save time and conquer the perfect cloud computing tools。 New version of VMware 12.0 Features introduction 2016-03-14 VMware Workstation Pro v12.5.4 VMware 12 Permanent license activation key 5A02H-AU243-TZJ49-GTC7K-3C61N Pro VF5XA-FNDDJ-085GZ-4NXZ9-N20E6 UC5MR-8NE16-H81WY-R7QGV-QG2D8 ZG1WH-ATY96-H80QP-X7PEX-Y30V4 AA3E0-0VDE1-0893Z-KGZ59-QGAVF VMware Workstation 12 Latest official version and Pro keygen VMware v11.x / V10.x official history of all versions keygen VMware Workstation Pro 12.5.4 Build 5192485 https://Access code gbfb HTTPS:// Note:VMware v11.x、12.X series only supports 64-bit systems,If it is a 32-bit system please use the VMware version v10.x
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TeamViewer V12.0.72365 green Special Edition

TeamViewer V12.0.72365 green Special Edition

TeamViewer-remote support、Remote access、Online collaboration and conferencing。TeamViewer is a can in any background penetrating internal network that firewall and NAT proxy remote control software,For remote support、Remote access、Remote management、Family Office and online collaboration and conferencing。 New version changes 2016.12.15 v12.0.72365 on the Green full version and Lite version by zd423 & ZDFANS.COM-full version installed on official Green,Crack patch v4.7,Start is available to permit passage of Special Edition! (TeamViewer crack patch has been created by the great God @DeltaFoX focus on making,Be cracked Business Edition、The paid version、Enterprise Edition,Automatically enter corresponding license channel,No free version of any limitations! After exiting the software subscription for the first time-free popup,No doubt commercial use prompts popups! )-Support for unattended access、Support setting up random access;Support VPN、Remote printing、Applies to Outlook meeting plugin; -Optimize the default configuration:Detection updates turned off by default and does not accept the new transmission、First startup does not display the software feature popup; Full version of the Green:Retention VPN driver、Remote print driver、Outlook meeting plugin;Support VPN and remote printing, and conferencing plugin! Compact single-file:Deleted VPN driver、Remote print driver、Outlook meeting plugin;No VPN or remote printing, and conferencing plugin! Full version of TeamViewer V12.0.72365 Enterprise Edition Green + Classic practical compact single-file Edition: TeamViewer v3.5 single file version,Virgin unlimited small HTTPS:// access code imlp


Android RAR unzip artifact V5.50.42 ads

Android RAR unzip artifact V5.50.42 ads

RAR for Android,Known as the Android extracted artifact! RAR is an official version from RARLAB,Chinese Simplified (official Chinese translation provided by @Dave),Support for creating RAR and ZIP,Unzip RAR, RAR5, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ;Supports ZIP and RAR repair;Benchmark testing compatibility with WinRAR;Support for restoring records,Recovery volume,Solid compression,Multicore compression。 v5.50 build 42 1. Added support for PAX extended headers in TAR archives. Such headers are utilized by modern TAR tools to store high precision file times and lengthy file names. 2. If wrong password is entered when unpacking an encrypted file […]

    Cell phone treasure v6.2 Google Edition / Version V5.7.8.9

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    Xposed Installer v3.1.1 / V2.7 released

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    An Zhuoju video v6.1.7 SVIP to advertising Special Edition

    2016-10-31 Read 951 Times

    RE Advertising Manager v4.0.3 to version and the classic version

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    Welfare resources artifact! OK v1.5.8 to Billboard

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    Android Music Assistant v1.1.0 latest version

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Office 2016 Three / Four-in-one green version

Office 2016 Three / Four-in-one green version

Office 2016 green Lite series,Produced by green soft fan @xb21cn focus on greening the streamlining,Contain Access、Excel 、Ppt 、Four components of Word (including VBA),Supports automatic permanent activation and KMS activation,Support for Win7、Win8.1、Win10 operating system 32 and 64-bit,This version is suitable for daily use,Special needs please master! Cannot guarantee that the system is equipped with Office complex using normal! Microsoft Office 2016 RTM,Microsoft's new Office software suite,Office 2013 change over is not particularly large,Interface and functionality are just fine tuning。Office2016,Word introduced real-time collaboration,Excel can recognize handwritten equation,Can improve office efficiency! Office2016 Quad/Triple green Lite description: Win7/Win8/8.1/Win10 System 32 and 64-bit specific support contains the Word、Excel、Ppt、Access the four components (including VBA) (another three-in-one patch available);After the installation is complete for the 30-day trial,Free KMS activation;Support online template、Supported Solver、Analysis Excel add-ins;Only suitable for use in normal document editing! • Permanent activation method、└ Backup restore activation information-permanent activation,Run !)Activate backup restore. cmd,Selected 1 Backup activation information。 └-Heavy recovery,Run !)Activate backup restore. cmd,Selected 2 Recovery activation information, Right in the office20xx folder to open the DOS window,Run cscript Office**ospp.vbs/inpkey:XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX method、└-On-line Internet activation method in the office20xx version in the installation folder opens a DOS window,Run cscript Office**ospp.vbs/inpkey:XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX cscript Office**ospp.vbs/act (XXXXX for permanent activation key,The activation information for file matching and must be backed up) • installation notes:Right-run with administrator privileges !)Installation. cmd 2016.10.17 Office 2016 Four in one,Size:157M Office 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 Green Lite HTTPS:// access code a29f HTTPS://
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    Foxit free PDF V8.0.5 Enterprise Edition and the wind crack patch

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    AkelPad V4.9.8 – Small text-editing software

    2016-08-20 Read 1,303 Times

    UltraEdit v23.20.0.34 Chinese green Special Edition

    2016-08-11 Read 1,862 Times

    Youdao dictionary v6.3.69.7015 ad green version

    2016-08-10 Read 1,172 Times

    Android pure local WPS v7.0/9.0/9.7 ads

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    Free small remote tools:AnyDesk v2.6.0

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ScreenGif v2016.11 Chinese Simplified Chinese version

ScreenGif v2016.11 Chinese Simplified Chinese version

Screen GIF,Gif animation recording tool of foreign compact and practical! Use ScreenGIF, Any area of the screen and the operation process can be captured as GIF format animated images,The save process to edit GIF animation optimization。This excellent tool interface is very simple,Function is very good! Screen GIF feature we introduce: -Easy to use start/stop recording,To capture a GIF image; -Simple GIF image editor built-in GIF GIF animation editor allows you to customize; -Various alternative GIF GIF optimization optimization to generate a smaller GIF images; -Multilingual interface Screen GIF user interface allows you to set or translate in other languages; New version changes: Screen GIF 2016.11 Screen GIF allow us now to force an specific GIF image outputsize. From the options dialog, we can specify the width […]
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    Greenshot green version Unstable_ screenshot software

    2016-08-20 Read 1,177 Times

    Sumatra PDF V3.2.10530 – Lightweight PDF reader

    2016-08-20 Read 993 Times

    ACDSee Ultimate v9.3.674 Chinese patch

    2016-08-11 Read 1,714 Times

    EzPDF Reader Pro v2.6.9.10 Chinese version

    2016-08-11 Read 1,533 Times

    ScreenToGif v2.1 Chinese Simplified single file version

    2016-08-10 Read 993 Times

    Picpick v4.1.6 Chinese Simplified green free version

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Keyboard piano simulation software EveryonePiano All skin Edition

Keyboard piano simulation software EveryonePiano All skin Edition

Everyone Piano keyboard piano software is the world's first set of piano learning、Entertainment piano simulation software。Rich plug-in tutorial will give you the Foundation case,Seven days to play the wonderful world famous piano piece。 Everyone Piano VSTi external audio source,Sound fidelity、Real-time performance,Even in the integrated sound card on a computer can also be wonderful melodies without delay。 This version integrated by less frivolous based on the official version of all plugins (12) and all the skin (31) package production (volume larger than the official installation package a lot),Removed from your install manual download plug-ins and skins and tedious set,Setting default skin for minimalistic. White ,All other official documents without modifying,Directly over the official installation version。 Software screenshots: Video demo: Frivolous integration plugin: EOP metronome I play EOP EOP EOP scores with composer EOP music I play EOP staff play EOP EOP waterfall flow with me God show master master master EOP EOP video music EOP EOP recording piano scores for all frivolous integrated skin: A total of 31,Not enumerate。 Functional characteristics: External MIDI keyboard,Authentic piano experience。 Support keyboard separation,Independent hands played。 Can an external MIDI keyboard or MIDI interface for electronic organ。 Notes can define a keyboard layout。 Dynamically switching skins。 Support staff、Music learning。 Play speed adjustment support。 Bring Bank,Sound fidelity。 Loadable Vsti audio library。 Support the integrated sound,Delay-free play。 Effects pedals can simulate piano。 You can customize the keyboard,Can play chromatic(The black keys)。 Support recording、Playback、Music show、Transposing、8Register adjustment and many other features。 With a large number of demo。 Rich teaching、Entertainment Plug-in。 More .... The differences with other keyboard piano software: Everyone Piano piano-oriented learning,Is to let the people at no cost to enter the music world made for core software。 Loadable Vsti audio source (for example,:True Pianos, Pianissimo),Make the effect even more realistic,Sound round、Gas field strong,Without having to buy a grand piano charm。 Have both separation and adjustment of function。Suitable for novice started,Accelerate the pace of practice,Improve both with the ability。 External Midi keyboard,No need to spend tens of thousands of Yuan to buy a piano。 Rich teaching、Entertainment Plug-in,Learning the piano is no longer boring。 Have a strong、Piano for all resource-rich Web site support,Facilitate the Exchange and sharing of。 Official website: http://Www.everyonepiano.CN digital cloud download: access password […]
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    Mcool 3360_ compact music player

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    Freemake Video Converter versatile video editor/converter

    2016-08-20 Read 1,581 Times

    YouTube client V7.0.0.7183 – Desktop YouTube video

    2016-08-20 Read 1,574 Times

    GOM Player V2.3.6.5259 – Media Player

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    EverNote V6.2.4.3244 green portable version – EverNote

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    Super v1.7.8.1 latest version PC ad-free green version

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Google chrome v54.0.2840.71 green portable version

Google chrome v54.0.2840.71 green portable version

Google Chrome v54.0.2840.71 Stable green portable version,The version from this site based on the official stable version is packaged,Plug-in integration @ green under v6.0.7,Integrated Flash plug-in v23.0.0.185,Default open portable、Delete application and Webkit comes with several local multilingual library、No application extension! Google browser,The pursuit of speed、Simple and secure Web browser。The most popular Web browser on the computer! Tips the 64-bit versions because of problems such as plug-ins are not compatible with,Individuals are not recommended! User DataPepperFlash ,Flash plug-in version PPAPI type position to retain User Data folder,Retention of personal data,Recommended log synchronization ! About Adobe Flash Player plug-in version if you're a Chrome 54 and above,Can be directly installed install_flash_player_**_ppapi.exe,Chrome also recognizes loaded,No need to copy to the Chrome in (unless you want to pack a portable version,Portable version of this site has been integrated):Even if you have this plug-in installed on your system,Chrome is also User DataPepperFlash directory update plugin (even if the same version also),Unless you failed to connect to the update server,Read the system directory of the plugin。 【Chrome (embedded), Opera, Chromium-based browsers – PPAPI】: other:PPAPI XP can use types of the final version of the Flash plug-in is v22.0.0.209 HTTPS:// Google v54.0.2840.71 green portable version of the browser Google Chrome v49.0.2623.112 for WinXP […]

    Firefox pcxFirefox v49.0.2 compilation

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    Top speed browser & Streamlined Edition gives you fast surfing experience

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    Opera version 40.0.2308.15 beta | Opera Portable

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    Pale Moon browser Pale Moon v27.0 released

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    Firefox v48.0.0 released, and the long version

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    Minimalist free swim network! Android x browser V1.9.5

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Universal five-stroke input method V9.7.1.07054 - Multiple input methods

Universal five-stroke input method V9.7.1.07054 – Multiple input methods

Universal wubi is a currently popular wubi and pinyin、English、The strokes、Ruby + strokes such as input methods of multiple input methods。All the input method in the input window,Does not require you to switch to switch to。If you enter five when,To enter was not found words,Can use pinyin or English words you want any words that you enter。This site offers a universal free download wubi download 2015 official。 The big library with 100,000 editions,Providing DIY users combine input code table features,Each IME window can be personalized skin。While adding all GBK difficult characters input,Output "鎔"、"Post"、"Kun" and other less frequently used characters,To avoid the traditional five, "Rong"、"Understanding (see)"、"Hello (facetiously)"、"Peng"、"Further" and "mad", "double happiness" characters can be entered, such as an awkward。 Universal five timeless and functional limitations,Completely free,Personal or business users are free to use,It's worth a shot。 Added: 1.Added external switch and built-in shortcut keys,For efficient optimization needed to switch versions: 1.Thesaurus Management module is optimized,Clear and concise、Can quickly locate operation basket 2. optimized compatibility fixes Win10 system: 1.Fix problems with Win10 type shows the candidate box appears transparent 2. fixes the problem of multiple status bar 3. repair network cell thesaurus thesaurus display "downloading" issue 4. fixed other known bug :

    CCleaner Pro v5.21 pure Edition and enhanced version

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    WinRAR V5.40 released fire Chinese Special Edition

    2016-08-18 Read 1,588 Times

    Windows utility Dism++ v10.1.25.1

    2016-08-10 Read 1,105 Times

    Sogou pinyin input method v8.0L to advertising optimized versions

    2016-08-10 Read 2,029 Times

    KMS General activation tool Re-Loader 2.4 Final

    2016-08-10 Read 1,739 Times

    Windows7 SP1 compact ultimate final version

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Good Win10PE! Micro-PE kit v2.0 released

Good Win10PE! Micro-PE kit v2.0 released

Author @ Li Peicong today published the WinPE Toolkit v2.0,2.X version uses the new Win10PE kernel,Known as the best maintenance type Win10PE,1. X version will continue to be used WIN8PE the kernel will keep you updated。Micro-PE kit – the best of the WinPE maintenance tools installed! WinPE Toolkit,Machine maintenance most efficient Assistant,Last straw。Of to simplify,Small wood,One-click installation,Speed launch。Micro-PE kit,Best PE kit,Not one of the。No advertising,Kernel full streamlining,Collection of super high cost of third-party tools。   New version of 2017.03.16 First WIN10 kernel v2.0 micro PE kit was born 2016.05.13 v1.2 1. Revision 1.1 version that doesn't set the wallpaper BUG。 2. Fix 64-bit password tool error BUG。 3. Correct dism++ the 32-bit version startup error BUG。 4. Fixed 7-Zip file association icons do not look at the issue。 5. Updated 7-Zip to V16.00 version。 6. Update DISM++ to V10.1.5.1。 7. Set the resolution for 64-bit PE restore right-menu。 8. Added micro-PE USB flash drive buy link。 Your favorite WinPE Kit v2.0 / V1.2 download 64-bit native core:165MB。With tools:189MB。EXE:207MB 32-bit native kernel:110MB。With tools:129MB。EXE:146MB 2.X using WIN10PE kernel 1.X by WIN8PE kernel to persist updates。 access code ht46
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    Resource Hacker 4.3.20 Green Chinese version

    2016-09-12 Read 1,525 Times

    Better File Rename 5.55 Install the registered version │ batch rename files and file modified time

    2016-08-20 Read 1,662 Times

    Mem Reduct 3.1.1454 Chinese │ lightweight green portable version of Portable memory consolidation release tool

    2016-08-20 Read 1,269 Times

    Everything v1.4.0.713--is perhaps the fastest local file search tool!

    2016-08-20 Read 1,046 Times

    IObit Uninstaller uninstall the software

    2016-08-20 Read 847 Times

    ManicTime green computer use tracking and statistics

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