Frozen One key reload system - No AD MSDN System

Frozen One key reload system – No AD MSDN System

With the rapid popularization of computers and the rapid expansion of network products,We are learning and enjoying the same time,There are more and more problems with computers.,Most ordinary computer users, especially young students, this group,They use computers to achieve entertainment、Game、The frequency of the movie is very sense,Especially during the summer vacation.,Computer Card appears、I can't afford to hurt a defective system.,It's better to change the new system to make it smoother in the game.,Frozen one key reload system positioning student groups and ordinary computer players,Let the system reload more convenient!
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QQ Music PC version v15.7.0 to AD Green Special edition

QQ Music PC version v15.7.0 to AD Green Special edition

QQ Music 2017 Computer Edition has the function of listening to music and the exclusive Super sound sound:Panorama Surround、Mega Bass、Clear voice、Rhythm,Support Adapter Hundreds headphones,QQ Music PC version support QQ level acceleration,Pioneer Lyrics Translation Service,Flat interface with simple and pleasing。 New edition Change HTTPS:// 2017-11-20 v15.7.0 1. Custom Skin Change function,Change the skin to the whim 2. New MV Playback page,Small screen playback experience smoother 3. Scan Login QQ trombone,Faster and more convenient 4. New Message Center,Record information about You 2017-11-17 v15.6.1 1. Multiple new sound effects on shelves,The choice is yours 2. New Seamless playback function,Classical music、Live live with a better sense of hearing 3. Radio mode supports single cycle,Meet the songs you like and cycle 4. Right-click menu reorganization,More fully functional,Find more convenient 5. Download album song sorted by original album order this edition feature by # Break the Music audition privilege,Free audition SQ non-destructive quality!(v15.6.1 Edition) # Disassembly modification module Go to my Music right ads、Go to the page on the right side of the song; # To self-efficacy and removal of QQMusicUp.exe、QQMusicExternal.exe ; # To follow up after the login prompts this version of the old has stopped using,Keep you available for a long time; # Removing the computer Butler Downloader、Check for updated components and some nonessential components; Download address QQ Music PC version 15.7.0 Advertising green version / 15.6.1 Go to AD Green Special Edition non-destructive sound and Copyright music free Download Tool:QQ Music Downloader v1.9.0 http://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1GFQXU8B QQ Music Support WINNAP2 and VST audio Plug-ins,Audio Plug-in package official download address
Tencent Tim Green Lite version of the official version

Tencent Tim Green Lite version of the official version

TIM,Chatting QQ,More Convenient Office。"QQ Concise Version",Named "TIM.",Simple style,Keep only the core chat、Voice and other functions。Also supports multiple people to edit word online、Excel document,Support Web Page view,You can also export documents,More suitable for office use。 Tim Main Features: -Chat QQ:Simple style,QQ Friends,Message Seamless sync-efficient multiplayer online documentation:Support Multiplayer online collaboration to edit word、Excel document。 -More convenient schedule management:Easily schedule transactions,You can also send meeting invitations。 New edition Change HTTPS:// 2017-12-21 v2.1.0 - Cloud File New Drag function,Drag files to easily upload and download,Easy to operate - Top Search bar Function optimization,Support for Search chat records - Picture and video viewing experience optimization - Online documentation Support Meeting minutes、Daily、Project management Information Form Word/excel template,Office editors are more efficient 2017-10-26 v2.0.0 new Features: Online documents migrated to cloud files,can increase the file、deleting、Change operation,Easier management; Files sent and received during chat can be transferred to cloud files,Long-term storage of important files,View at any time; Enjoy 100G extra space,Save files and view them at any time; Support Chat log roaming for 2 years,Chat message multi-terminal storage is no longer lost; New Welfare Center,Food、Travel Benefits,When you get; Free 10G Cloud disk space,Storage content multi-terminal real-time synchronization,Easy File Management。 Optimization:Reduce memory footprint,Optimize the performance experience。 This edition features by # From the Hidden Infinite trembling:Unlock stealth or offline send jitter and frequency limit; # Message anti-recall:Prevent the other message from being withdrawn,That you can still see when the other person sends the message back.; # Remove Settings->File Management->Select Personal Folders (save data locations such as message records) system limitations; └-can be randomly checked to save the location to the installation directory (Original in Win7 above system This option is grayed out # Go to all self check,Prevent the plug-in directory from generating an empty folder,Remove many non-essential components and plug-ins; # Go to the option:Software updates,Go to menu:Benefits (Waste promotion)、Software upgrade、Feedback questions; Download Address 2017-12-21 TIM v2.1.0 (22747) Official version Download link HTTPS://
One-click Restore Cgi-plus v3.4.1.6 upgrade compiled version

One-click Restore Cgi-plus v3.4.1.6 upgrade compiled version

One-click Restore CGI set backup、Recovery、nt6.x installation (automatic repair guide) and other functions in a,With Ghost and ImageX dual core,32/64Bit adaptive,Support GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD,Support UEFI+GPT Boot,Support for dynamic disks。Support for unattended configuration files,So that its function is greatly expanded,True one-key backup recovery。


Supported aiming to speed up jungle lightning Simulator-specific versions

Supported aiming to speed up jungle lightning Simulator-specific versions

Battle Royale game of survival of the Jedi hot global,The number of almost 2 million。Winning games will appear "God bless you,Dinner chicken "。Many anchors and the popularity of the player,Gradually the game referred to as "chicken"。Chicken on the Steam platform sells for 98 Yuan,Add Accelerator 30 RMB/month,Players joked that led to pay 90,Each month for 30 years。Because chicken higher requirements on computer configuration,A lot of players want to play,But no good configuration,China launched the mobile version of "chicken" of the law of the jungle,By far the most popular among players。
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    PureTie 0.8.6 Streamlining the pure Baidu client

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    Blue light v3.7.4 (0705) Professional Edition unlimited hack

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    Video V5 Android Tencent. 7.0.12515 ads

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    ES File Explorer Professional Edition v1. version 0.9 to ad optimization

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    Nova Launcher Prime V5.3-beta1 modified Chinese version

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    GetMusic v1.6.0 buy song free download tool

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WPS Office Advertising green version

WPS Office Advertising green version

WPS Office,Permanent Office for free expert,Compact、The amazing race、Full compatibility! Office software for the most commonly used text、Table、Shows and many other features。Has a memory footprint low、Running fast、Compact、Powerful plug-in platform support、Free massive online storage space and document templates、Support read and output PDF file、Office97-2010 format is compatible with Microsoft, such as the unique advantage。WPS2016,Document sharing、Discussion and collaboration,Easy team Office;Enjoy a premium member service;Tens of thousands of beautiful templates、Materials and other resources make the document more easily and efficiently!
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    Office 2016 Three / Four-in-one green version

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    Foxit free PDF V8.0.5 Enterprise Edition and the wind crack patch

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    AkelPad V4.9.8 – Small text-editing software

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    UltraEdit v23.20.0.34 Chinese green Special Edition

    2016-08-11 Read 4,193 Times

    Youdao dictionary v6.3.69.7015 ad green version

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    Android pure local WPS v7.0/9.0/9.7 ads

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ScreenGif v2016.11 Chinese Simplified Chinese version

ScreenGif v2016.11 Chinese Simplified Chinese version

Screen GIF,Gif animation recording tool of foreign compact and practical! Use ScreenGIF, Any area of the screen and the operation process can be captured as GIF format animated images,The save process to edit GIF animation optimization。This excellent tool interface is very simple,Function is very good! Screen GIF feature we introduce: -Easy to use start/stop recording,To capture a GIF image; -Simple GIF image editor built-in GIF GIF animation editor allows you to customize; -Various alternative GIF GIF optimization optimization to generate a smaller GIF images; -Multilingual interface Screen GIF user interface allows you to set or translate in other languages; New version changes: Screen GIF 2016.11 Screen GIF allow us now to force an specific GIF image outputsize. From the options dialog, we can specify the width and the height for the output, or just leave it as zero (to do not resize the captured image). Screen GIF 2016.10 * The program's...
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    Greenshot green version Unstable_ screenshot software

    2016-08-20 Read 2,780 Times

    Sumatra PDF V3.2.10530 – Lightweight PDF reader

    2016-08-20 Read 2,618 Times

    ACDSee Ultimate v9.3.674 Chinese patch

    2016-08-11 Read 3,608 Times

    EzPDF Reader Pro v2.6.9.10 Chinese version

    2016-08-11 Read 3,429 Times

    ScreenToGif v2.1 Chinese Simplified single file version

    2016-08-10 Read 2,752 Times

    Picpick v4.1.6 Chinese Simplified green free version

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Video V5 Android Tencent. 7.0.12515 ads

Video V5 Android Tencent. 7.0.12515 ads

Tencent's videos,Enjoy the new horizons! Tencent video mobile clients using a lightweight interface design,Rich and diverse content、HD smooth play services、Enjoy the mobile world、Cache、Throw screen、Interactive ... Make your viewing experience。Enjoy listening party,Online on-demand supports rich content and television、Powerful features such as automatic shutdown,For you Super clear、HD、Smooth Web video services

    Keyboard piano simulation software EveryonePiano All skin Edition

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    Mcool 3360_ compact music player

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    Freemake Video Converter versatile video editor/converter

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    YouTube client V7.0.0.7183 – Desktop YouTube video

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    GOM Player V2.3.6.5259 – Media Player

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    EverNote V6.2.4.3244 green portable version – EverNote

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Google chrome v62.0.3202.62 green portable version

Google chrome v62.0.3202.62 green portable version

Google Chrome Stable green portable version,Packaged by the webmaster of this site based on the official version,Integrated green enhancement plugin GreenChrome 、Adobe Flash Player,Delete application and Webkit comes with several local multilingual library、No application extension! Google browser,The pursuit of speed、Simple and secure Web browser。Most popular Web browsers on the PC platform!

    Firefox pcxFirefox v49.0.2 compilation

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    Top speed browser & Streamlined Edition gives you fast surfing experience

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    Opera version 40.0.2308.15 beta | Opera Portable

    2016-08-20 Read 2,743 Times

    Pale Moon browser Pale Moon v27.0 released

    2016-08-18 Read 3,137 Times

    Firefox v48.0.0 released, and the long version

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    Free science Internet access Super fast! Android browser v2 x 2.5.

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Windows 10 Official version of creatives in the fall update

Windows 10 Official version of creatives in the fall update

Windows 10 Autumn creative updated official version has been officially opened in 2017-10-18 download,The all collection mirror for release,No Enterprise Edition,Develop code for Redstone 3(RS3),System version to Version 1709,OS version 16299.15。If you want to clean install,Or need bulk deployments,Or would like to share favorites,Sorting out Microsoft's official download and network location of the original mirror share address,Totally pure, safe and reliable! Includes Professional Edition、Home Edition、Enterprise and education and volume licensing editions,Attach to activate KMS activation script。
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    Universal five-stroke input method V9.7.1.07054 – Multiple input methods

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    CCleaner Pro v5.21 pure Edition and enhanced version

    2016-08-18 Read 3,058 Times

    WinRAR V5.40 released fire Chinese Special Edition

    2016-08-18 Read 3,403 Times

    Windows utility Dism++ v10.1.25.1

    2016-08-10 Read 3,212 Times

    Sogou pinyin input method v8.0L to advertising optimized versions

    2016-08-10 Read 4,104 Times

    KMS General activation tool Re-Loader 2.4 Final

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KMS activator Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.3 Final

KMS activator Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.3 Final

The toolkit is a KMS activation tool made by CODYQX4, a member of the foreign I Digital Life Forum,can activate window、Office and VL version products and automatically create renewal tasks,Stay active Permanently。Support for manually installing or building KMS servers,Product Key Management,Activating backup Management,Office Uninstall and installation optimization settings, etc.,Larger than other activation tools,But the activation rate is high.。 Operational requirements: .NET Framework 4.0 Framework version Microsoft Toolkit Support activation office 2010 or later Microsoft Toolkit supports activation of Windows Vista or later how to use Windows icon if you activate Windows click the main interface,Activate Office Click on the main interface Office icon and click->Activato Tab->Ez-activator Button->Activate and create a renewal schedule Task boot up! New changes in HTTPS:// 2017-11-05 V2.6.3-support KMS Keys for Project and Visio 2016 C2r-p. -Updated KMS Keys Download Address Magnet:?Xt=urn:Btih:ec0f513c3e2184bcc629b41af4b3adb179571454
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    Kms-vl-all v6.9.0 Final Simplified Chinese version

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    KMSAuto Net 2016 1.5.3 Simplified Chinese version

    2017-11-27 Read 1,547 Times

    KMS activate artifact! Kmspico v10.2.0 Official Edition

    2017-11-27 Read 1,895 Times

    Compact and practical KMS activation tool aact v3.8.2 Final

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    TeamViewer V12.0.72365 green Special Edition

    2017-03-17 Read 2,289 Times

    Good Win10PE! Micro-PE kit v2.0 released

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