Xiaolong 653/626/427 secret: want to know are here.

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Last week at Qualcomm 4G/5G summit, new Xiaolong 653/626/427 three chip in the high-end appeared together, is believed to have caused a lot of mobile phone lovers suction eye. Like 821 Xiaolong Xiaolong slightly upgraded version of the same 820, Xiaolong 653, Xiaolong Xiaolong 626 and 427 respectively, 652 Xiaolong Xiaolong Xiaolong 625 and slightly […]

Last week at Qualcomm 4G/5G summit, new Xiaolong 653/626/427 three chip in the high-end appeared together, is believed to have caused a lot of mobile phone lovers suction eye. Like 821 Xiaolong Xiaolong slightly upgraded version of the same 820, Xiaolong 653, Xiaolong Xiaolong 626 and 427 respectively, 652 Xiaolong Xiaolong Xiaolong 625 and slightly upgraded version 425.

So, these three new chips in the end what aspects of the upgrade and change it?

400/600 series of new common snapdragon

As everyone knows, Qualcomm snapdragon chip mobile product portfolio is divided into four levels, which are facing the top market Xiaolong 800 series, high-end market Xiaolong 600 series, for the mass market Xiaolong 400 series and 200 series Xiaolong entry-level.

Qualcomm has always been the leading technology from the flagship level to the lower level processor. The three chips are supporting dual camera, support QC3.0 fast charge, support LTE X9 modulator. The support is inherited from the dual camera 652/650 snapdragon, dropping to the snapdragon 400 series (427); X9 LTE baseband is from 625/ Xiaolong Xiaolong 435 inherited, before Xiaolong 652/650 only supports X8 LTE only supports X6 LTE Xiaolong 425.

Baseband, the three processors have the following these common.

1, support LTE X9 (downlink 300Mbps, support Cat 7; uplink 150Mbps, support Cat 13), compared to the LTE X8 baseband, with a 50% increase in the maximum uplink speed;

2, support Advanced LTE carrier aggregation, downlink and uplink are up to MHz 2x20;

3, support for the uplink 64-QAM; 4, through the VoLTE call in support for enhanced voice services (EVS) codec to achieve excellent call clarity and higher call reliability. The above advanced baseband characteristics can improve the network capacity and throughput of all users in the network.

Three chips are supported QC3.0 fast charge, which means that the charging rate of up to 4 times the traditional way of charging. Compared with QC 2, it can improve the charging speed of up to 27%, the efficiency of up to 30, charging 45% minutes to ensure that the basic use of a full day.

But the three chip support QC 3 is also expected in September last year, Qualcomm introduced this technology, the previous Xiaolong Xiaolong 430 and 617 have support for QC3.0.

With the increase in the number of sensors on the phone, as well as audio, camera processing demand growth, more and more manufacturers are concerned about the performance of CPU, more attention to low power consumption and battery life.

Therefore, in addition to advanced GPU Qualcomm snapdragon 653/626/427, introducing the Hexagon DSP digital signal processor of high and low power consumption, it can support “ always open ” sensor processing and audio processing of the sensor, and ensure better battery life performance; at the same time, many with photography related optimization, such as low light environment the processing and noise reduction, can be referred to the DSP to complete, it will bring excellent low light camera effect, and improve the terminal endurance performance.

Snapdragon 400/600 series of new characteristics

Xiaolong 653 processor:

Compared to the 652 not only have higher Xiaolong, CPU and GPU performance, will also be addressable memory (RAM) from 4GB doubled to 8GB, significantly enhance the user experience. Official website information display, Xiaolong 653 GPU is Adreno 510, support fast upload Upload, still follow the 28 nanometer (4xA72 4xA53) eight core architecture, but the frequency increased from 1.8GHz to 1.95GHz. Xiaolong Xiaolong 653 and 650/652 pin and software compatible.

Xiaolong 626 processor:

Compared to 625 with CPU Xiaolong, higher performance, frequency from 2.0GHz to 2.2GHz, still using 14nm technology, has the characteristics of low power consumption, further improve battery life. At the same time, it also supports the high pass TruSignal antenna enhancement technology, aimed at the crowded network environment to improve signal reception. Xiaolong Xiaolong 626 and 625 pin and software compatible, compatible with 425/427/430/435 snapdragon processor software. At present, snapdragon processor 600 series has been used more than 400 models of the terminal design, including has been introduced and is developing the product.

Xiaolong 427 processor:

Compared to the Xiaolong 425, higher CPU and GPU performance. It is the first to introduce the TruSignal snapdragon processor 400 series chipset, aimed at the mass level processor solutions brought hitherto unknown and powerful antenna tuning performance. Xiaolong 425 integrated X6 baseband LTE (Cat.4), supports 2x10MHz carrier aggregation; Xiaolong 427 integrated X9 baseband LTE (Cat.7), supports 2x20MHz carrier aggregation and 64-QAM high order modulation, support Upload fast upload function, which uses 64 A53 Quad Core Architecture (frequency unknown), 28 nm process. Xiaolong Xiaolong 427 and 425 pin and software compatible.

425/427 and 430/435 Xiaolong Xiaolong met a number of manufacturers of OEM in different levels of demand for products. Xiaolong Xiaolong 425 and 427 quad core architecture, HD (720P), integrated X6 and LTE baseband X9 snapdragon. Xiaolong 430 and 435 using the eight core architecture, support Full HD (1080P), also uses X9 LTE Cat.4 X6 LTE baseband Baseband Support and support Cat.7.

The four processor pins are compatible, providing better flexibility, so that OEM manufacturers can publish with a variety of configurations, to adapt to different operators of different levels of network products.

Xiaolong Xiaolong 626 and 653 of the biggest difference is that the display characteristics of Xiaolong 653 supports higher, up to 2K, Quad HD, and Xiaolong 626 maximum support 1080P full hd. In addition, Xiaolong 653 in the performance of CPU and GPU were superior to 626 Xiaolong also have higher DDR, bandwidth, high resolution to support Quad HD.

Chip terminal positioning and launch time

Price, about three chip terminal Qualcomm said Xiaolong 425 for mass products, terminal pricing in about $100; Xiaolong 626 for the end product, the terminal price is expected at around $150-250; Xiaolong 653 for high-end products, the terminal is expected to sell more than $300 in price.

Xiaolong 653/626 terminal is expected to the fourth quarter of this year listed (OPPO recently released R9s Plus is equipped with 653 Xiaolong), and commercial terminal Xiaolong 427 will be launched in the first quarter of 2017. Three new processors are designed to support Qualcomm reference design (QRD).

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