The new MacBook came right away: a look at the once apple notebook

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Apple will be held in Beijing, 28 am held a new conference, the protagonist of this conference will be a series of MacBook products. As usual, apple before the start of the conference, a variety of exposure include the new MacBook OLED touch emerge in an endless stream, Pro belt, Touch ID fingerprint identification system, […]

Apple will be held in Beijing, 28 am held a new conference, the protagonist of this conference will be a series of MacBook products.

As usual, apple before the start of the conference, a variety of exposure include the new MacBook OLED touch emerge in an endless stream, Pro belt, Touch ID fingerprint identification system, and even some on the 13 inch MacBook and the new iPad news.

2016 new Pro MacBook rendering

But today, we're not going to talk about it, because it's enough for them. From now to the conference, and even after the release, they are the focus.

“ the old people are not as beautiful as the new, new people less than the old people sad ” this is probably the same as the use of electronic products, but. The birth of the new MacBook series is destined to take away a number of equipment, and those who are forgotten in the history of dust in the MacBook, and how many people remember it? Before the arrival of the new product, we still count them again those who exit the stage MacBook.

New core MacBook

2006, this string of numbers on apple, MacBook series of very different significance. In this year, Apple launched the first Pro MacBook notebook PC.

Before this, Apple's notebook is divided into PowerBook and iBook two series. They were carrying the PowerPC IBM processor. PowerBook positioning high-end, a bit like the current Pro MacBook in the MacBook Series in the position; iBook is used to locate the mainstream, the configuration is slightly lower.

G4 PowerBook

This year, apple abandoned the PowerPC processor cooperation over the years, with the core processor Intel launched a new notebook — — MacBook Pro. The biggest feature of this notebook is replaced by a new core — — Intel Core Duo processor, while the new core did not let Apple disappointed, it brings the performance compared to PowerBook thinner body and more powerful as Apple's first MacBook Pro.

black MacBook

In May of the same year, MacBook was born, naturally replaced the position of iBook. As with MacBook Pro, MacBook uses Intel Core Duo processor, and replace the Mini-VGA interface on the iBook Mini-DVI, at the same time for the first time using mirror screen, metal body for polycarbonate shell. At that time, if you want to be able to more than $200 to buy a black version, which is before the apple notebook series has not been used in color.

Can be put into Kraft envelope Air MacBook

Until now, the first thing to think about Air MacBook was its light. When the beginning of the 08 year Apple introduced the MacBook Air series, this series of notebook flagship portable light, and the performance in the secondary position, in other words, when the MacBook Air is not part of the performance oriented people preferred.

Air MacBook

Of course, in order to achieve the body slim, apple MacBook Air sacrificing performance in removing things outside. For example, cancel the Ethernet interface, cancel CD-ROM (then may be relatively advanced, only 1 USB), 1 micro-DVI interface socket.

Set aside those controversial, and now look, when the year Air MacBook series is really refreshing the concept of light and thin notebook.

Integral forming and multi point touch control panel

At the end of 08, Apple introduced two important design: one formed body and multi touch panel.

The introduction of integrated design of the aluminum type, the new MacBook Pro has a stronger seismic body. This design is to cut a piece of aluminum alloy material into one body, compared with the previous design, it reduces the laptop splicing parts, so that the body looks more complete.

MacBook touch panel

Pro MacBook multi touch panel at that time was considered an important improvement. Apple will touch the touch pad with the keys together, a whole block of touch panel looks more concise and beautiful. It is more important because the touch panel driver in the OS Mac system has been better optimized, so that the touch pad has a better experience. Until now, there are users said “ used Pro MacBook after the touch pad, I think the previous use of the touch pad is anti human ”.

Parenthetically, this year the end of black polycarbonate body MacBook.

The era of peaceful coexistence has passed.

安卓MX数据加密大师 v1.2.1 去广告版

Apple has been a series of three series: the mainstream configuration of the MacBook series, focusing on the thin Air MacBook series and the main performance of the Pro MacBook series. 11 years ago, MacBook and Air MacBook and Pro MacBook has been in a state of peaceful coexistence, and then the vendor to stop selling it.

Before the shutdown, MacBook has also experienced improvements, such as the end of 09 when the back of the body with a polycarbonate body, changing with faster CPU and better performance of the integrated graphics. However, due to the Air MacBook and Pro MacBook with the product overlap, or quit the stage of history.

The new 11 MacBook Air with Intel core i5 processor, 2GB SSD and 64GB of memory to run, and is equipped with 2 USB 2. This device is considered to replace the then discontinued MacBook.

After four years MacBook came back.

After the cancellation of the MacBook series, apple notebook only Air MacBook and Pro MacBook two series, this product layout has continued until 2015.

It is in March last year, apple re enable MacBook series, the thinner body filled into sharper screen, thinner and lighter became the motto of the new MacBook. In addition to light and thin, the 15 MacBook also uses the USB-C interface and Touch Force (Touch Force) is a new touch technology, through its device can be perceived as light pressure and weight.

Now, Apple has returned to the three series of product mix, but I do not know whether this year will be changed. As for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro it has been four years without a big update, only on the basis of the original made conventional hardware upgrades, and if you read the report before us should know that this year there will be greatly improved.

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