Microsoft finally “hard” up! Sophie finished apple MBP

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Although now the PC industry is a little bit “ but it is almost dusk ” the feeling, but the recession does not mean that there is no hope. Apple and Microsoft these two technology giants, are invariably choose the last few days in October for their newly launched products held a conference. The two […]

Although now the PC industry is a little bit “ but it is almost dusk ” the feeling, but the recession does not mean that there is no hope. Apple and Microsoft these two technology giants, are invariably choose the last few days in October for their newly launched products held a conference.

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The two hardware manufacturers seem to be positive on the resistance, but from the two conference is not difficult to find, on the development of innovative, hardware accessories, this time Microsoft product release is hard compared to the previous “ ” a lot of. We look forward to finally get the updated MacBook Pro does not seem to be too satisfactory, in addition to the desktop productivity tools iMac and Mac Pro have not been updated, it seems to make people feel a little apple to find new direction and in the same place.

Let's start with a look at the hardware products of the conference.

Apple yesterday in the new conference to update the two new Pro MacBook, the screen size of 13 inches and 15 inches can be selected. Appearance compared to the previous generation to be more thin and some, but also increased the depth of the dark gray color. The hardware 13 inch MacBook Pro equipped with the sixth generation Skylake Intel Core i5 GPU Intel Iris processor, Graphics 540/550, 256GB SSD 8GB standard, DDR3 memory, Retina display native resolution of 2560*1600.

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Note that the 13 inch “ &rdquo   MacBook; the beggar version; only two Thunderbolt 3 Pro (Type - C) interface, and is not equipped with the update of the   Multi-Touch Bar and the biggest bright spot; Touch ID. Standard version of the 13 inch Por   is equipped with the Touch; Bar MacBook and ID Touch, in addition to the Thunderbolt 3 interface also increased to four.

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That is to say, you want to buy the lowest price 11488 yuan version is not to experience the new features of the Pro MacBook upgrade, at least have to buy a standard version of 13888 yuan.

The new 15 inch MacBook Pro is equipped with the sixth generation Core i7 processor, GPU Pro 450/455/460 16GB Radeon core, DDR3 ram, 256GB/512GB SSD standard, behoove to is also equipped with Touch Bar and Touch ID, Retina native resolution of 2880*1800 display screen.

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Officials said the upgrade of two sizes of Pro MacBook can reach 10 hours of life, and the two Retina screens are supported by a wide range of color (DCI-P3). Of course, part of the configuration described above are standard, as long as kenga money can still choose better hardware configuration specification.

In contrast, the previous day's Microsoft conference launched a lot of new products to enrich. First announced a new upgrade Surface Book, equipped with the sixth generation i7 processor, GPU GTX is promoted to 965M, improved the thermal design of the base, a large battery into the battery life is increased by 30%, reached a high of 16 hours of battery life. State Bank price is still undetermined, the U.S. version from the price of $2399, about 16000 yuan.

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And another is the Microsoft conference protagonist — — Surface Studio desktop machine, 28 inch touch screen, resolution of 4500*3000, in addition to support the common Adobe sRGB, DCI-P3 also supports a wide gamut. Hardware for the optional sixth generation i5/i7 processor, GPU for 965M/980M GTX, optional 8/16/32GB ram, 1TB or 2TB hybrid hard drive, $2999 from the sale, about 20300 yuan.

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Also worth noting is that this Studio Surface also supports a large angle of the lift, and even can be directly pushed it down. Touch screen is also in order to allow the Pen Surface can be directly on the screen above the painting, you directly have a piece of 28 inches of the painting board.

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In order to enhance the convenience of the operation of designers, Microsoft also developed a Surface Dail, can be placed directly on the screen or rotating the screen color, very convenient.

Microsoft finally

Although the iMac has not been updated for two years, and Microsoft Studio  Surface this is not high. But it is expected, the Surface Studio is likely to force apple to increase more innovative in the next iMac update, the design also needs to be improved, otherwise there is fruit powder were sorry for the old rivals such as Microsoft and bitter iMac upgrade.

Finally said that the upgraded version of Pro MacBook new increase of Bar Touch, the official propaganda looks very good. For example, when the input text in Touch Bar increased Emoji expression is very convenient, but most people can touch typing, finish to use new features to look down the expression seems a little pseudo demand feeling.

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Cancel the upper left corner of the ESC key also increased the difficulty of the use of some people, like Tucao users also said that the outside of a ESC key for the new Pro MacBook is the best peripheral.

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Also mention a sentence, to use this device also have to buy a C - Type - USB cable can be used to use.

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From apple and Microsoft these two conferences, in contrast, this time is actually Microsoft brings us more surprises. In industrial design and innovation on the road, Microsoft this big brother once again let us see its strength. Has been to subversion and innovation oriented but not Apple can continue to bring us “ redefine ” new design level, perhaps it is because of the innovative design is not better, Cook had not yet updated iMac?

But I believe that Microsoft Surface Studio will not be willing to let iMac series this cutoff saw Cook, do not know the next generation of iMac update will not let our creative design to quite interesting and practical?

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