One-click Restore cgi-plus v3.4.2.3 latest upgrade compiled version

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One-click Restore CGI set backup、Recovery、nt6.x installation (automatic repair guide) and other functions in a,With Ghost and ImageX dual core,32/64Bit adaptive,Support GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD,Support UEFI+GPT Boot,Support for dynamic disks。Support for unattended configuration files,So that its function is greatly expanded,True one-key backup recovery。

CGI One-click Backup Recovery Tool Set backup、Recovery、nt6.x installation (automatic repair guide) and other functions in a,With Ghost and ImageX dual core,32/64Bit adaptive,Support GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD,Support UEFI+GPT Boot,Support for dynamic disks。Its support for unattended configuration files,So that its function is greatly expanded,Real one-key backup recovery is possible。Its detailed characteristics are as follows:

1、Intelligence determines whether the currently running Windows or PE is 32-bit or 64-bit,If the 32-bit call to the GHOST32/32 bit ImageX,If 64 bits, call the GHOST64/64 bit ImageX。64Faster than 32 digits.,Support multiple-core multi-threaded backup restore is the fastest。

2、Support Unattended Configuration,Support Mirroring format:GHO、WIM、SWM、ESD、ISO,True one-key backup recovery。

3、Support in Uefi + Recovery of 64-bit win7/win8.1 gho/wim/swm/esd/esd mirrors on a new GPT hard drive (with ESP partition) on the GPT platform,Of course, you need to support uefi start of the U disk Boot to PE recovery (to the PE zone to select support UEFI boot PE can)。

4、Support with win7/8/8.1 original iso/CD installation,Automatically add if OEM information is available;Support Dragonfly、The installation of Win7/win8 and other heroes,If OEM information is added automatically。

5、Support for EISA partitions,Support for EXT2/3 partitions,Whether it can be written depends on Ghost/imagex。

6、Support for GPT disks。Proper backup/restore of basic disk GPT partitions under 32-bit XP,Support for dynamic GPT hidden partitions。

7、Support for dynamic disks,Whether MBR partitioning or GPT partitioning。As long as it is not the current system partition,Can be backed up/restored in Windows and PE,System partitions need to be restored under PE,But can be backed up in Windows。In addition to the proper backup/restore of simple volumes,can also properly backup/restore spanned volumes, etc.。

8、Copy-– partition to partition;Operation on an entire hard drive--restore the hard drive、Backup hard disk、Hard copy。

9、Supports GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD mirroring in ISO。

10、Multiple hard drives supported,Support IDE/SCSI/SATA/SAS/USB Hdd/usb FLASH Drive mixed hard disk/disk,Support SSD(Solid State Drive),Supports 4K alignment,Support for multiple primary partitions on one hard drive,Support Letter Interleaving,Support for win and non-win partition interleaving。

11、Restore Time,If the Gho mirror file has a password,The password is cracked directly,No intervention by the user。When checking for Gho mirroring integrity,You can also crack the code directly.。

12、Can run on xp/2k3/vista/win7/win8/win8.1 and corresponding PE。

"Key restore CGI enhanced version more than standard version"
1、When Windows Restore/back up the current system,Can be restarted to DOS (UEFI + Except for GPT);
2、Installable System Menu (UEFI + Except for GPT);can set startup Hotkey (UEFI + Except for GPT);
3、Customizable Ghost Core Edition (valid only in Windows/pe),In DOS only 11.5.1 edition)。

一键恢复CGI-Plus v3.4.1.6 升级编译版本

About Cgi-plus Compilation upgrade features
-Update Ghost、Wimlib-imagex
-ESD decryption support,Without manual intervention;
-Retain all features of the original (unattended configuration, etc.)
-Change Execution mode,The original is the whole decompression,It's on demand.;
-Use the latest version of Pecmd,Support for traditional systems,Simple propagation and adaptive;
-delete the built-in 15 applet,Use Pecmd code complete instead
-Support for Wim Sub-volume using Chinese volume name,Display descriptive information at the same time;
-Support configuration Files(Program name. CFG),Specify an external program,Reduce volume;
-64-bit program code and 32-bit consistency,Makes 64-bit more powerful than the original.;
-Mounting ISO to Osfmount、Streamline your code、High split screen DPI adaptive;

New version changes


1.Try to fix a bug in the high-DPI interface beyond the screen

2.Restore Time,The image file in the configuration file can be multiple lines,An image that the program automatically takes before and is valid:


D:\Abc. Iso|\Sybackupresc.gho

F:\Xxx. Iso|\Aabbsystem.gho


3.Restore Time,When the image or ISO is on the target partition,Automatically replicate to other partitions and then restore。

4.Version number upgraded to



Download:Link 1: Password:Zo99

链接2 Password:4Pdg


If support for loading ISO and ESD is not considered,The original author's CGI function is sufficient。

"Early Stop Update" one-click Restore CGI original post (Unattended Configuration Guide、FAQs and answers) by CLONECD

One-click Restore CGI 3.2,32/64Bit adaptive,Support GHO/WIM/SWM,Support for gpt/dynamic disks(2014.02.09)
Pure 64-bit one-click Recovery CGI64 v3.2,Support GHO/WIM/SWM,Support for gpt/dynamic disks (2014.02.09)

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