Lossless Music Downloader v2.0 downloadable MV PC version

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Lossless Music Downloader Android version is made by @0xblack of my Love Hack forum,Free multi-threaded download for lossless music and MV on your phone。

Lossless Music Downloader v2.0 is made by the @0xblack of my Love Hack forum,Multi-threaded download of lossless music and MV。


New version hotspot:
0X0:"Full speed-multi-threaded-bulk" Download lossless music files,This will further,Label corresponding file format is present,And show it's size
0X1:Added MV Watch feature "This feature is first open,A friend with a slow network condition may have a slight lag.,The internet is not a good friend.
0X2:Improves the drag of the audition progress bar,Click Operation Experience
0X3:Supports dynamic lyrics display
0X4:Remember the last time you saved the path


More functions, please let yourselves in the operation to explore it

Ps:The next iteration of the update will optimize the entire interface rendering and operation process。


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Explosions cloud servers only 30 yuan/month

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