Why do we have to pull the stomach?

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If it comes to the most familiar disease, I believe that many people will be the answer to the most annoying. In fact, as every person has experienced several cases of diarrhea in life absolutely is very common, but once in diarrhea, feeling … … I’m afraid all people do not want to experience second […]

If it comes to the most familiar disease, I believe that many people will be the answer to the most annoying. In fact, as every person has experienced several cases of diarrhea in life absolutely is very common, but once in diarrhea, feeling … … I'm afraid all people do not want to experience second times.

Since diarrhea has such a powerfuldestructiveand the painful symptoms, then, why do we have diarrhea? How should we deal with diarrhea?

On these two issues, may wish to look at the following article answer.

Why do we have diarrhea?

As everyone knows, the human body every day through the intestinal peristalsis law to promote the food residue in the interior of the line, which can guarantee the human intake of food is absorbed in end which contains most of the nutrients, and excreted, this is what we often say &ldquodefecation; process.

しかし, since it is a day to experience the physical process, it is inevitable that some of the time will be a small problem, we have to discuss the diarrhea today, it is a very common problem of defecation.

In the body, forming the stool, promote the food residue and discharge process often need to closely rely on multiple mechanisms, such as some nervous systemmessenger ”, will be responsible for issuing peristole signal to the intestinal nerve; permeability determined by intraluminal pressure ion content, has a direct impact on the overall &hellip the creep rate of stool forming degree and intestinal

Once any one of these links is affected, the whole process of defecation will inevitably be unable to successfully complete, diarrhea will follow.

Usually, life can see the vast majority of diarrhea, the principle can be divided into the following several — —

Neurotransmitter dysfunction:

The neurotransmitter in the brain not only act asmessengerand in the peripheral nervous system (such as intestinal nerve) also plays an important role, and their functional disorder sometimes will directly affect the process of defecation, causing diarrhea.

For example, with adverse reactions induced by diarrhea of certain drugs, because they can stimulate some neurotransmitters (such as acetylcholine, motilin) in intestinal release, exerting peristole signal inappropriate neurotransmitter and enteric nervous, diarrhea in.

Intestinal osmotic pressure:

As the intestinal permeability of the intestinal motility rate of the whole, the moisture content and the degree of formation has a direct impact, so when the intestinal osmotic pressure is disturbed, that is likely to have diarrhea.

In general, the abnormal secretion of intestinal ion (such as cholera toxin intestinal ion channel suddenly opened, and a large number of intestinal endocrine disorder, the ion), or is part of the human intake of substances (such as intestinal bacteria can be decomposed by non absorbable sugar, with lactulose and contained some food inprebioticsas the representative of &ldquo) in the intestine; making ”, can make the intestinal osmotic pressure suddenly increased, causing diarrhea.

Intestinal microenvironment change:

With &ldquointestinal flora; concept has been popular in the masses, most people know that the normal human gut in the presence of a certain number of microorganisms in the number and types of intestinal bacteria are normal, they can help complete intestinal digestion, can get their required for growth and reproduction the nutrients from the digestive process.

しかし, in some cases, the intestinal microbial will be external factors (such as taking antibiotics) 干渉, so that the beneficial microorganism dropped, the number and variety of this way, there are some great harm to gut bacteria will take advantage of a weak point and multiply, they will not only endanger the survival of beneficial microorganisms, can cause diarrhea by secreting toxins.

In the face of diarrhea, what should we do?

Read the contents of the above, it is estimated that your heart has a certain impression on diarrhea. もちろんです, the above content is only able to let us knowdiarrhea is how the formation ofand if we really encountered in life, diarrhea, and how to deal with it?

In fact, unexpected is, a lot of diarrhea no (except outside the drug treatment fluid) rehabilitation, and in our daily life, common diarrhea treatment, often there are many misunderstandings, even will delay the illness.

For the vast majority (that is not too serious, but many times and without blood / fever / severe fatigue) of acute diarrhea, can according to the following process:

Step 1: fluid infusion

No matter what you are facing the nature, characteristics of diarrhea, there is one thing is imperative — — fluid infusion! Fluid infusion! Fluid infusion! The important thing to say three times.

This is because, all kinds of diarrhea may cause your body to lose large amounts of water and electrolyte by defecation, water and electrolyte is to maintain the homeostasis of essential substances, once they lost a large number and can not be added, will seriously affect the state of your body, and even life-threatening (in fact, almost all deaths from diarrhea patients, the cause of death is a serious loss of water and electrolyte).

So, once you start to get diarrhea, it is necessary to drink more water than usual, and if you have just experienced a number of times, a lot of diarrhea, you should be targeted for treatment as soon as possible after fluid infusion.

Generally speaking, the best means of fluid infusion of diarrhea is to drink after the adjustment of oral fluid infusion salt (the drug can be purchased at the pharmacy, online also available), and if you can not get the medicine, dilute brine can also be used to replace.

Different from the idea of many people is that the fluid does not actually have athe provisions ofthe dose, the general 1000-1500ml containing electrolyte fluid intake can be supplemented with diarrhea lost liquid volume.

しかし, if the fluid after there is still a strong sense of weakness, or in drinking plenty of liquids (> 1500ml) still feel uncomfortable, then it is necessary to go to the hospital, because the disease is beyond the scope of the oral rehydration solution.

Step 2: don't mess with drugs

In many people's impression, diarrhea in time after taking someangidiarrhealor &ldquoanti-inflammatory drugs; and may contribute to the recovery from diarrhea.

In fact, this is a very terrible impression, because in medical treatment before taking drugs, it is likely to bring unexpected results, or even worse condition. Based on this type of situation, you can take the medicine before you can take the medicine can only play the role of oral liquid!

Here, we wish to understand the abdominal diarrhea after the indiscriminate use of drugs harm: for&rdquo, antidiarrheals; they can only be used for non infectious factors caused by diarrhea, diarrhea in such, antidiarrheal drugs can be effective in the treatment of diarrhea, body fluids to prevent further loss, but if the risk of infectious diarrhea when taking antidiarrheal drugs, it is likely that the toxins produced by bacteria or virus accumulation in the intestine after being re absorbed (don't forget, a protective measure of diarrhea is actually the body eliminate pathogens, toxins) have serious consequences.

As for antibiotics, they are generally only applicable to certain types of infectious diarrhea, which not only is not valid for non infectious diarrhea, in some infectious diarrhea (such as toxigenic pathogens cause diarrhea), releasing antibiotics to kill pathogens are likely to pathogenic toxins in the human body, the consequences as can be imagined.

Step 3: if there is discomfort, as soon as possible for medical treatment

In the vast majority of cases, acute diarrhea after fluid replacement therapy can be recovered, thereby eliminating the trouble of medical treatment. しかし, we still have to pay attention to the need for timely treatment of the situation, because of severe acute diarrhea (especially toxigenic bacterial diarrhea like cholera) once the delay treatment, which is likely to cause serious consequences. If you find that there are one or more of the following cases in the diarrhea, be sure to see a doctor in time, do not delay:

Stool with blood or pus;

Excessive stool frequency (≥ 10 times / day), or diarrhea loss of the amount of water has exceeded the amount of water added to the oral supplement;

Diarrhea accompanied by high fever (≥ 38.5 degrees C);

Diarrhea patients were too young (≤ 3 years old) or too large (≥ 65 years old).

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