Yuantong listed! Ma Yun’s small partner into the richest man

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October 20th, Yuantong Express backdoor dowin, the official landing A shares market, become the Chinese express industry’s first listed company, as the founder of Yuantong express, Yu Weijiao couple for listing skyrocketed, both of them hold the Yuantong 61.5% of the shares, now worth has reached 60 億円, more than 25 億円 400 million SF […]

October 20th, Yuantong Express backdoor dowin, the official landing A shares market, become the Chinese express industry's first listed company, as the founder of Yuantong express, Yu Weijiao couple for listing skyrocketed, both of them hold the Yuantong 61.5% of the shares, now worth has reached 60 億円, more than 25 億円 400 million SF founder Wang Wei, the richest man in Chinese become private express industry.

Online shopping to bring opportunities and challenges

Why is Yu Weijiao said to be Ma Yun'ssmall partnerit? We know that in 2005, Chinese online shopping needs to enter a explosive growth, Yu Weijiao is the courier industry among the first comprehensive cooperation with taobao.com, Tmall and Taobao with rookie network is more and more powerful, the express industry has become the important Ma Yunbuddy &rdquo, while Yu Weijiao himself thought; “ express, combined with Chinese electricity supplier on the downstream, and the wisdom of Ma Yun is our integration of the results after the electricity supplier on the upstream and downstream integration, China rapid economic growth, with the development of electric China. ”

And mentions the express industry's challenge, must mentionthe double eleven ”. For express service enterprises, doubleelevennot a business, is more like a burden, because the focus of the delivery often let express scorched by the flames. Yu Weijiao himself also said that the construction of the express network is with the development of the business, for the five or six days of service, to be a good few years ago to do a good job in investment, the cost of how to make it back? So that a few days of business every vote is a loss of money. But then speak, who did not dare to fall, the words will mean you will be eliminated by the industry.

Do Yu Weijiao nouveau riche Airlines

Courier, courier, key in a fast “ ” words, many foreigners are too Chinese to sigh, Chinese express is also very fast, yuweijiao certainly know the inside of the stake, so in 2007 when he inspected the logistics center in the United States, see the cargo aircraft of ups and downs, especially have the feeling, that time he determined to do their own airline. You know when Yu Weijiao start, traffic is the main tool of the bicycle, now to do the airline of course needs to be more prudent, even the current director of the State Post Bureau Ma Junsheng also kindly reminded him, this thing has a risk, you have to carefully consider.

But the yuweijiao is spotted in this direction, his determination and enthusiasm eventually moved the postal and aviation industry executives, in many aspects of support, in September 2014 approved the establishment of tact Cargo Airlines, become Chinese third professional Express Airlines, the two is China Postal Airlines and SF airlines.

After May 2015, Yuantong funded Ali and Yunfeng fund, bought 15 Boeing aircraft, a record of the history of the largest private express China aircraft group purchase. The yuweijiao plan to 2020, the fleet will be expanded to 50, to 2025, and then expanded to 100. Sure enough is Ma Yun's little buddy, shot is not the same!

Yu Weijiao leadTonglu Department of

There is a very interesting phenomenon, many of the founders are from one place, Tonglu, Hangzhou, and more closely related to human relations. STO, Yuantong express, daily express, rhyme delivery, express pass the actual control of people, either cousins, or couples, or is the relationship between students. Now a listed, yuweijiao lead the Tonglu department, other express company is eager for a fight to.

Which Shen Tong is the way to go with the rhyme of the backdoor.

In October 24th, the Commission adopted the STO backdoor, it is mainly by the IDC shell, after completion of the transaction, the actual control of Chen Dejun, Chen Xiaoying brothers and sister wealth may turn to around 7 億円 500 million; rhyme borrow shell is Xinhai shares, according to the new shares announcement shows that after the completion of the transaction, or rhyme freight chairman Chen Liying and his wife Nie Tengyun directly or indirectly owned new shares of the total share capital of 70%, they will become the actual controller of the company.

In the way of express delivery is actually an overseas listing of the road, it has been submitted to the U.S. Securities Regulatory Commission in September 30th the prospectus, the estimated initial public offering of funds is $1 億円 300 million, equivalent to 8 億円 760 million yuan. Analysis of Changjiang Securities Research Report released, according to the average valuation of American Express industry, in the total market value will reach 41 billion yuan express, through courier chairman Lai Meisong, held through courier 32.6 stake, according to this calculation, his wealth will reach 12 billion the left and right.

As for the independent Department of Tonglu leading SF express backdoor, also by the Commission conditionally awarded in October 11th, its object is the backdoor Dingtai new material, after the completion of the transaction, Wang Wei Ming Tak Holdings will hold 55% stake in the company, become the actual controller, Wang Wei holdings of stock valuation is estimated to exceed 50 億円.

From what we have just described the courier industry backdoor path, there is no doubt that the capital market has become a basis for their second off. Of course we as investors concerned, it is certainly not listed on the speed of the quality of life, but it's the middle express, because online shopping has become the indispensable element in life, express is just a link between us. もちろんです, we also hope that Yu Weijiao's company in the market after the completion of the capital market to lead the entire Department of Tonglu to complete a take-off, not to live up to the expectations of the courier industry investors.

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