In addition to Android, iOS, WP mobile operating system is still alive?

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Recently, Mozilla announced a surprise decision: work related to all Firefox OS end, just as an open source project handed over to the community for maintenance (Firefox is a use of the Linux core, only mobile phone operating system with open network technology). In fact, as early as the end of last year, Mozilla has […]

Recently, Mozilla announced a surprise decision: work related to all Firefox OS end, just as an open source project handed over to the community for maintenance (Firefox is a use of the Linux core, only mobile phone operating system with open network technology). In fact, as early as the end of last year, Mozilla has announced the development and sale of the system of mobile phones, now announced that it is only the end of a complete.

Some special App not everyone to use as a lot of choice, such as shopping App, you can choose Tmall, Jingdong, can also choose one store, Suning mobile phone operating system and so on, it is easy to form an oligopoly situation, an operating system, once approved, there will be more and more users and resources towards it focus, such as the current basically is Android and iOS &mdash &mdash Windows; separation of planes; 10 Mobile faint cry in the toilet.

もちろんです, Firefox OS this kind of small operating system disappeared, there will be a new operating system stand on the stage, time is like this, change in advance. Following a brief talk about those, although small, mobile phone operating system, but still active in this big stage on the market which are familiar to you?

1, BlackBerry OS

The BlackBerry system is still on? When I first listed BlackBerry, may we all have such doubts, because of the recent Blackberry mobile phone models are the Android system, and on the end of the month BlackBerry suddenly closed the company's mobile phone business, that everyone thinks BB10 disappeared. In fact, although the mobile phone business has been closed, but the Blackberry mobile sales senior vice president Alex? Thurber said that BlackBerry will continue to support the BlackBerry 10 system, if there are third parties interested in this system, BlackBerry will authorize. So, the BlackBerry fans don't get discouraged, BB10 it's still in.

2, Ubuntu mobile version

If you are a fan of mobile phone Meizu Ubuntu (Ubatu), then you must be very familiar with: で 2014, Ubuntu officially announced the launch of Ubatu and Meizu MX3, Meizu Ubuntu system officially opened the era. Since then also launched the Ubuntu version of the MX4 and Pro 5, word of mouth is very good.

Ubuntu mobile system released in 2013, it has been three years. Obviously, it is a mature operating system, support HTML5 "program, each program can not use the browser to run independently, have their own icon. 同時に, Ubuntu is an open system, support for other languages such as C, C, will also provide SDK package for developers to use. Ubatu is the biggest characteristic of mobile phone with full screen gestures, each edge will correspond to different operations, such as gesture calling out application menu, open, and even return is also done by gestures. Ubuntu version of the Meizu mobile phone has now come to the third generation of products, but the latest revelations show that this year's flagship Meizu will also have a version of the Ubuntu is likely to be the 6 edition of Pro, are you looking forward to?

3, Samsung Tizen mobile phone operating system

Samsung said, may we all know is the world's largest manufacturer of Android, this is a point of pride, but also a dangerous point, although you have the largest number of users of Android, has a lot of resources, but once lost the support of Google, or Android exposed serious defects, are not able to obtain the trust of users, so the Samsung how to deal with this embarrassing situation? With its own Soc, since the research screen, memory and other hardware independent development ability of Samsung apparently unwilling to appear such a situation, even if the odds are very low. So the independent research and development of the operating system is a very necessary technical reserves, even if its popularity is very low, even if it can only be applied on the low-end mobile phone, but it is indispensable.

Now Tizen has come to the third generation, Tizen 3 is a 64 bit operating system, support 64 bit ARM and X86 processor, with Vulkan API, the graphic operation efficiency increased by 30% compared to the previous generation, and support 4K resolution, Bluetooth 4.2, it can be said that now is not the Tizen the rough system at least, in performance, it is comparable to Android.

4, OS Sailfish

Since NOKIA out of the mobile phone business, many NOKIA employees unwilling to fail together, developed a based on NOKIA's MeeGo operating system: Sailfish OS (swordfish system), with a new attitude to reproduce the MeeGo system style, highlight most of this system is committed to multi tasking to bring very good and, in order to solve the application shortage, swordfish system development company: Jolla company decided to compatible with most Android applications, and these applications do not need to go through the developer's debugging, direct can download and use.

But now it seems that this attempt to market the NOKIA &ldquo mobile phone system spoiler; there seems to be no successor to thethey reached the desired situation, and the installation rate of the system is not high, and the introduction of hardware and software in one intelligent mobile phone products have no big waves off. Here, I want to say is that the temporary failure does not mean the end, persistence and hard work will eventually succeed.

This does not, recently, Jolla chairman Antii Saarnio said the company has recently completed C round of financing, funding problems have been alleviated, the primary task is to re hire some employees, while the Sailfish operating system project will continue. Sailfish OS fans will break. After the project continues, then the new version of the OS Sailfish will be far away? In the middle of last month, Sailfish OS 2.0.2 was released and continue to improve based on the 2 version of the update for the Intex Aqua Fish, the main Jolla and C devices added support, while FM radio and dual SIM cards are supported. For Sailfish, the dream or to have, in case of it?

5, YunOS

In addition to Android and iOS, which is the third operating system? A lot of people say that it is Mobile Windows. In fact, it is not right, the answer is surprising, that is the domestic operating system — — YunOS. According to official data, as of May 2016, YunOS smart phone has shipped more than 70 million, で 2016 the whole year may exceed 100 million units. 現在, Meizu phone, the only mobile phone is its loyal partner. Due to the overall design and Android similar, all many users mistakenly believe that YunOS is a kind of custom made UI, such as millet MIUI, Meizu Flyme and so on. The truth is that YunOS is only compatible with the Android program, which essentially is based on the operating system developed by Linux.

Indeed, the surface, either the user or the number of terminals, YunOS appears to be the most promising to break off and become a separation of the situation of the hegemony of the operating system, but the real study, is still very difficult, the main reason is the lack of third party applications, YunOS application source or based on Android compatible system the application of the market itself, the very poor, can say is equal to zero, and the application of construction is not a short duration of time can be completed, it requires a lot of resources, and the environment is not more than 07 years of the early age, now the operating system market has been carved up iOS and Android, obviously it is difficult to reach the new operating system. So, for the domestic YunOS operating system, there is still a long way to go in the future, remember not to be surface data blindfolded.

Sum up:

For these small mobile phone operating system, not the performance, function, but the most important resources, the so-called resource is what mobile phone manufacturers are willing to use this system, which determines the capacity of the system, the operating system is good, but what do people give up the high degree of mature, free to use Android. You this little-known OS? So only YunOS has such economic strength to support the installed capacity, after all, the parent company of the Alibaba in front of a variety of mobile phone manufacturers have enough voice, but inside, and how many Alibaba? So, for these small mobile phone operating system, improve the capacity of the road is still very far away.

Secondly, the resources of this thing, from the point of view of the application of the problem, an operating system, can only brush a micro-blog, on a QQ, can not go shopping, playing games, who will go to use it? Lack of market application, the direct cause of these small mobile phone operating system, Android iOS is difficult to shake the utmost situation. Of course there are operating system compatible with Android applications to temporarily alleviate the shortage of application, but this method palliatives, after all these are others. So, for these small mobile phone operating system, it is a long way to go, and cherish.

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