HUAWEI 2000 experts to overseas Ren Zhengfei: don’t break Kroraina oath not!

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Yesterday, HUAWEI held a rally to overseas headquarters in Shenzhen, the 2000 HUAWEI senior research staff and experts will go to overseas to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and other places, to understand customer needs. “ HUAWEI missed the voice of the times, the age of data cannot miss &rdquo image; […]

Yesterday, HUAWEI held a rally to overseas headquarters in Shenzhen, the 2000 HUAWEI senior research staff and experts will go to overseas to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and other places, to understand customer needs.

HUAWEI 2000 experts to overseas Ren Zhengfei: don't break Kroraina oath not!

HUAWEI missed the voice of the times, the age of data cannot miss &rdquo image; “ HUAWEI, Ren Zhengfei said, facing the new era of network has no escape route, the expedition of Kroraina does not break the oath not! ”


在 2000, HUAWEI's first overseas expedition swearing in, the slogan isburied Zhonggu Castle everywhere to die on the battlefield, but also &rdquo, full of solemn and stirring.

現在, 16 years later, HUAWEI set off again, shouted slogans: “ the river becomes warm in spring ducks, do not break the Kroraina oath not ”. Do not break the Kroraina end, seven words, this is an extremely elegant and valuable sonorous and forceful, blood cavity, is faith in return.

The following is a summary of the full text of Ren Zhengfei's speech:

In the time of digital and network transformation of the current industry, we gathered from research 2000 senior experts and cadres went to the battlefield, and tens of thousands of familiar scenes of frontline soldiers, together to form a unit. In the opportunity to open the window time, flutter up, tear it, vertical development, horizontal expansion. Our overall strategy as Xu Zhijun said at the Frankfurt broadband conference, “ do more connections, support large pipes ”. We missed the voice of the era, the era of data, the world's strategic heights we do not occupy, we can not miss the image era. We don't like in the past, in the recruitment of new staff training into the battlefield, such as 3~5 when they mature, this window has been ajar, we have lost a highland, cloud era occupation image opportunity. Therefore, we direct the selection of short time, senior experts have 15~20 years experience in R & D and senior cadres into the battlefield, for their technical understanding deeply, together with the front-line soldiers battlefield command, will win.

Like swearing, I was impressed, and in 2000 the soldiers off to Wuzhou Hotel conference. “ buried Zhonggu Castle everywhere to die on the battlefield, alsolarge banners, filled with a solemn, in fact we did not even damascus. In order to prove the identity, we need the world market success, in the full understanding of the world, into the vast ocean &rdquoWuzhou four; 然後, Africa still fighting in … …. The wind blows strongly. in the foreign exchange control of the Yi River is so cold, that time, often our employees not to brush the dilemma in McDonald's. There is a small book "on the record" in a hail of bullets to grow a generation of hardships. Today can reach $about 80000000000 in sales revenue, how many people into the youth, sweat and life. We're successful today, don't forget the people who have been fighting together. Don't forget the public or private, or because the people sacrificed their lives. We have large tracts of land today, will be able to find their form to commemorate.

Today we are the warriors and the war, we have 170 countries armed to the teeth of iron team, our process has been able to support IT to individual combat. Every year we will continue to invest tens of billions of dollars to improve the product and operational conditions. We want to useHanyang madeto driveaircraft carriermodern warfare mode transformation. We are in addition to the traditional incremental market to cultivate a large number of generals, to create results, more production of food. In the new opportunity, we have to work hard to grow. Cloud is a field that we are not familiar with, the image, although we are leading, but overseas in addition to the experience of large-scale practice in Germany, in other countries have not yet large-scale success, has not yet established a mature team. Especially in the face of large video traffic caused by floods and lower delay requirements, we have not yet able to control. Strategic reserve only one side, while teaching, while doing a small, let the teacher become professor “ ”; let the two soldiers in the war or for general. Great times call for heroes and children, the opportunity will come to have the preparation of the people. The mighty river flows eastward. langtaosha, upside down and generous at the expense of the officers will not fight, leave the post. Stand ready to step down, can not step down.

Our service is an important defense in the attack, the network capacity is more and more big, more and more complex, more and more difficult to maintain, any new company, black swan to globalization, are the impassable obstacles. The accumulation of not years is impossible to set up a living “ & rdquo, “ the Great Wall; Maginot Linethis lasted for 28 年, we set up the service system, is not easy to overcome, especially the line is gradually of artificial intelligence. GTS these years of progress, for us to establish a solid line of defense, so that we can enter the attack back. We urgently need more experts and generals to build up a more solid line of defense against future complex networks. “ Jiangshan generation of talented people, ” service will be the basis of our unbeaten.

20 years ago we go abroad, in order to prove the identity, we have borrowed from the Soviet Red Army during World War II VasilyJ Rocky Kopfa slogan, is behind Moscow, we have no way to retreat ”. Moscow is not us, we don't have any. We go forward, is considered communism in the attack, back is considered in the bud of capitalism, when we dragged his exhausted body back to the home, in the face of strange and could not say a word, because the customer said too much. With their game in their most need, tell them the story of … … when our life time, is fighting for survival all hang. And someday you will understand, their father and mother no regrets in life, understand their father and mother like central air warms all mankind, not only like the electric fan blowing their great feelings. 然而, we can never repay their parents remorse, will occupy a long time.

In addition to our success in the market, we have to make a difference in the technical front. Every year, in addition to the development funds allocated to the development of more than 80~90 billion dollars, the study will be more than about 3000000000 U.S. dollars a year. Why do we want to extend to the field of basic research, because this time the development is too fast, the development progress of the terrorist network, so we can not according to past scientists published papers, we understand that after doing engineering experiment, then the product, so that the slow road. We now have to choose the scientists to explore research, to explore the brain to think about how to project the problem. We must not only make ourselves dozens of scientists and engineers at the center of the ability to explore, not afraid of failure. But also to cross the work card culture, a large number of support for the world's scientists in the same direction. Our investment is not in a narrow sense. As I said at the Belarus Academy of Sciences, we support the scientists who are selfless, investment does not occupy his paper, do not occupy his patents, his results, we only need to have the right to know. Not only successful, including the right to know the process of failure. Like a lighthouse, you can illuminate me, can also illuminate other people, and the lighthouse is you, do not affect your industrialization.

今天, we gathered more than 2000 senior experts and senior cadres on the battlefield, so that they really understand the customer needs, back to their own manufacturing parachute, airborne to the battlefield of war. “ the river becomes warm in spring ducks, you don't know how to water, weather ”. 目前 “ ” the vast majority are made by the United States. The United States not only focus on a large number of outstanding talents, and the power of innovation mechanism, innovation provides Hyun N we dare to focus on target, saturation attack, heroic charge. Do not hesitate to use the amount of Vliet ammunition, aimed at the same city wall mouth, decades of persistent attacks. Dare to narrow the technical field, but also for human beings to makeweather forecast ”. Strive to lead in the basic science, with the customer as the center is not contradictory. Customer needs are broad, not narrow.

As Mr Hu said, every year we should exceptional promotion of more than 4 thousand employees, in order to activate the power struggle. Let the excellent talents in the best time, the best role, to make contributions to. The evaluation system of human resources to a country a system, what the assessment of what, not for the purpose of the assessment, so that the front-line officers and men focus on combat. Human resources to study the entropy of the second law of thermodynamics to the death of the phenomenon, to avoid premature precipitation and death of HUAWEI.

Guo Ping put forward, with the certainty of legal compliance, to deal with the uncertainty of international politics. To point out the right direction of international relations. Our financial management has reached the leading level of the industry, the end of the regional site inventory can not be inventory history, the central warehouse inventory accuracy rate of 99.89%, the inventory of the site inventory of 98.17%. Successful practical experience of outstanding experts and cadres are large-scale growth, but can not be met. Should have a plan to deal with the financial crisis, to compress the long-term inventory and long period of debt. Improving the quality of contract is the most fundamental measure.

We have thirty years of struggle, from naive to mature, mature will make us lazy. Only the organization is full of vitality, the struggle is full of a spirit, there is no possibility of victory. Fire shook our hearts, victory inspired us, let our youth deserved no regrets.

The river becomes warm in spring ducks, do not break the oath not Kroraina.