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Android MX Data encryption Master,Tough Android encryption and decryption software、Heavyweight Data encryption conversion software。Support for mainstream data symmetric encryption:MD5、SHA-1、Aes、Des、Base64;Supports numeric multi-progressive conversion(2-36The system can be converted arbitrarily to each other),and bring your own calculator.;Support for string multi-system conversion(Text can be converted to 2-36 arbitrary system);Support for URL encoding conversion、Unicode and Chinese conversion、Character encoding type conversion、Download Address Conversion;Support for multi-data analytics,One-click analysis and attempt to decode the secret;Support for submitting your custom encryption method。

安卓MX数据加密大师 v1.2.1 去广告版

New edition Changes:

2016.08.20 v1.2.1
* Added MD5 decryption
* Added SHA-1 decryption
* Sliding menu Style Adjustment
* Title Plus return

2015.08.18 V1.1.818
This update is primarily about fixing bugs
* Decrypt flashback when fixing Base64 input error parameters,
* Fix Unicode conversion Chinese flashback,
* Fix the occasional flashback problem of the feed analysis,
* Fix character encoding when encrypted,Sometimes the problem is inaccurate.,
* Fix bugs that automatically pick up discoloration water ripple effects on some phone flashes
* Input Box Improvement,New emptying,Copy and paste features

About going to the ad edition:

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安卓MX数据加密大师 v1.2.1 去广告版 下载地址 Access Code 5163 Access Code Dumb

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