Android MX Data Encryption Master v1.2.1 Go Ad Edition

Android MX Data Encryption Master,Tough Android encryption decryption software、Heavyweight data encryption conversion software。Support for mainstream data symmetric encryption:MD5、SHA-1、Aes、Des、Base64;Support for numeric multi-binary conversion(2-36The system can convert to each other at will),and bring your own binary calculator.;Support for string multi-decimal(Text convertible 2-36 arbitrary);Support for URL encoding conversion、Unicode and Chinese Conversion、Character encoding type conversion、Download address conversion;Support for multi-data analysis,One-click analysis and try to decode the dense;Supports submitting your custom encryption methods。

安卓MX数据加密大师 v1.2.1 去广告版

New version changes:

2016.08.20 v1.2.1
* New MD5 Decryption
* Added SHA-1 Decryption
* Side-slip menu style adjustments
* Title plus Return

2015.08.18 v1.1.818
This update is primarily to fix bugs
* Decrypt ingress when fixing Base64 input error parameters,
* Fix Unicode conversion Chinese flashback,
* Fixing the occasional flashback problem with binary analysis,
* Fix character encoding when encrypted,Sometimes inaccurate questions,
* Fixes bugs that automatically pick up discolored water rippleeffects on some phones
* Input box improvements,New empty,Copy and paste

About going to the ad version:

By cz5420 (Chen Zhen)

1、To verify to advertise to upgrade
2、Zero-privilege zero background zero self-initiation

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