Office Software Office2016 Four-in-One Green Lite v20200915.

Office 2016 Is a one-time office software。Office 2016 Green Lite Series,By @xb21cn focus on greening streamlined production,Contains word、Excel、Ppt、Access four components (including VBA),Support for automatic permanent activation and KMS activation,Support for Win10、Win8.1、Win10 Operating System 32 and 64 Bits,This edition is suitable for everyday use,Special needs please install the original! There is no guarantee that it will work properly in complex cases where the system is equipped with Office! Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Microsoft Office Software Suite Microsoft Office 2016 The official version was officially launched in September 2015,It features multi-person cross-platform office and team collaboration。Office 2016 is not much change compared to Office 2013,2016Version situates thetheme colors,Provide template downloads、Word introduces real-time collaboration,New Excel Data Mapping,Excel can directly recognize handwriting equations and more,Greatly improve the efficiency of the office!

Office 2016 user interface design retains the relatively constant Modern UI and Microsoft's consistent design language。There are also some changes made of layout made of mobile version of Microsoft Office。

Create directly from the desktop、Open it、Edit and store in Drive。
Excel:New chart type,Like a tree、Sunrise、Ring chart、Waterfall map、Box chart、Bar chart。
Data loss prevention:Prevent Word、Excel、PowerPoint data loss。
Insights,Provide contextual information by Bing's features。
New search tool:"Tell me what you want to do.",Included in Word、Powerpoint、Excel、In components such as Outlook,And timely collaboration with users to link to Office Online。


Update the log:

Contains word、Excel、Ppt、Access four components (vba)
1、Updated to the latest patch for February 20190
2、Supplemental part registry adds stability
3、Integrated kms automaticactivation (make sure it's connected)
4、Shared transfer to current directory reduces system disk writes
5、Other adjustments


Version description:

# Made in a 32-bit version,Key updates and security updates until May 2020,Other improvements;
# Keep Word、Excel、Ppt、Access's four components (With VBA),All other deletions;
# Support for opening PDF documents、Support for online templates、Support solvers、Analytics and other Excel add-ons;

1、Optional three-in-one or four-in-one installation (access default cancellation)
2、Added English grammar check (Chinese grammar check function is too large not added!)
3、Increase wps file association (no need to delete data.wps.dat)
3、Registry adds some optimization keys
4、Integrated into the latest 2020.5 pravs
5、Focus:Given that the latest patch of Jumbo limits XP usage,New Harmony for XP


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