Multi-label gadget Clover v3.5.1 Go Ad Edition

Clover is a multi-label gadget。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the multi-label gadget Clover go to the ad version has been updated to v3.5.1

Clover,Tag Explorer to look like Chrome,Put wings on your Windows Explorer! Clover is an extension of Windows Explorer Explorer,Add a multi-tab feature similar to Google Chrome。Clover styles Chrome tabs、Function、Right-click menu、Shortcuts all port,Chrome Control Instant Gets Up。

Description of the app:

Convenient Tab page feature

To master the power,Easy-to-use tabs,Just remember the new page of Ctrl-T,Ctrl-W Close Page,Ctrl-Tab Switchpage,Double your productivity!

Seamless integration of the operating system

Clover integrates into Windows Explorer as plug-ins,Keep your usual habits,No need to learn new file management operations,I'll be ready in a minute.。

A lightning-fast bookmark bar

Add the current path by pressing Ctrl-D,Or drag the folder directly into the bookmark bar。No more looking around for folders to access,Instant arrival,How happy!


Update the log:


· Repair:Partial operation sit a window without responding to the problem
· Repair:Label overlap issues under high-scoring screens
· Repair:Occasional failure problems with shortcuts


Version description:('Carrot Week')

-Go to ad data,Go push the pop window.;
-Go bring your own bookmark promotion:Baidu and Taobao, etc.;
-Remove redundant upgrades and multilingual modules;

Note:Clover may be killed by the poison software promptfalse! Do not use if you are not sure


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