MicroPE Toolbox v2.1 BETA2 [20200609] Official Edition

MicroPE Toolbox is a toolbox for making startup disks on the windows platform。New Win10PE kernel in WinPE Toolbox 2.x,Claimed to be the best-used maintenance Win10PE,And 1. Version X continues to use WIN8PE kernel for continuous updating。MicroPE Toolbox - Best use of WinPE Installed Maintenance Tools! Love Green Soft

好用的Win10PE!微PE工具箱v2.0发布 好用的Win10PE!微PE工具箱v2.0发布

Description of the app:

WinPE Toolbox,The most powerful assistant for installation,The last straw to save lives。Make it simple,Large use of small material,One-click installation,Extreme start-up。MicroPE Toolbox,Best PE Toolbox,None of them.。No advertising,Kernel Full Thin,A collection of cost-effective third-party tools。

MicroPE Toolbox

Your favorite WinPE toolbox,Version 2.0 is now updated

Full support for NVME SSDs


Minimal,At your fingertips。

Extremely powerful,But it's so smart enough to "fit into your wallet."。

MicroPE not only achieves this goal,Even exceeded many expectations.。


One-click installation,Extreme start-up。

New installer,Quality everywhere。

Extreme entry into PE,Race for time。

All that we've done,Keep all your maintenance operations go smoothly。


Since it's free,How can it not be pure!

Stealing a home page? Forced installation? Still dead not? NO.NO.NO

Rogue temperament has nothing to do with us in this life,We just want to be quiet as a tussle.

The boss's waywardness,Achievement of the only trusted PE toolbox。


The last straw to save lives,Love。

In front of microPE,Soft failure of any PC system,can solve it.。

The most comprehensive and powerful collection of maintenance tools,Save you from danger。

MicroPE Toolbox will always be your good partner。


All-powerful installer
MicroPE's intelligent EXE installation package gives WinPE the flexibility to install on-system boot items、Make a startable USB drive、Mobile hard drive、Build an ISO image。
Comprehensive and perfect support for individual operating systems,Even the system launched in the latest UEFI。
We are committed to simplifying complex technical operations,Rapid lying efficiency。Installing PE has since become particularly simple。

A complete and streamlined kernel
In order to create a functional integrity、Smaller Windows subsystems,MicroPE has made efforts to promote the development of the industry。
We spent a lot of time studying the Win system kernel.,Streamline many files that are unnecessary in WinPE maintenance operations,and ensure that functional integrity is not missing,Every MB is not wasted.。
Our ultimate quest allows a WinPE with a Win8 system kernel to achieve the industry's smallest amount of stability。

A collection of cost-effective third-party tools
In order to enable us to complete more maintenance operations in PE,We've selected a wide selection of highly acclaimed maintenance tool software,These softwares come from experienced developers,Each one is very good.。
At the same time, we have all the software has been streamlined and compressed adaptation,With complete functionality guaranteed,Reduced storage and transfer costs。
Our efforts to make microPE the only one that is not only small in the kernel,And the full PE toolbox,It's the essence of the essence.。


Update the log:


2020-05-31 v2.1 Beta

The new version 2.1 follows the original WIN10PE kernel (10.0.10586),This kernel is proven,Very stable.,Not replaced。
This update is primarily driven update、Software updates and fix escant bugs。
Subsequent microPE toolboxes will use version 3.3 to make new cores,This 10586 kernel will also be updated synchronously。

2.1Version kernel update content:
1.Tutorials for toolbox users,So a micro PE small assistant has been added to the PE desktop,Sweep the code to see the tutorial (in the tutorial deployment)。
2.Update INTEL RST driver,Resolve some new models that turn RST (RAID ON) on by default,I can't see the problem with the hard drive directly。
3.Add some GPIO/I2C drivers,To support more trackpads and key rats。
4.The relevant components required to supplement bitlocker unlocking,Now support unlocking Bitlocker disk within PE。
5.Supplemental REFS、DLL files required for UDF-related features。
6.Fix the problem that WIN10PE can't install the original WIN7 directly。
7.Fixes an issue where windows installerdoes not restart automatically。
8.Change adjustment disc disordered way for PECMD way。
9.Change Explorer icon to details。
10.Pop-up confirmation when deleting a file。

2.1Version software partial updates:
1. Update partition assistant to version 8.3。
2. Update Dism to 10.1.1001.10。
3. Update Ghost to。
4. Updated CGI tool Wimlib version to 1.13.2。
5. Update Windows Installer to 4.1。
6. Update 7ZIP to 20.00 alpha version。
7. Update password tool to version 0.7。
8. Update CPUZ to version 1.92。
9. Replaced with a boot repair tool。
10. Update bootice tool to 1.3.4。

Updates to the installer section:
1. When the USB drive is installed,Limit installation package scant on this USB stick,To prevent the U-disk from malfunctioning by running the USB drive in the USB stick。
2. When the USB drive is installed,Tips for making method 7 indicating that space can be returned。
3. Resolve Windows Defender's false positives for some files,Increase installation success rate。


Version description:

Official Edition


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