One-click recovery CGI-Plus v5.0.0 enhanced version

CGI one-click backup recovery tool is a versatile toolbox on the windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring a one-click recovery CGI-Plus enhanced version has been updated to v5.0.0

CGI one-click backup recovery toolset backup、Recovery、NT6.x installation (auto-repair boot) and other functions in one body,With GHOST and ImageX dual cores,32/64Bit adaptation,Support for GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD,Support for UEFI-GPT startup,Support for dynamic disks。Its support for unattended profiles,Make its capabilities greatly expanded,Real one-click backup recovery。

Description of the app:

Its detailed features are as follows:

1、Smart to determine whether the currently running Windows or PE is 32-bit or 64-bit,If it's a 32-bit call GHOST32/32-bit ImageX,Call GHOST64/64-bit ImageX if it's 64 bits。64Bit speed is faster than 32 bits,Support for multicore multithreaded backup restores is fastest。

2、Support for unattended configurations,Support for mirror format:GHO、WIM、SWM、Esd、Iso,Real one-click backup recovery。

3、Support in UEFI + Restore 64-bit WIN7/WIN8.1 GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD/ESD image to the new GPT hard drive (with ESP partition) in the GPT platform,Of course, you need to start to PE recovery with a U-dial that supports UEFI initiation (to PE zone selection to support UEFI-initiated PE)。

4、Support for original ISO/CD installation with WIN7/8/8.1,Automatic addition if OEM information is available;Support for the dragonfly、No contract and other big man WIN7/WIN8 plate installation,If there is OEM information also automatically added。

5、Support for EISA partitioning,Support for Ext2/3 partitioning,Writeable depends on GHOST/ImageX。

6、Support for GPT disks。Can also properly back up/restore basic disk GPT partitions at 32-bit XP,Support for dynamic GPT hidden partitions。

7、Support for dynamic disks,Whether it's MBR partitioning or GPT partitioning。As long as it is not the current system partition,Backup/Restore in Windows and PE,System partitions need to be restored under PE,But it's available in Windows backup。In addition to the ability to back up/restore simple volumes correctly,Can also properly back up/restore cross-zone volumes, etc.。

8、There are partition-to-partition copies - partition-to-torture;There is operation on the whole hard disk - restore the hard drive、Backing up your hard drive、Hard drive to torture。

9、Support for GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD mirroring in ISO。

10、Support for multiple hard drives,SUPPORT FOR IDE/SCSI/SATA/SAS/USB HDD/USB FLASH DRIVE Hybrid Drive/Disk,Support for SSD(SSDs),Support for 4K alignment,Support for a hard drive with more than one primary partition,Support disk staggered,Support for Win partition inglaches and non-Win partition inglaches。

11、On restore,If the GHO mirror file has a password,the password is directly specific,Users do not need to do any intervention。When checking gHO mirror integrity,Also direct to special password。

12、Runs on XP/2K3/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8/WIN8.1 and the corresponding PE。

Key restores cgI-enhanced features more than Standard Edition
1、When Windows restores/backs up the current system,Restartable to DOS (UEFI + GPT except);
2、Installable system menu (UEFI) + GPT except);Start-up hotkeys can be set (UEFI) + GPT except);
3、Customizable GHOST Core (valid only in Windows/PE,Only version 11.5.1 in DOS)。

About CGI-Plus Compilation Plus Features
- Update Ghost、wimlib-imagex
- Support for ESD decryption,No human intervention required;
- Keep all features of the original (unattended configuration, etc.)
- Change how it is executed,It turned out to be the overall decompression.,Now it's on-demand release.;
-Using the latest version of PECMD,Support for traditional systems,Simple and complex adaptation;
-Remove the built-in 15 small programs,All done with the PECMD code
-Support for WIM roll using Chinese volume name,Show description information at the same time;
-Support profiles(Program name.cfg),Specify an external program,Reduce volume;
- 64-bit program code is consistent with 32-bit,Make 64-bit more powerful than the original;
-Mount ISO to OSFMount、Optimize thin code、High-screen DPI adaptation, etc.;


Update the log:


1.Optimize the code,Speed up software opening。

2.Wimlib-imagex upgrade to 1.13.0。

3.When restoring in some special cases,Automatic replication of ghs in ISO sub-rolls to hard disk partitions。

4.Bubble alert swhen the path length exceeds the drop-down list box。

5.List of selected sections on the first page,Increase dating form、Whether to activate and other information。

6.Second page Select list of hard drives,Increase dating form。

7.Fix bug in an unattended configuration that cannot specify a fix boot。

8.When restoring the system using Wimlib-imagex,Inherit the original volume label after formatting the disk。

9.When ESD is encrypted in case,Volume information can be displayed without decryption。


Version description:

The latest version of partial PE is not compatible,If you want to be compatible with an old machine,3.2 recommended

Both version packages contain x86/x64/x86&x64 Adaptive Version


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