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Office 2003 is an office software on the windows platform,Office 2003 Green Lite Series,By @xb21cn focus on greening streamlined production,Include Access、Excel 、Ppt 、Word Four components (including VBA),Support for automatic permanent activation and KMS activation,Support for Win7、Win8.1、Win10 Operating System 32 and 64 Bits,This edition is suitable for everyday use,Special needs please install the original! There is no guarantee that it will work properly in complex cases where the system is equipped with Office! Love Green Soft


Description of the app:

Microsoft Office 2003 It is Microsoft's office suite software for the Windows XP operating system.,Launched on September 17, 2003,Its previous generation was Office XP,The next generation of products is Office 2007

Office 2003 Last Cumulative Update Service Pack 3 improves many system compatibility and stability issues with Windows Vista,Mainstream support ended in April 2009,Extended support ended in April 2014

New interfaces and new features:

Outlook 2003 New interface swees and adds many features,Includes better mail and calendar sharing and reading interface、Search folders、Color labels、Kerberos Protocol、Remote procedure calls for HTTP protocol, etc.,and significantly improved spam filters。Word 2003 adds reading layout mode、File comparison、Better tracking revisions、Voice memo capabilities and XML file formats。Excel 2003 adds some statistical computing capabilities,and XML data import、Analysis and transformation capabilities。Access 2003 Added backup instructions and form error detection of returns。FrontPage 2003 adds conditional style、HTML grammar find and replace function、New Table Style Tool、Flash support、WebDAV and SharePoint sharing。

Online Gallery:

Office 2003 comes with only a small number of illustrations and templates,Other media resources are available from the official Office website,This is a feature of Office 2003。The Office website provides content for software teaching and tips、Template、Illustrations、Media resources such as photos。

Smart Tags:

Smart tags have slightly improved,Use basic expressive and extended libraries。Smart tag features are also embedded in PowerPoint and Access。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(xb21cn)

This green litty version is based on pure win10x64 system greening production

Contains:Access Excel Ppt Word Four components (including vba)
Testing the system:Xp、2003、Win7、win8.1、Win10's 32and 64th

Ps:Win7 and above system please right-click administrator installation


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