NetEase Cloud Music PC v2.7.1.198242 Green Portable Edition

NetEase Cloud Music PC is the music platform of Windows Platform Internet Easy,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the NetEase Cloud music PC has been updated tov2.7.1.198242

NetEase Cloud Music is a music product focused on discovery and sharing,Relying on professional musicians、Dj、Friend recommendations and social features,Create a new music life for your users。NetEase Cloud Music's reviews are a feature of it,Of course it's not just a music platform.,It's a musical social platform that resonates with emotions.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

NetEase Cloud Music is a gathering place for musicians,Of course, net ease cloud music brand core competitiveness is not the amount of song library,It's the emotion of the people behind the music.,What kind of music will impress you?,Makes you think of your own story.。The biggest product feature of NetEase Cloud Music is the music social platform,And music review is a kind of "crystal" of emotion and music.。"

Use songlists to organize music more than non-traditional albums and performers。
Personalized recommendations (including daily push and private FM)
Great user reviews。Reviews and hot reviews are an integral part of cloud music。Listen to the song and watch the comments,Users can find the resonance of listening to songs in the comments section,Mobile users can view their posts on their users' home pages,Includes dynamic reviews、Song Reviews、Songlist and album reviews, etc.。07Recent hot review function on-line。
Indie musicians。Public recruitment of independent musicians since 2014。
Host Radio。Users can not only listen to high-quality shows from big-name DJs,You can also create your own program channels。
Short video features。
Sound features。In the internal test version,NetEase Cloud adds sound entry and cover effects to its music playback interface,There are a dozen sound effects to choose from。
IOS is now supported、Android、Windows、 Multiple operating systems, including Linux。As of 2007,NetEase Cloud Music users exceed 100 million,Users create songs of up to 100 million,User reviews in 100 million。
Because many record companies, such as King Records, are asking users to charge for digital albums,More and more music on NetEase Cloud music is beginning to shift to paid listening and downloading mode,Music in non-destructive format is fully charged,There is also some music that cannot be played because NetEase has not been licensed yet.;Other than that,Users other than Chinese mainland cannot use their full service。


Update the log:


★ Cardio-taci-mode interaction optimization


Version description:(@YPOJIE)

# Hard-change cachedirectorsave saved as the current directory,Background does not generate, also known as portable version;
# To upgrade tips,Prohibit background detection updatedownloads download installation packages,Let you have a version for a long time!
# Native green portable dissolve sit-for-all,Delete error reports and Webkit multilingual library files。
Tips:This version is only green can not download VIP paid songs


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