MacOS Open Source Media Player IINA v1.0.4 Official Release

IINA Player is MACOS Next Open Source Player。Now love green soft for everyone to bring MacOS IINA open source player official release has been updated.v1.0.4.

IINA Player is one of the best video players under macOS.,The IINA player supports dark mode.、The child mother screen.、Touch bar、System media control.、Customizable UI.、Online subtitles.、Music mode.、Mouse and trackpad gestures.、Thumbnail preview.、Plug-in systems and so on.,There are all the features.。

Description of the app:

Free,Open source,Active development.。
IINA is written in the Swift programming language.,It's free.,And is open source under the GPLv3 license.。Please feel free to open the question.,Send a feature request or an error report on GitHub or provide it by email.。

Dark mode.
IINA comes with a well-designed user interface.,For macOS Mojave Dark Mode.,Includes adjusted colors.,Icons and textures.,Provides a stylish and uniform look.。
The child mother screen.
IINA supports native picture-in-picture mode.,Allows you to enjoy local or online videos without being distracted.。
Play any media video.
Supported by the open source media player mpv.,IINA can play almost all the media files you own.。Supported by youtube-dl and our browser extensions.,You can also play a variety of online streams in IINA with a single click.。
Based on mpv.,Provides the best decoding capabilities on macOS.
Designed for modern macOS (10.11 plus).,Designed to provide the best user experience.
Video,Audio,Subtitles,Playlists,All the features required for chapters, etc.
Force touch.,Picture-in-picture and (advanced) touch bar support.
Customizable user interface.,Includes color schemes and screen controller (OSC) layouts.
A standalone music mode designed for audio files.
A thumbnail preview of the entire timeline, such as YouTube.
Online caption search and smart local subtitle matching.
Unlimited playback history.
Convenient interactive settings for video/audio filters.
Fully customizable keyboard.,Mouse and trackpad gesture control.
MPV profiles and scripting systems are available to advanced users.
Command-line tools and browser extensions are provided.
It is still in a positive stage of development.


Update the log:

Fixes playlist not dedded reordering. (#2397)
Fixes stretched screen when entering or exiting full screen. (#2395)
Fixes an issue where player player man't quit when the mainWindow is hidden due to pip..
Fixes dead links in the app and update other links to (#2432)
Fixes a issue where key binding conf file is saved incorrectly when filtering and editing a key binding (#2427)
Fixes current chapter not correctly highlighted (#2404)
Fixes “Open in new window” option from browser extension does not work (#2370)
Fixes some OSDs still display even if the user disables OSD (#2462)
Updates Slovak translation (#2438)
Updates youtube-dl, fixes Youtube links cannot be opened (#2435)


Instructions for use:

1、需要macOS 10.11 +,建议使用10.14


Download the address:




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