Android phone cleans up Power Clean v2.9.9.66 Chinese paid unlock edit

Phone Clean Up Power Clean is a lightweight、Fast、Powerful Android Cleanup App。Now by love green soft for everyone to bring the phone clean Power Clean Chinese paid unlock version has been updated tov2.9.9.66

Phone clean-up Power Clean helps users easily free up storage space,Solution System Caton,Prevent repeated restarts of unwanted applications,Keep your phone running at its best。

Description of the app:

Power Clean is a lightweight、Fast、Powerful Android Cleanup and Besting Apps,Helps users easily free up storage space,Solution System Caton,Prevent unwanted apps from restarting repeatedly,Keep your phone running at its best。

Is your Android device slow?
Often there are "insufficient space" warnings?
Give it to Power Clean!

App highlights:
A full clean-up
Rely ingonon son-in-the-strong analytics,Clean up the garbage file sourcing it all.、Useless quick take、Residual files and profiles after removing software,Keep your phone clean and tidy。

- Extreme Acceleration
Smart to turn off background-executed applications,Clean up memories,Speed up the operation of the system。
Completely abort applications with system assistance tools,Block repeated restart,Maximize the release of memory,Extended battery life。
Easy one-click acceleration with main screen gadgets。

- Very small occupancy
Without affecting functionality,Use a variety of technologies to apply volume、Resource occupancy is controlled to a minimum,The installation package is only 20% of the same application!

- Device information
Detecting the CPU、Memory、Battery、Hard state such as monitor。
Instantmonitoring of your phone's CPU temperature、Battery temperature,End power-consuming applications in a timely manner,Avoid overheating。

- Application management
Easy-to-use batch removal of useless apps、Back up important apps。
Protect your privacy app with an app lock,Photo、Message、Contacts are no longer easily leaked。
Support for non-ROOT deactivation of preset software。

The app lock
Prevent others from accessing your important private apps such as Facebook、Instagram、Newsletter、Galleries, etc.。
Lock these applications,To protect your privacy easily。

- Anti-notification interruption
Receive various harassment notices,Keep the notification bar clean and tidy。

- Repeated photos
Scan all similar photos,Find out the best one to automatically delete duplicate photos to free up more storage。


Update the log:

Add AD-FREE Subscription


Version description:(@balatan)

VIP Lifetime Subscription Unlock;
Change to the dark interface;
Optimised Graphics/Zipalign;
Change the icon to dark;
Delete Splash Launch Screen;
Remove the VIP ad subscription icon from your Page;
Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services;
Disable all mandatory pop-up guides;
Delete pop-ups,Install flashLight App when Flash exits;
Results page disables recommended lionapps;
Results page disables force more features;
Anonymous statistics are disabled by default;
Remove the Family Lion ad icon from the menu;
Clear Exit No Feature Ad Pop-up;
Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated;
AOSP compatible。


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