Android CENTRAL PROCESSOR CPU X v2.9.6 Paid Unlock Ed

CPU X is an app on android that reads hardware information.。Now Love Green Soft brings a CPU X Paid Unlocked Version for everyone.v2.9.6.

CPU X displays about similar processors.,Kernel.,Speed,Model, Ram,Camera,Device information such as sensors and can monitor network speed (notifications and status bars) ,Data usage (daily and monthly)。

Description of the app:

CPU X displays about similar processors.,Kernel.,Speed,Model, Ram,Camera,Device information such as sensors.
And you can monitor network speeds (notifications and status bars) ,Data usage (daily and monthly)。

Processor.,Kernel.,Clock speed.,The current frequency.,Heap memory.,Boot loader.,The instruction set.,CPU governor baseband version.,Kernel version.,Id.,Host.,Gpu.,The vendor ID.,CPU series.,The model name.,Bogomips.,Power management.

Manufacturers.,Model,Brand.,Motherboard,Serial.,Uptime,Sleep time.,Operating system version,The API level.,Ram,Store memory.
Fingerprint,Build ID.,Build time.

Wifi.,WIFI is direct.,Bluetooth,Bluetooth LE.,Nfc,Gps,Microphone,Camera flash.,USB host.,USB accessory.
Removable storage.,Print

Width,Height,Diagonal dimension resolution.,Density,Direction.,Density x.,Density y.

Data connection.,Internet,Download speed,Upload speed.,IP address
Internet/data speed in status bars and notifications.

SIM card:
SIM card information.
The name of the network operator.
The name of the SIM operator.
Network countries.
The phone type.- Gsm / Cdma / Sip.
The device is rooted yes/no.

Battery: –
Battery level,Battery temperature,Voltage,Technology,Charging status.

Accelerometer,Magnetometer.,Light sensor.,Gravity sensor.,Gyroscope.,Direction.,Temperature,Pressure,
Approach the sensor.,The game spins.,Step detector.,Step counter.

The most complete details about the front and rear cameras.。

A nice gadget.,You can quickly access important content of your application.,and flashlight widgets.。


Internet speed monitor. – See the notification status bar for current download and upload speeds.,and combine speed.。

The data uses the monitor. – Monitor data traffic over WiFi and beautiful graphics mobile networks (daily.,monthly)。

Battery monitor. – Monitoring level.,With beautiful graphic temperature and battery voltage.。

CPU status. – % of CPU running when see frequency state,Self-on device.。

Gadgets. – The status of the device with a translucent part is displayed on the main screen with a listing information.


Update the log:

– Improved German language translation.


Version description:

Unlock advanced themes.
Delete ads
Delete the sponsor banner layout.
All ad services and campaigns that are removed from the layer.
Remove data from the toolbar using the ad icon.
All ad banner ads in tablet mode have been deleted
Deactivating analytics


Download the address:



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