Open source SFTP client WinSCP v5.16.5 Green Chinese Version and Portable Edition

WinSCP is a free SSH open source graphical SFTP client.。 Now love green soft for everyone to bring winSCP green Chinese version.v5.16.5.

WinSCP supports access protocol FTP.、SFTP、FTPS、Scp.、WebDav, etc.。Directory comparison is also supported.、Clear the cache.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Graphic user interface
Perfect integration with Windows.(Drag., Url, Shortcut)
All common file operations are supported.
Support is SSH-1-based.、SFTP and SCP protocols for SSH-2.
Batch scripting and command-line methods are supported.
A variety of semi-automatic.、Automatic directory synchronization.
Built-in text editor.
SSH passwords are supported.、Keyboard interaction.、Public key and Kerberos.(Gss.) Verify.
By working with Pageant.(PuTTY Agent.)Integration supports various types of public key authentication.
Provides a Windows Explorer and Norton Commander interface.
Session information is stored optionally.
Settings can exist in the profile instead of in the registry.,Suitable for operation on mobile media.


Update the log:

TLS/SSL core designed to OpenSSL 1.0.2t..

XML parser upgraded to Expat. 2.2.8.

Official extension Batche prints more information about its progress..

Smallings of layout for longer translations..

Translation updated.: Italian.

Bug fix: Cannot switch back to English after changing language on non-US English system.. 1779

Bug fix: Deleting temporary local copy of remote file caused errors and invalid attempts to upload the nonexisting file.. 1782


Version description:

* Based on the official version of the production.
* Removed useless files.
* Built-in Jane.、packages in two languages.
* Automatic updates are removed.


Download the address:

Official Download:


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