Open source SFTP client WinSCP v5.15.2 Green Chinese Edition + Portable Edition

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WINSCP is a free SSH open source graphical SFTP client on a Windows platform。 现爱绿软为大家带来WinSCP 绿色中文版v5.15.2

Access Protocol FTP supported by WINSCP、SFTP、FTPS、Scp、WebDAV, etc.。Directory comparisons are also supported、Clear Cache

Application Instructions:

Graphical user interface
Perfect integration with Windows(Dragging and pulling, Url, Shortcut)
Supports all common file operations
Support Based on SSH-1、SSH-2 's SFTP and SCP protocols
Support for batch scripts and command-line methods
A variety of semi-automatic、Automatic Directory synchronization method
Built-in Text editor
Support for SSH passwords、Keyboard interaction、Public and Kerberos(Gss) Verify
Through with Pageant(PuTTY Agent)Integration supports various types of public key validation
Provides Windows Explorer and Norton Commander interface
Optionally store session information
Settings can exist in the configuration file instead of in the registry,Suitable for operation on mobile media


Update log:

TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2s.
SSH private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2019-05-13.45be166). It brings the following change:
Bug fix: Crash when adding an ECDSA key to Pageant. pageant-ecdsa-assert-fail
Translations updated: Dutch and Polish.
Not scanning unvisited network folders to speed up start up and browsing. 1737
Starting main window with the last user local folder instead of always starting in Documents folder. 1740
When renaming an ad-hoc site, using a generated friendly name as a start.
Bug fix: Some numerical folders are duplicated in remote directory tree. 1736
Bug fix: Ad hoc site opened from a workspace showed its internal number a name instead of a friendly generated name.
Bug fix: Failure in .NET Assembly when Program Files(x86) environment variable is not set and WinSCP ibable cannot be found anywhere. 1741
Bug fix: Keyboard accelerator for Octal box on Properties dialog is not work. 1743


Release description:

* Based on the official version of the production
* Removed useless files
* Built-in Jane、Two language packs
* Removing automatic updates


Official Downloads:Https://


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