Dual Open Space Lite v1.3.6 Google Market

Double Open Space Lite is an ultra-lightweight dual-open app launched by the Lu Masters team on Android。 Now Love Green Soft ilvruan.com brings you a dual-open space litthion dual Space Lite Google Market v1.3.6 。Double Open Space Lite is an ultra-lightweight app,The installation package is extremely compact、The lightest、The most convenient and stable。


Description of the app:

The latest "ultra-lightweight" double-open space lit-up,The ultimate in compact mounting packs,The lightest,The most convenient,Most stable

Are you still struggling with a mobile phone switching frequently to a social account?

Want to have two phones without missing a WhatsApp message?

Right now,Black technology products - double open space has been online,Perfect solution to a mobile phone can not log into multiple accounts at the same time,Login account is online at the same time,Message reception and data storage are independent of each other

A cell phone.,Two accounts,Also online
· Two social accounts are online at the same time,Let you work and live a bad job
· Almost all social apps can log into a second account in a double-open space,Different account message reception and account data do not affect each other

Private space,Clone apps
· Want to keep your secret account undiscovered? Dual open space for privacy,Leave no trace in the cell phone system.,Hide your secret account in a double-open space,Keep your data secure and private
· Clone apps,Don't install apps in your phone,Ensure smooth operation of your phone

Switch two accounts at one click
· Both accounts are online at the same time,Switch two account interfaces at the click of a button,Independent management of each account information

· Deep-till tool software for many years,While providing multi-account login services,Guaranteed stable operation
· Simple interface operation
· APP file small,Low power consumption,Low power consumption
· Extreme clone,Double-open everything

· If you use both double open space and double open space litty,Theoretically, more than two accounts can be run at the same time。

· Permission issues:We applied for as many system permissions as possible.,is to ensure that cloned applications in double open space sit properly。Like what,If camera permissions are not allowed,Cameras may not be available in cloned applications
· Killing soft malicious drug:We found that as many system permissions as possible were requested due to double open space,Causesome some anti-virus software maliciously reported poison,This is the case.,Please rest assured that you can use,Dual open space is an absolutely safe application,Does not contain any viruses
· Receive a message:To ensure that you can receive notifications of clone apps properly,Please add double open space to the whitelist in cleaning memory or on your phone acceleration


Update the log:

Fix Free Fire Startup Crash
Optimize dual-open space performance
Fix a known bug


Download the address:

City pass:http://dl.2956588.xyz/dir/884953-32117812-875636/

Baidu:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1S_yXWevNjyJye6bL8OXKqA Extract code: bd6c

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