Mind map Mindjet Mindmanager 2020 v20.1.238 Chinese Special Edition (Win-MacOs)

Mind Map Mindjet MindManager is a versatile mind map mapping software。Mindmap Mindjet MindManager 2019 Chinese Special Edition has been updated to v20.1.238

MindManager is a powerful information visualization software,MindManager enables you to discover hidden potential,MindManager is like a virtual whiteboard,Organize brainstorming with a single view、Capture ideas、Exchange planning information,Advanced features of project management and business planning that are not comparable to other software。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Because with the right map,,You can go anywhere.。
Somewhere in bombarding your device with all the information,Filling your inbox and filling your mind is your organization for the day,Run the project,Management team,Practical knowledge needed to grow your business and succeed。

MindManager uses decentralized ideas and concepts,Disconnected data from a project or plan is distilled into structured, interactive visual maps,Make information easy to understand,Adapt,Action and sharing,and unlocks this knowledge.。

Grab everything.
MindManager works like a virtual whiteboard。It lets you capture ideas and information quickly,and then organize and context in the same place.。Drag theme,Draw connections between different ideas,and will related comments,Links and files are stored where they belong – They are all contained in a clear,Easy-to-navigate map。

Easy organization
MindManager map is planning a project,Analysis process,The ideal way to integrate and transfer knowledge。You can track deliverables in a shared visual context,Deadline,Priority,Resources,Dependencies, etc.。When things change,You can make quick adjustments – and immediately reveal it to everyone.。

Communicate more effectively
MindManager's pass comes from people,All the concepts of the location and platform,Project or plan-related information is integrated into a unified dashboard map to address things such as missing data,Issues such as miscommunication and redundancy,This map shows you the same as everyone with the big picture and details。The point of view。

Management from idea to implementation
From brainstorming to planning to execution of a single application,Turn ideas into action……It's right in front of us。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:

hosts block the following URL
Hosts' location in the system:
C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc www.mindjet.com mindjet.com ipm.corel.com


Unofficially purchased activation codes cannot be updated using the official version activation,Do not purchase a different proxy version!


Download the address:

This site is not available for download。


32Bit:http://www.http://dwnld.mindjet.com/stubs/Builds/MindManager2020.1/20_1_238/32Bit/MindManager 2020.msi
64Bit:http://www.http://dwnld.mindjet.com/stubs/Builds/MindManager2020.1/20_1_238/64Bit/MindManager 2020.msi


32Bit: http://www.http://dwnld.mindjet.com/stubs/Builds/MindManager2020.1/20_1_236/32Bit/MindManager 2020.msi

64Bit:http://www.http://dwnld.mindjet.com/stubs/Builds/MindManager2020.1/20_1_236/64Bit/MindManager 2020.msi


How to use it:

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