Android Browser via browser v3.9.2

Via is a minimalist browser on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android browser via browser has been updated tov3.9.2

Via browser explores the limits of speed and simplicity,It seems that extraordinary speed always gives way to omnipotent customization.,It seems that a minimalist interface will always sacrifice complex features.,Via Browser is breaking stereotypes,Let you see another possibility。

Description of the app:

The browsing experience with simplicity and speed,Refreshing。
Light Browsing small volume,Low memory,No Caton。
Simple pure" geek refreshing design,No push、No interruptions。
Extreme Search: Millisecond Launch,Extreme web page loading。
Custom and Extension resource sniffing,Utility plug-ins,Each take the required。
Security And Privacy: Sandbox Mechanism,Less permissions,Protect ingress of privacy。

How does Via Browser pursue simplicity and purity?
Designed with a simple browser interface,Increase the weight of your search box,Avoid users being disturbed by other news and other information,Bringing browsers back to the essence of search and browsing,To increase efficiency。Default Baidu Search,Free to switch search engines。
Promise no news push,Interference such as ad push。Via browser won't bother you,If there is a need,Extreme start-up,First-screen search,Smooth browsing,Coherent。
Ad Blocking,Tag ad features,Effectively reduce redundant information。Ad blocking is constantly improving,The database that blocks ads is continuously updated。
How does Via browser achieve extreme speed and smoothness?
Efficient and concise code,Makes the browser less than a photo,The basic functions of the browser are not missing,Also extends many unique customization features。
No background,No push,No news,Focus on search and web browsing experiences,Put in a lot of effort for each search and web page speed that may increase by one point。
What are the advanced tricks of Via Browser?
Custom browser identity ua;Ad tag blocking;Download the plug-in;View web source;Resource sniffing;Import export bookmarks;Cloud sync;Privacy anti-tracking;Save a web page;Offline web pages;Translate a web page;In-page lookup;Chart/No Chart Mode…

Media reviews:
Less access to the best app,Powerful,A clear stream in the browser。- AppSo|Love Fan
Small and beautiful browser,Also your brisk browsing experience。- Best App Year
Small and clean,No hooligans.,Create values and strength sourly with details。- Tip Planet

User reviews.:
Pure browser,Small size,Fast。
Light and simple,Plug-in script customization multi,High playability。
No ads.,No fancy bloated news and news,Android's very good mobile browser。

✔ quiet browser
We're not pushing the news for you.、Weather, etc.,Never pretend to know you.。
✔ a refreshing browser
Multiple ad blocking methods,Lets you focus on content。
✔ brisk browser
Small body shape but a lot to do,Fast and smooth,Ease。
✔ highly customized browser
Design your own browser with custom features。

The concept of Via browser
Via browser is dominated by geek thinking,Make it simple。Grab the core,Simplify complex processes,Browsing efficiency is greatly improved。
Via browser focuses on the browsing experience,Neat,Simplicity is not simple.。Small browser makes it easy to navigate every Android model。
Via browser small body size skills,Common browser features are available。The need for advanced,For example, view the source、Blogs, etc.
Overall,Make it simple,The pursuit of minimality,Via is consistent。

Minimal lying and efficient Via browser,Refreshing and fast web browsing and search experience。No more than one photo size,It's worth a try.。


Update the log:

- Fix a web display issue
- Fix some interface errors
- Fix flashback issues on lower android versions


Version description:

Google Market Edition


Download the address:



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