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Fufu security software is a computer protection software on windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the velvet security software has been updated. v5.0.22.7.

Fufu Safety Software is a lightweight computer protection software.,It supports virus culling.、Computer protection.、Parental controls。The Internet can be managed.,And it prevents software from being installed in the background.,Tencent、Baidu、360The whole family bucket as long as there is a velvet security software.,Passes are intercepted.。

Description of the app:

Virus Kill
Virus killing is the basic function of security software.。The user can detect viruses on the computer by actively scanning.、Trojanhorses and other threats.。When the user uses the virus kill function.,System files will be scanned efficiently through a new generation of self-developed anti-virus engines.,Discover the virus in a timely manner.、Trojan.,and efficiently handle the removal of related threats.。

The center of protection.
Up to 14 types of protective switches are installed in the centre of protection.,Just click on the switch.,It's convenient.、Quickly turn the protection on or off.。When a threat action is found to trigger a protection item that has been turned on.,Threats will be accurately intercepted.,Avoid computer infringement.。

Parental controls
This product provides parental controls.,Help parents protect.、Discipline your children.,Control your child's online behavior when using a computer.。Parental controls are controlled from internet hours.、Program execution control.、Site content control.、The device uses control in four areas to protect the child.。

Extended tools.
The extension tool gives you a velvet sword.、Modify the HOST file.、Right-click management.、Garbage cleaning、File Smash、Pop-up blocking.、Start item management、Eight extension tools for network traffic.,Practical、Convenient,The extension tool is not a default bundled installation.,Do not take up computer memory before it is loaded.,Only if you need and click in person.,The installation will not be downloaded.。


Product advantages
The reason why the velvet is strong.,It's because the velvet is driven by the concept of "intelligence-driven security".,Independent research and development of a new generation of anti-virus engine and multi-level active defense system.,and establish a threat intelligence analysis system.,Makes the fire velvet more accurate in detecting the threat of the virus.,And give flexible and efficient treatment.。
On a strong basis.,The velvet also achieves software size with memory footprint at about 10M.。This is also the crystallization of the "intelligence-driven security" concept of the velvet.。On the one hand.,More accurate threat intelligence and flexible and efficient handling bring a lightweight and powerful virus library.,On the other hand.,Optimization of memory and operational efficiency.,Bring a very small resource occupation of the fling.。
Since the beginning of the fire velvet.,We want you to be safe.、Be quiet.、Use your computer freely.。That's why.,The velvet will not have any thing that disturbs the user, such as advertising pop-up windows.,Other software is not randomly bundled in the installation package.。At the same time,The velvet anti-bundling and pop-window blocking can also help your computer become cleaner.。


Fire velvet 5.0.:Botnet protection.

Fire velvet 5.0.:Remote login protection.

Fire velvet 5.0.:Web service protection.

Fire velvet 5.0.:Web scanning.

Fire velvet 5.0.:Mail monitoring.

Fire velvet 5.0.:Network intrusion interception.

Fire velvet 5.0.:External attack blocking.


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