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XMind is an Android platform and the previous mindmap app.。XMind is a way to keep your mind focused.,Capture every moment of inspiration in the app.。Whenever you have an idea.,XMind helps you focus on its extended extensions and grooming.,Blend ingress of art and creativity.,Make your mind clear.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

XMind is a way to keep your mind focused.,Apps that capture every moment of inspiration.。Whenever you have an idea.,XMind helps you focus on its extended extensions and grooming.,Blend ingress of art and creativity.,Make your mind clear.。You can create a workflow.,Then you're going to get into the workflow.;Inspiration-centric.,Extend your thoughts on an infinite brain chart curtain.;Record a bit of inspiration at your fingertips.、List to be done、Minutes of meetings or project planning.,Enjoy logical thinking.。

1、Introduction to the mind map.
Mind Map,Also known as brain diagram.、Mental map.,It is a tool of image thinking and a tool to express thinking by using image-thinking aids.。Under the basic concept of mind map.,It can express people's ideas in different ways.,Not limited to format.,Styles and concepts.。

2、Collaborate sharing.
Make work ideas in impression notes through brain diagrams.、There are notepadmemos such as TaoYun notes that are clearly presented.;Share .xmind files to QQ.、Nails.、WeChat Enterprise Edition.,Each can open your ideas at all times with XMind.。

3、Add a lot of color to the work.
White collar.、Business people.、Internet er, etc.,For daily brainstorming.、Organize your ideas.、Work plan necessary for efficient office software.,It's also a must-have for working across multiple platforms.。A variety of possibilities.,The way you work is very different.。

4、Shorthand for meetings.
At the same time as the meeting.,Record content and ideas as a mind map.,Organize into clear and beautiful charts.,Let ppT.、Keynote adds a lot of color.。You can also instantly export your work to Office. / PDF to facilitate your meeting or report.。

5、Course notes.
When you organize your study notes.,Use mind maps to express them more methodically.,Say goodbye to the messy thoughts.。

6、Make learning more motivated.
Suitable for students and teachers in school.,Organize your notes.、Preparing.、Semester planning and re-words, etc.。In making a beautiful thought map at the same time.,Also organize your own study and lesson preparation plans.。A great change in learning in the classroom.、The way to teach and create.。

7、Inspiration collection.
No matter what the occasion.,You can record inspiration and ideas at your fingertips.,Form your own vast knowledge base.,It can also inspire friends around you to brainstorm in depth.。

8、Travel planning.
Before the trip.,Plan for the day.。On the go.,Record the drop of travel.。

9、Annual plan.
Except for the daily plan.,Monthly or even annual plans on a weekly basis.,can be clearly presented in a mind map.。

10、Make life colorful.
The human brain produces 6,000 thoughts a day.,And one of them. 95% It's a distraction.。Read three thousand.,Seize the most important thoughts.,Improve the efficiency of thinking.,It is an important part of the mind map.。

11、Ubiquitous mind map.
XMind.,Work hard for all.、The people who learn.。The way you think.,will be changed as an XMind.。

12、A resume.
In the form of a two-dimensional diagram or timeline.,Better understand your personal experience.,Add confidence.。


Update the log:

– Fix bugs and improve stability.;


Version description:

* Buy a special XMind Android subscription.
* Use all features permanently.,Unlimited


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