Android Text Editor QuickEdit Text Editor Pro v1.5.0 Paid Pro

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro is a text editor on Android。Now Love Green Soft brings Android Text Editor QuickEdit Text Editor Pro Paid Pro and updates to v1.5.0

QuickEdit is a stable on Android、Text editor for efficient and versatile features。It is optimized for both mobile phones and tablet devices。QuickEdit highlights syntax for more than 50 programming languages。Support for FTP is also supported, FTPS and SFTP, etc.。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

QuickEdit is highly efficient on Android,Stable and full-featured text editor。It is optimized for both mobile phones and tablet devices。


Enhanced Notepad App,Includes a large number of enhancements and upgrades。
Code Editor,Grammar highlights for more than 50 programming languages。
High performance,Real-time feedback,You can work with large text files(More than 10,000 lines)Smooth editing。
Show or hide line numbers。
You can undo or redo changes,And there's no limit to the number of times.。
Show line indentation,and can easily add or reduce indentation。
Efficient selection and editing。
Support sydd and vertical scroll bars at the same time,Smooth scrolling in both directions。
You can jump directly to the specified line number。
Fast query and replace strings。
Easy to select and enter color codes。
Automatic detection of file encoding formats。
Supports changing the file encoding format。
You can pick a file from a list that you recently opened or added。
Support for FTP, FTPS and SFTP。
Support for Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive。
Supports both light and dark tonethe themes。
Optimised for mobile phones and tablet devices at the same time。
Versions that do not contain ads。

QuickEdit Text Editor includes a number of performance and user experience optimizations,It's superior in speed and input feedback.。You can use it as a standard text editor or code editor。


Update the log:

New sets to change language from the application level.
You can use language how is is is from the system.


Version description:(Balatan)

1、Unlocked Pro features


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