Video watermark removal GiliSoft Video Watermark Removal Tool v2019.02.18 Special Edition

GiliSoft Video Watermark RemovEr Tool is a video watermark removal tool on windows platforms。Now love green soft for everyone to bring video watermark removal GiliSoft Video Watermark Remov Tool Special Edition has been updated tov2019.02.18。

GiliSoft Video Watermark RemovEr Tool can help remove watermarks from videos,Remove watermarks and unwanted captions and text overlays in a few seconds。 Video Watermark Remov Tool designed for video watermark removal,Support for multiple formats,So you don't need to install any additional codecs。


Description of the app:

Free video watermark removal tool
Free video watermark removal tool perfect for those you have a very good video,But it's damaged by a watermark or timestamp.,Because it removes text overlays and logos from video。With this free video watermark removal tool,Watermarks in videos can be removed in seconds,and unwanted subtitles and text overlays。You don't want to know how to remove a watermark from a video without leaving a signal trail。Free video watermark removal tool designed for video watermark removal,It supports a variety of formats,So you don't need to install any additional codecs。Free video watermark removal tool with unique features,Enables users to quickly identify video portions that contain logos。Because this feature is very easy to use,So previous experience is usually not required。And you can select the files or folders to load,Edit to isolate a specific area,and see the effect before saving the output of the results。

Exclusive features of the free video watermark removal tool
Remove a watermark from a video
The tool allows you to insert by removing watermarks (e.g. logo,signatures or subtitles) to improve the image in the video file,so that you can enjoy the video/movie without being distracted by the logo on the screen。

The best watermark remover
The best video repair software – Free video watermark removal tool is a brand new tool,Just a few simple steps,Hard editing is no longer required,Remove any watermarks from the video!

Batch water grapefruit
In some videos,Multiple watermarks,They appear in different or the same time range。You can use this tool to bulk remove each watermark。

Processing video in bulk
If you have a lot of videos (even different video formats) you need to remove the watermark,This tool can also help you bulk process videos。

Read almost any video file
Video watermark removal tool can read almost all popular video formats,Includes H265 video format and more formats from the Internet, etc.。

Export to original video format
No need to pay attention to watermarkvideo formats,and retainthed the original video format after removing the watermark from the video。

Add a text watermark to a video
Text watermarking is a very effective way to claim ownership of these videos。This tool helps you add text/words (such as dates) to your video,Author's name,Copyright information,copyright symbols, etc.)。

Add an image watermark to a video
If you are a video author,Video author,Before uploading a video to a shared site,It's important to add images that contain personal information and logos in your video to your video,This may be an effective way to prevent others from copying and using videos without your authorization。

Add a video watermark to a video
Picture-in-Picture (PiP),Also known as video overlay,Is a feature of some TV and other video devices,One of the videos is displayed in full screen,At the same time another video appears on it in a smaller window。

Add shape watermarks
Usually,Need to add an element to "exhale" an object in a person or video。Add a shape watermark to a video to draw attention to a person or object,But one way to do this is to add only the "arrow" pointing to the person/object。


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