Tianru OCR text recognition tool v5.0.0

Tianru OCR is a text recognition tool on the windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the day if oCR text recognition tool has been updated to v5.0.0

Tianru OCR Text Recognition Open Source Edition is based on the code of the sky-high open source to be perfected。OCR text recognition supports multiple vendors' OCR identification interface steamable。And because it's open source now,,It also supports you to submit your code.,Pushing together the development of open source versions。

Application instructions:

Tianru OCR ,An open source OCR system,Would you like to give it a try?


Update the log:

Key features of the new version:
Simple refactoring of the original code structure;
Removes the pop-up window for the V4.49 version of the prompt update;
Enables new version syprogram severance automatic updates。
Overall, there's no new functionality,The main late reconstruction of the current functional code; Then follow up on the new version of the feature stake step by step。


Version description:

Open source version


Download address:





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