Android third-party desktop theme Ace Launcher v2.7.6 Paid Pro

Ace Launcher is a third-party desktop theme on Android。Now Love Green Soft brings a third-party desktop theme Ace Launcher Paid Pro has been updated to v2.7.6

Ace Launcher is a free third-party desktop launch app,It makes it easy for you.、Simple、Easy to find different apps。You can also change different desktop theme styles,Decorate your phone desktop at any time。

Application instructions:

Ace Launcher is a free and easy-to-use desktop launcher app,Make it easy for you.,Easy,Easy to find different apps。
Download ace Launcher desktop theme now,Change different desktop theme styles,Decorate your phone desktop at any time。

Personalization Center
Free theme store:In our theme store,Provides you with a rich and beautiful desktop theme,Professional designers create a number of different styles of desktop background for you,Weekly updates。 Ace Launcher must be your best theme master。
Various desktop live wallpapers:Say goodbye to boring tablecloths,Here you can find something cooler.、Smoother wallpapers。Parallax characteristics、3D Parallax Wallpaper,Water drop ripple style wallpaper, etc.。

Smart Desktop
Customize your favorite style:A wide range of desktop grids to choose from。Desktop icons and text sizes are also free to adjust,No matter what kind of arrangement you like,,Ace Launcher can meet you.。
3D Page Turn Effect:Built-in cool 3D page-turning effect,There are also random effects for you to choose from。
Smart folders:Helps you automatically categorize different apps,Save time on your desktop apps。
Drawer style diversity:Drawers have easy and fast index navigation,Supports vertical switching,Supports sorting by app name and by app installation time。
Multiple desktop gestures:Double-click on the lock screen、One-finger two-finger slide in four directions up and down,Fully customize your gesture sings。

Optimize phone performance
One-click acceleration:End a useless process with one click,Boost your phone's speed,Say goodbye to Caton from here.。
Garbage clean-up:One-click acceleration of mobile phone garbage removal,Save your phone's storage。
Battery optimization:Protect your battery,Optimize the duration of the flight。
CPU cooling:Kill high-energy processes,Prevent your phone from overheating。

Desktop weather information
One-finger slide trigger,It's quick and easy.
Weather forecast for the next 15 days
Quick search for the web
Beautiful desktop clock weather widget
Support for a variety of search engines
Quickly search for text message content
Global search
Find apps installed on your native
Quicksearch for contacts
Hourlevel weather forecast
Air Quality AQI Display

Protect your privacy
Hide apps:Hide your private app,Invisible to others,Protecting privacy。
Applying a lock:Lock your social app、Credit card apps, etc.,Prevent others from opening。

How to uninstall Ace Launcher:
If Ace Launcher doesn't satisfy you,,If you want to unload,,Please go to the settings page to uninstall,The specific path is:Press and hold on the desktop -> Click on Ace Settings -> Click on the About option -> Click on Uninstall Ace Launcher。
I also hope we can get your real-world feedback before you uninstall,We'll appreciate it.。

To enable the lock screen service,The app needs to get user device permissions


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Version description:(@Dogadaevznet)

1、Unlocked paid pro features

2、There are no ads for this app


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