Android Phone Memory Cleanup AVG Cleaner v4.13.0 Paid Pro

AVG Cleaner is a phone cleaning tool on Android,Now love green soft for everyone to bring mobile memory cleaning AVG Cleaner Paid Pro has been updated tov4.13.0

AVG Cleaner is a smart device manager and optimization tool,With AVG Cleaner,Your Android device can be faster、Run smoothly,Store more data,Free up memory by cleaning up garbage,And the battery is more durable.。

Description of the app:

With AVG Cleaner,Your Android device can be faster、Run smoothly,Store more data,Free up memory by cleaning up garbage,And the battery is more durable.。AVG Cleaner is a smart device manager and optimization tool,There's already nearly 5000 10,000 users installed。

AVG Cleaner Key Features:
✔ Garbage Cleaner – Clean up all useless junk files in your device
✔ File Manager – Smart File Manager and Storage Cleaner can analyze pictures、Files and applications,to help you maximize the performance of your Android device
✔ App Hibernation – Suspend background applications to extend battery life and save mobile data
✔ improve performance – Clear cache with Cleaner,Remove junk files and identify applications that are slowing down your device
✔ Longer battery life – Cleaner's power-saving features help extend the device's battery life
✔ system information – Learn all about your phone from one screen
✔ get more space – Delete old files,Uninstall the app,and delete photos and videos of poor quality or don't need
✔ Remove pre-installed apps – Remove pre-installed apps to save space and improve performance

Using AVG Cleaner,You'll enjoy longer battery life,Avoid Android device delays,Delete junk files and automatically find poor-quality or duplicate photos

AVG Cleaner is an intelligent analytics application and cleanup tool,Can give you more storage space、Better performance and longer battery life

Enhanced program、Power Saving Assistant、Memory and storage cleanup and application deletion functions are described below:

Cleaner:One-click analysis and optimization
Clean up your device with the touch of a button
Device scanning and analysis with a single click

Cleaner:Photo Analyzer:
- Fast and easy photo gallery optimization
Find photos of poor quality or duplicates
Our”Swipe left to remove,Slide right reserved”Features to help you decide whether to delete or retain recognized photos

Cleaner:Advanced Application Deleter and Application Manager:
- Remove pre-installed apps:Does your phone pre-install unwanted inflated software applications? We can prevent these softwares from slowing down the device
- Application Analyzer:AVG Cleaner recognizes power consumption,Applications that run out of mobile data or take up too much storage space,This makes it easier for you to delete these applications
- App Remover:Easily remove apps that slow down your device
Depending on the storage location、Memory、Power consumption、Easily analyze applications for data consumption or usage

Cleaner:Battery Saver and Optimizer:
- App Hibernation:Putting your app into hibernation helps extend battery life,and make the device run faster、It's longer.
Battery configuration and optimization:You can do it in”Low power”、”Home”、”Office”And”Inside the car”Choose between configurations,Or set yourself up to automatically adjust the battery usage you want (free trial 30 day)

Clean up your phone to free up storage,Make it run smoother,and improve its speed and performance。Clear junk files,Poor quality removal、Similar or repetitive photos,In order to、Photos and other content you need to free up more available storage space

This app uses The Accessibility permission,Let disabled and other users close all background apps with a single click


Update the log:

This update is all all about technical changes. We're on gyllon spedd sydd the reliability of the hidden cache sydd sis as seion on all supported devices.


Version description:(@balatan)

1、PRO function unlocked
2、Ads deleted
3、Promotional app disabled
4、Analysis disabled
5、All ads and services removed from the campaign
6、Zipalign-optimized graphics


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