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Weather Underground is a weather forecasting app on Android.。The Weather Underground Android app provides the world's most accurate hyperlocal weather forecast.,Interactive radar is also available.、Satellite maps and bad weather alerts.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

In addition to providing interactive radar.、Satellite maps and bad weather alerts.,The new Weather Underground Android app program also provides the world's most accurate hyperlocalweather weather forecast.。Members of our unique weather enthusiast community report real-time data using gas stations in their own backyards.,Data from this cluster source can forecast the weather for your exact location.。 5.0 What are the updates to the version.?

We've reinvented the app.,It's like inheriting my grandmother's big house.。Don't worry.,We retained heirlooms.,Just throw it away. 1953 the wicket-velvet sofa of the year.。Welcome through time and space.,Come to the future of Android Weather Underground. 。
Go to the left.,You'll see the navigation drawer.,It looks like a map book for my grandfather.,But you do have the urge to use it.。Open the navigation drawer.,you can quickly switch positions.,Manage and give nicknames for the locations you're favorites.,Then look forward to the weather in the Bahamas.。
In the past, you could only focus on one weather station in each city.。How inconvenient that should be.。Now,You can view and collect the globe with "accurate" maps. 180,000 Multiple weather stations.。
We've added a hurricane dynamic brick.,Because not all weather is gentle and harmless.。Before the hurricane blows away your house.,Keep track of the windy weather everywhere.。
New ads are pounding.。It is rectangular.,And never cheat.,Can say as much as. 12 Languages。We'll use it.。
It is now also optimized for tablets.……But it's not as simple as changing size.。
Design updates as much as you like.。Do you need a material design??Right.。Do you want to make it more readable??That's right。Want to not eat.、Don't refuel.,Rolling to the weather forecast??Your dream is a dream come true.!

Status notifications.:Instantly see current temperature and weather conditions.
The current weather conditions from your local weather station.,Including the temperature.、Body temperature、Wind speed and direction、Humidity、Dew point and visibility.
Push notifications.:Be reminded of bad weather.(Polygon-based reminders.)to keep an eye out for extreme weather.
Interactive map via animated radar.、Satellites and more data shows all personal weather stations near you.
Listable to view saved Favorite Places and Recent Searches
Buy a one-year ad-free subscription at a reasonable price.。
Snow and winter sports reports.
Switch between "on-the-go forecast" and "NWS forecast".
National Weather Service Broadcast.
Health dynamic brick.:Monitor air quality.、UV hazards and local influenza outbreaks.
Custom widgets.
10-day forecast.(Every day、Hourly),Includes a text brief.
Select day mode or night mode.
Cluster report.
How this weather app differs from other apps.?

We filled in the blanks.
We have more than that. 180,000 personal weather station.,The most localized weather conditions can be reported.。Other weather services rely on airport weather stations to forecast the weather.,And we collect data from user-owned weather stations.,This fills the gap between the airport weather stations.,That means.
our data comes from actual data points near you.。

Interactive weather and radar maps.
The most interactive weather map on the mobile side. (WunderMap.) Allows you to select different weather mulch layers.,Includes current weather conditions.、Animated Radar、Satellite.、Webcams and bad weather conditions.。Customize the map by selecting a specific data layer.,Or from a variety of preset maps.(For example, severe weather alerts.、Fire risk.、The fire is still ongoing.、Hurricanes and webcams.)choose.。

Cluster report.
You can let us know through the Sky Report.:Whether the sky conditions we are reporting are consistent with what you actually observe.。If you find a difference.,You can report the weather conditions you are experiencing.,This facilitates other users of the application.。Hazard reports allow you to report any hazardous road conditions you encounter.,To help other people in your area.。

About Weather Underground.
Weather Underground was founded. 1995 Years,is the first online weather service provider.,Weather data solutions for many of the world's leading media companies and millions of users through its own mobile applications and website.。Weather Underground is a subsidiary of The Weather Company.,Headquartered in San Francisco, California.。


Update the log:

Enhancements in v6.6.1.:
– All bug fixes & and enhancements.


Version description:

1、Unlock.PremiumProfessional features


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