Windows 10 Digital Rights Access Tool HWIDGen v62.01 HanHua

HWIDGen is a permanent activation system software on the windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Windows 10 digital rights acquisition tool HWIDGen Hanhua version has been updated tov62.01

Windows 10 Digital rights acquisition tool HWIDGen is a Windows made by a foreign Nsane Forum member s1ave77 10 Digital rights activation tool,This Windows 10 Digital rights access tools,You can get Windows automatically 10 Digital license activation,No product key required,Permanently activate in the simplest way。

Description of the app:

Supported Windows 10 Version (SKU):
Core (Family) (N)<HWID / KMS38>
Core Single Language (N)<HWID / KMS38>
Professional (N)<HWID / KMS38>
Server Data Center (Core) (N)<KMS38>
Enterprise S(N)<KMS38>
Education (N)<HWID / KMS38>
Enterprise (N)<HWID / KMS38>
Enterprise S(N)2015 <HWID>
Enterprise S(N)2016 <HWID / KMS38>
Professional Workstation (N)<HWID / KMS38>
Server Standard (Core) (N)<KMS38>
Professional Education (N)<HWID / KMS38>
Server Solutions (Core) (N)<KMS38>


Update the log:

The process has been redesigned
AiO slc.dll for HWID and KMS38 processes
The new DLL uses from 17134 ADK's gatherosstate.exe,LtSB only 2015 Use the modified version of it
Right now,Process reads SKU-ID directly from OS
Channels are determined by DigitalProductId4,SKU ID is determined by kernel value。
TargetSKU.txt now uses common values for operating system detection and processing
TargetSKU.txt can still use SKU-ID valueas as fallback
Realized on wuauserv,clipsvc,Checks on the service functions of wlidsvc and sppsvc
The system check will attempt to temporarily enable any disabled services,and start them to ensure that the work process
Change sit after the check and in the process
Error message will help identify the problem


Version description:([email protected])

1、Has been Hanhua


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