Mac Minimalist Text Editor Byword v2.9

Byword is a text editor on the MacOS platform.。Now Love Green Soft brings you the Mac minimalist text editor Byword has been updated.v2.9.

Byword is a simple and easy text editor,It's a great use of the Markdown editor.,You can write effectively in plain text.。Designed to make writing with Markdown easier.。

Description of the app:

Byword,A simple and easy text editor.,It's a great use of the Markdown editor.。Byword makes it easier to write notes and long text on your Mac.。

Key features
The aim is to make writing easier with Markdown.
Export the document as a PDF and HTML document.
On all Macs.,Iphone,Sync text documents on your iPad device.
Alternate black themes.,Provides extra comfort in low light conditions.
Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts.,Increase efficiency.
The most complete Markdown support.,Include footnotes.,Tables and cross-references.
Publish to Medium.,Wordpress.,Tumblr.,Blogger and Evernote.

Blog post.
Publish to Medium from Byword.,Wordpress.,Tumblr.,Blogger and Evernote.。Publishing to your blog using Byword is easy.:
Write something in Byword.
Open the file menu.,Then select publishing.
Confirm the metadata.

More features
The list continues.
Word and character counters with real-time updates.
Typewriter rolling mode.
Spelling and grammar checks and dictionary lookups.
Great text operation assistant.
Provides extensive VoiceOver API support for visually impaired users.

Here are some ways to use Byword in your life.:
For research.,Meeting and class notes.
Use to publish to your blog without using a bulky web interface.
Capture ideas and notes.,and available on all devices.
Write important e-mail messages without distraction.

macOS Mojave Enhancement.
Match System Preferences - Dark Appearance.
Fullscreen:Be more immersed in your words.
tab.:Merge multiple documents in one window ("Windows">"Merge All Windows")
Split screen.:If you need an extra window to study.
iCloud Drive.:Seamlessly sync your documents on your devices and applications.
Switch.:Start writing on your iPhone.,Then pick up where you left off where you sit on your Mac.
Auto-save:Time to stop worrying about saving your work.
Version.:View the number of past iterations of the work.

Resume.:Always open the file where you left.

Label:A powerful new way to organize files.


Update the log:

2.9 2019.04.07
Supports macOS Mojave Dark appearance.
A transparent title bar in the document window.

Custom insertion points.,Match the emphasis color of the system.

Error fixes and improvements in Mark Previewdown.


Version description:

Chinese Simplified

Direct installation is ready for use


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