Data Recovery O&O DiskRecovery v14.1.143 Special Edition

O&O DiskRecovery is a data recovery software on the windows platform,Now love green soft for everyone to bring data recovery O&O DiskRecovery Special Edition has been updated to v14.1.143

O&O DiskRecovery is a top data recovery software from Germany,Can recover the hard drive directly、Memory card、Files in digital cameras,As long as the data is not rewritten twice even if it has been formatted,O&O DiskRecovery also lets them see the day again.,Excellent data algorithms help you easily retrieve documents such as Word、Excel Table、Access database and various common graphics、Image、Movie、Music(Jpeg, Avi, MPEG,MP3, Wav, Bmp, Tiff, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Framemaker,Adobe Illustrator, and many more)Data recovery in up to 300 file formats,Is a very good data recovery tool for power。

Description of the app:

1、O.O. DiskRecovery Preview Feature
After the scanning process is complete,You will be able to preview recovered files。
Various picture and text formats that support preview ingause,Including JPEG,Bmp,TIFF and TXT。

2、Three integrated search algorithms
There are three integrated search options,Each contains different recovery techniques,Can be used alone or in combination with each other。 The O-O UnErase search algorithm can be used for quick scanning and quick cancellation deletion。The search algorithm O-O FormatRecover allows file recovery on damaged but still accessible disks。 The search algorithm in O.O. DiskRecovery scans every sector of the disk to get the file signature,Then even if the entire directory has been deleted or overwritten,Can also be used to rebuild files。

3、Use O-DiskRecovery in an emergency
If the O-O DiskRecovery was not installed on your computer at the time of the disaster,Instant installation is ready to help you。You only need a second computer and a removable hard drive or drive (e.g.,USB stick or external hard drive)。Start the installation on the second computer and save The Instant Installation on the removable drive。And then,You can connect this drive to the target computer where you want to recover files,Then run o'O DiskRecovery from here。Doing so will prevent you from having a full installation on your target computer,This may overwrite the important data needed to successfully recover data on the hard drive。

4、What to do if you lose or delete a file
If you want to recover files that were accidentally deleted,Stop any further activity to write data on disk or card immediately,Because only uncovered files can be recovered accurately.。Even search the Internet for the right file recovery software and download it,It may also cover important data departments,and make data recovery more difficult,Not even possible.。That's why it's important to have o'ODiskRecovery installed on your computer before a disaster strikes。


Update the log:

1、New:Many new file and file type signatures can now be restored (over 365 file types)
2、Unlimited number of recoverable files
3、Improved:Even partially damaged files and pictures can often be recovered
4、Improved:Recover from a defective storage volume
5、Easy-to-use wizard to search and recover files
6、New and improved data recovery methods
7、Preview the file before recovery
8、Support for all Windows-compatible hard drives,Removable drives,Memory card,USB Stick,Compact Flash and most digital cameras
9、Fast and instant installation options
10、Add a user-defined signature
11、Support for Windows 10,Windows 8.1,Windows 7 and Vista


Version description:

Registration information
Name: Random
Company: Random
Note to disconnect the registration,After registration with a firewall blocking program network!


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