Android DW Contact&Dial&SMS DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer v3.1.6.1 Special Edition

DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer is a set of contacts on Android、Dial、SMS as an app。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android DW contacts&Dial&SMS DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer Special Edition has been updated tov3.1.6.1

DW Contact&Dial&SMS is a powerful app,Used to replace your phone's original phone、联系人、SMS app。DW supports full SMS support、Automatically send blessing text messages on contact's birthday/anniversary、Group-based contact management,and support for group nesting、 Voice broadcast call numbers, contact names, etc.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

DW Contact&Dial& Is a powerful application,Used to replace your phone's original phone、联系人、SMS app。

Key features
* Timed send
+ Full SMS support
* Template-based bulk text messages send auto-insert contact salutations
* Automatically send blessing text messages on contact's birthday/anniversary

+ Search for all fields of the contact (notes)、Address、Email、Relationships...... )
+ Configurable contact list view,It can display the contact's nickname、Company、Position、Number、Note......。and a variety of sorting methods.
* Contact-based reminders and task lists
+ Group-based contact management,and support for group nesting
+ Share contacts through text,And allows you to select fields that need to be shared
+ Filter contacts through their group、Company、Position,Province、City、Zip......
* Notify you before the contact's birthday/anniversary
+ Show all information in contact details,Including:Sms、Call logs、Call statistics、Related events and tasks。You can also connect custom data to contacts
+ Include HD avatars and group messages when backing up and restoring contacts with vCard
+ Flexible multi-choice mode,You can combine different contact filters to select contacts。For selected contacts, you can send messages to them、Mail,Export、Share、Set a ringtone and so on a lot of action

* Unlimited call logs,You can add notes to each call log to track work progress
+ Call firewall based on contact group,Can be defined to take effect during a specific time period,Block unfamiliar calls or business calls during non-working hours
* Auto-redial
+ Voice broadcast incoming call number and contact name
* Long-press dial button to call already installed VoIP software dial
* Group-based dial prefix is automatically added、Call logs are automatically deleted、Call ringtone
+ The part in the call displays the caller's details and past call notes when the bell rings,Easy way to get to know each other in a timely manner,Write notes and add task reminders to the call after it's over
+ T9 dialing Searches for contacts with contact name pinyin lets you quickly find the contactyous you need
+ Adjustable dial height and left and right position for one-handed operation
+ Dual card support
+ Call statistics can calculate the length of a call,Notify you before the end of your free talk time
* Up to 10,000 quick action storage,You can define an action as dialing、Send a text message or send a message。Enter the dial disk To save the location and perform the quick action。For example:100#
* Flexible appearance configuration,You can customize the font size、Color and transparency
+ Accessible and compatible:TalkBack

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Free version of feature restrictions
Include ads
Limited appearance customization
Multi-select mode for up to 5 items
Only one application widget can be created
Not supported * Features at the beginning


Update the log:

Support batch clear contact pictures
Add “Mark as read” button in SMS notification
Fix Android Call History Merge case problem
Add “Send message using …” to long press menu
Contact Details Link TAB: Support Reverse Lookup
Calls Statistic sfor dual SIM cards
Video call supports SIM card selection
Disable quick contact view view, use contact details instead


Version description:(@balatan)

1、The full version is available with direct installation

2、No need for LPs or Google Play Moded。


Download the address:


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