Mathematical Formula Editor MathType for Win/Mac v7.4.4 Special Edition

MathType is a mathematical formula editor,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the mathematical formula editor MathType Special Edition has been updated tov7.4.4

MathType is a professional mathematical formula editor,Perfectly compatible with Office word,More than 700 programs such as excel,Used to edit math papers、Books、Newspapers、Paper、Documents such as slide demonstrations easily enter complex mathematical formulas and symbols。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

MathType for people
MathType use crowd is concentrated in students、Teachers and science professionals,Can be applied to education and teaching、Research institutions、Engineering、Thesis writing、Journal layout、Editing science papers, etc.。
* Compatible with each version of Office
MathType has good compatibility with Office,Support for various versions of Office software,Like Microsoft Office 2016、Softmaker Office、WPS Office, etc.。
* Multi-platform support
MathType is available for 800-plus software applications and websites,Support for any word processing software、Demo program、Page program、HTML editing tools and other types of software,Used to establish formulas。
* Support for handwriting
MathType”Edit”The Open Input Math Panel in the menu supports handwritten input formulas,Intelligently recognize handwriting,Write with the click of a mouse to do it。
When you add a formula,Click the template in the MathType interface,The style of the template appears directly inside the MathType edit box,Complete the editing task of the formula by making appropriate modifications to this template。
* Automated processing
Translator in MathType supports one-click conversion to Latex、Amslatex and et al.,And provide common mathematical formulas and physical formula templates,Just click once,The formula leaps on the paper.。

Type and hand-write math symbols with MathType。In documents and digital content
Easily include high-quality mathematical equations。

Microsoft Word's popular formula editor has been updated。MathType's new online version is also seamlessly integrated into Google Docs。
Stop relying on cumbersome built-in math tools。Use MathType to deliver a unified quality experience for all your digital solutions…Text processor,Demo software,LMS Platform,Assessment tools, etc.……

Productivity is the key
When you're ready to sit down and write a science or technical paper,Test,When you're presenting a slide or where you want to include math symbols,You can use MathType。Turn on MathType on your computer or device,You can easily,Easy,Get the job done efficiently。
Using MathType,You can:Click,Handwritten,Use keyboard shortcuts,Insert equation numbers,Using color,Select a font,Control spacing……
Set up your work environment the way that works best for you:
Save commonly used equations and symbols in a customizable tool bar
Set MathType preferences to quickly change from one "appearance" to another type of document
Set up personal keyboard shortcuts
Copy or convert to LaTeX
Much more!

Professional-quality math typography
MathType is a major upgrade of the default math tools built into many applications。
You can now have quality everywhere.。Choose a classic MathType look or LaTeX look。Control spaces in an expression to pixels。
Mathematical symbol enrichment,Changes between cultures ; MathType supports mathematical symbols of different education levels and cultures。
Accessibility is essential for any quality solution。MathType helps readers access scientific content,and help authors create accessible scientific content。

All chemistry
ChemType is a style of MathType,Designed to help you use chemical symbols。
You will find a specific toolbar,It contains common chemical symbols and a user experience for chemical authors。


Update the log:

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Version description:


6.9Version of installation tips
1.Some security software may be falsepositive,Set to trust;

2.If the Office autoload version of Word turns on slower, set it up:File>Help>Options>Credit Center>Trusted location,Add in the MathType installation folder (thanks for the netizens)。

Special method
* File with the same name for the MathType.exe replacement program installed in the Crack folder,Can。

* If you install The Times Wrong Office plug-in does nare to use,Please do so in C:Create a Startup folder under Program Files Microsoft Office Office16,Copy mathType Command2016.dotm in the Office number of office in the crack folder after installation is completed to the Startup folder。


Must be disconnected! Or use firewall software to prevent this software from networking! Must be used in this way。


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