Android Fee Funds Financial Management 1Money v2.1.1 Paid Pro

1Money is a spending tracker on Android,Money Manager,Budget app。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android expense financial management 1Money paid professional version has been updated tov2.1.1

1Money can show where your money is going、Where did it go?。 Although keeping track of your financial situation is not the happiest thing in the world.,But it has to be said that it requires specific skills and knowledge.。Keeping a record of your expenses also helps you manage your own money。

Description of the app:

The app will show where your money is going。 Keeping track of your finances isn't the most enjoyable thing in the world, It requires specific skills and knowledge。 That's why we developed a program,Makes it easy to track your expenses anytime, anywhere。

Add deals now。
Add new deals with a single tap。 All the amounts you must enter。

The cost is at a glance。
Record all expenses per day,And the app will tell you where your money is on the infographic.。

You can plan your income and expenses quickly and easily,This will help you avoid accidental purchases。

Tracking debt and savings。
Keep an eye on the balance of all your accounts and efficiently achieve your financial goals。

Use a variety of currencies。
Automatically updated exchange rates keep you up-to-date with your financial situation。

- Sync。
Use cloud-based data synchronization, Track the financial status of all equipment at the same time。


Update the log:

+ Account - filter to display data for individual accounts (Tap at top of the screen)
+ Budget: Fixes for Savings
+ Refund transactions: Expenses/Income transactions with negative value
+ bug fixes…


Version description:(@Dogadaevznet)

Advanced features unlocked


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