Android Comics Reading Alien V1.7.0 Go Ad Edition

Heterogeneous is an app on the Android platform that caches comics offline。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android comics reading the hetero-yuan to the advertising version has been updated to v1.7.0

The alien meta-carcom software is a free app for aggregate comic reading developed by Wang Wei, a group friend of Kunfei God of "Reading",No ads,Available for offline download。Enthusiasts update and add sources from time to time,Now there are more than a hundred and home website map source,Save you from downloading multiple clients,Eliminate the harassment of web ads。Heterogeneous meta-source rules and reading source rules are basically the same,Both software source adaptation tools were developed by group friends Dashen Dagu,Those who are capable can go to the relevant group to obtain the tool adaptation source and book source。

Application instructions:

Alien Introduction Today's comic app because of the major platformbuying and other reasons,There's always some comics that can't be seen.,Three or four comic apps need to be downloaded on your phone to meet the situation,So you can freely add the source of the free aggregate comic app to come! You don't have to worry about not finding the comics you want to see! Can't find the comics? Make your own picture source! Features of the hetero-meta features Introduction Interface is simple and clean Interface, free to create add edgs and discover a variety of page-turning and reading modes can be downloaded cache of comics,Easy to watch when there is no network More features are being developed and perfected


Update the log:

by Wang Wei

1、New local comic features。
2、Optimize comic body load speed,Change to singleton mode。
3、Fix problems where bookshelf pictures and comic names don't show when restoring backup records。
4、New comic cover shows switch settings for original image。
5、Optimize the source exchange interface。Please pull down to refresh when the source is low。
6、Fix known bugs、Improve stability。


Version description:

Custom book source

All comics for free

No ads

Source import method:Upper Left - Map Source - Local Import,Select Import to


Download address:



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