How do I disable Windows 10 automatic updates at the click of a button?

How do I disable Windows 10 automatic updates at the click of a button?

This is a troubled question.,It's too complicated to do something manually.,Still want that kind of script or open source software to automate the operation to complete the prohibition win10 automatic updates.。


One、Use the site's recommended tool. DISM.

DISM is a powerful system maintenance tool that is almost recommended.,It contains a number of practical features.。After downloading and decompressing.,You can be in the "left column." – System optimization – The management of updates in Windows Update.。In addition to disabling automatic updates.,DISM also helps you automatically install updates that don't require a restart.、Exclude some system components, etc. by default.,can be corrected with one click.。

Control Panel in Dism ? - System Optimization - Windows update.,Turn off all the functions inside.,At the same time, the Windows update automatic update will be adjusted to "Never check for updates."(Not recommended.)"That's it."。


Link:The image is deployed in the Dism?green portable version.

Download the address:


Two、Use Control Panel Plus to disable Windows updates with one click.。

Control Panel Plus is an open source green installation-free software.。
After downloading the corresponding tool according to the system version.,You only need to run with administrator rights.,Select "No" in the pop-up dialog box,You can disable or enable Windows at the click of a button. 10 The ability to automatically check for updates.。

Control Panel Plus makes it easy to adjust the hidden settings for Windows.

Check on the delegate enabled.,No delegates are selected to disable.,All options have a mouse-over help.。

This tool provides a number of options for modifying system settings.,As a result, some antivirus software will be falsely reported or killed.,Please use it with confidence after you add a whitelist.。

Download the address:



Three、Use the Windows automatic update management tool BlockWin10AU.

BlockWin10AU is a lighter open source Windows automatic update management tool.。Just one download. 7 KB's .bat batch file.,Right-click to run with administrator rights.,Windows can't play for itself anymore.。But it's because it's so simple.,The steps to resume the update later can be cumbersome.。

Download the address:




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