Android Enhanced Input Input Plus v1.0.9 Pay to Unlock Direct

InputTing Plus is a tool on the Android platform that enhances input on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android enhanced input Input Plus paid unlock direct version has been updatedv1.0.9

Enhanced input Inputting plus can bring you the text editing methods commonly found in Windows systems to undo (ctrl). + z),Redo (ctrl + y),Find and replace (ctrl + f),It's not as comfortable to use as shortcuts,But Inputting plus can handle these issues。

Description of the app:

I can't believe I haven't typed on the touch screen yet (ctrl-z)、Recovery (ctrl-y)、Find and replace (ctrl-f)Function? Fortunately.,The enhanced input app can handle this situation。
Using the enhanced input Inputting Plus will automatically display a floating bubble window when typing。It can be used for undoing、Recovery、Find and replace text,You can even quickly insert clipboard history!

Do you believe that the input on the touch screen is still not undone (ctrl + z),Redo (ctrl + y),Find and replace (ctrl + f)? Fortunately,Inputting plus can handle this issue。

– Lifehacker:Input plus help brings some key features,Includes undo,Red again.,Finding and replacing is as easy as a desktop。
– Android Police:If you've ever experienced an application crash or accidentally pressed a button,You'll lose what you wrote,I don't need to convince you that this new app is worth a try。
It's very important here。The developer must have removed the animation from the park。

Enter the notification
As you type, you'll automatically see a notification that you're entering。It can help you undo,Red again.,Find and replace text,It's like ctrl + Z,Ctrl. + F.,Ctrl. + C,Ctrl. + v is on the computer。Even quickly insert clipboard history!
Due to system limitations,Entering text in WebView, such as Google Chrome, is not yet supported。

Enter the timeline
In the event of an application crash or a network connection failure,Have you ever had a moment when you lost something very important? The input timeline automatically collects all the text you enter in other applications into a simple timeline。You can view the text at every moment and copy it。You won't lose it again。


Update the log:

– Bug fixes and performance syds.


Version description:( @Kirlif’)

1、Paid feature unlocked

2、The analysis was deleted

3、Mod Off Line


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