Mathematical Formula Editor AxMath v2.5 Chinese Simplified Cracked Edition

Mathematical Formula Editor AxMath is a better formula editor on the windows platform。Now Love Green Soft brings the math formula editor AxMath Chinese Simplified crack version has been updated to v2.5

AxMath is a professional formula editor and scientific computing software,Set Formula Editing、Typography and scientific calculations in one 。Ole embedding support,Available with Microsoft Office,Common document editing software collaborations such as WPS,You can also vector output or output as a picture format。The perfect cracked version for everyone,Test yourself with advanced features,No restrictions on use。AxMath perfectly replaces your analogy MathType,All features of MathType,and on this basis slightly different。

Application instructions:

Editing and typography
* Graphical layout settings,Layout is more convenient;
* Support points to pick up input、Shortcuts、Script input,Enter faster;
* Support for AMS/LaTeX mathematical symbol standards;
* Support for custom mathematical symbols;
* Support for quick matrix templates、Autofill and blocking;
* Support for string finding and replacement;
* Support for notes (multi-frame clipboard)、Tiles and Formula Library;
* Support for multi-color symbol panels,Support for symbol panel remapping;
* Support for monochrome and color,Customisable color preferences;
* Editing accessibility,Automatic recognition of preset fields and correction of their text formats;

Scientific computing
* Calculating based on a see-as-you-see formula; ‍‍
* Support for variable definitions and constant definitions;
* The calculation process is saved as the next call to the computable document;
* Support for addition and subtraction、Keegan、Power、Triangle functions and common mathematical functions;

Output and release
* Support for object embedding,Can be used as a plug-in for text software such as MS WORD;
* Outputable vector images;
* Can be output as BMP、Jpg、Png、Common picture formats such as GIFs;

Operating environment
* Win10 , Win 8,Win 7,Vista;
* OLE Embedding:MS Office,Wps;
* Plug - ins:Wps 2016,MS Office 2010-2016;


Update the log:

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Version description:

1、Double-click install master installation package AxMath after exiting the program;

2、Copy AxMath from the Crack folder to the software installation directory to crack it;

3、AxMath hack successfully used it;


Download address:

Ability or support for genuine software,AxMath genuine price is only more than 30 yuan less than the price and is still a permanent authorization to register。

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