Android Third-Party Desktop AIO v2.8.14 Paid Premium Special Edition

AIO Launcher is a third-party desktop app on android platforms.。AIO Launcher is no ordinary desktop application.。It does not have a color icon.,Many animation effects and various themes.。Instead.,AIO Launcher uses screen space to show you the most important information.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The AIO launcher is not an ordinary home screen.。It does not have a color icon.,Many animation effects and various themes.。Instead.,AIO Launcher uses screen space to show you the most important information.。

The AIO launcher can display the following information on the screen.:
* Twitter – All tweets or individual user tweets.;
* Calendar – Upcoming events in the calendar.;
* Weather – Current weather and forecast for 10 days.;
* Notice – Standard Android notifications.;
* Player – When you turn on the music.,A playback control button appears.;
* Recorder – Recording,Play and share audio.;
* System Monitor – RAM and NAND usage.,Battery percentage.;
* 联系人 – Get in touch quickly.;
* Telegraph – Last message (paid);
* Rss – The latest news.;
* The dialer. – A keypad for quick calls.;
* Timer – The timer start button.;
* Mail – A list of e-mail messages received.;
* Note – Your list of notes.;
* Frequent applications. – Application buttons that are frequently used.;
* Your app. – The icon for the selected app.;
* Exchange rate – Currency exchange rates.;
* Bitcoin. – Bitcoin price.;
* Financial. – Stock,Precious metals.,Cryptocurrencies, etc. (paid);
* Calculator – Simple calculator.;
* Control panel. – Switch WiFi. / Bt / GPS, etc.;
* Flow. – Displays the current download/upload rate and connection type.;
* Android widget. – Standard application widgets (paid)。

Other features.:

*Several different themes.;
*Icon pack support.;
*Multiple icon shapes.;
*Ability to change the font size.;
*Applications on the Internet.,联系人,An advanced search system for files and information.;
*The ability to rename the application.;

*Swipe on the search button to open the phone with it.,A shortcut menu for cameras and markets.;
*To add an Android widget.,Please press and hold the search button and select the "plus" icon.;
*To resize the widget.,Place your finger on the widget.,Then use the up and down buttons.;
*The list of all applications to access.,Drag from the left edge of the screen.;
*Open the menu with your finger by holding down the elements of the screen.;
*To open the settings.,Place your finger on the search button.,Then click the gear icon.;
*Keep the part's title moving it.;
*You can disable any widget in the settings.;
*You can minimize the widget by clicking its name.;
*To delete the application.,Please open the application menu.,Place your finger on the application you want.,Then drag it onto the Trash icon.。

How to connect to Gmail.:

Go to gmail settings.,Then "POP." / IMAP Forwarding",Then "Enable IMAP"。

How to connect to Outlook.:

How to set it as the default launcher on a Huawei smartphone.:

Set up – Application – Set up – The default application. – Set up – Manager – AIO launcher.

If the notification widget does not apply to MIUI.:

Set up – Battery and performance. – Manage your app's battery usage. – Select the app. – AIO launcher. – Unlimited

This app uses device administrator permissions.。


Update the log:

* Bug fixes


Version description:

Straight-packed special edition


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