Android SMS MMS YAATA v1.44.4.21769 [Premium] Premium Special Edition

YAATA is a third-party SMS MMS receiving tool on Android platform.。YAATA SMS is very powerful.,Reliable and application speed is on another level.。You can personalize and configure the definition of this application into your perfect application.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

YAATA is influenced by the true spirit of Android.。This is a SMS/MMS app.,There are so many offers.。You can personalize and configure the definition of this application into your perfect application.。 YAATA SMS is very powerful.,Reliable and application speed is on another level.。Even with all the exciting features this app offers the size of the app is based on 3.9MB.。This SMS app is very user-friendly and meets the desire and ultimate freak needs a basic entry user.。

RM2 / MMS.
·Complete multimedia support.,Includes, but is not limited to, sending and receiving.:Image,Video,Audio,Electronic business cards,GIF format.。
·Send a report of two SMS and MMS messages.,The option to save delivery time.。
·Group chat.
·Send delay.
·Convert SMS to MMS.
·Auto Forward (Premium)
·Auto Answer (Premium Edition)
·Booking Message Send (Advanced)
·Night Mode (Premium)
·Blacklist (Advanced)
·Hands-free mode (Advanced)
·Copy and paste text selections.
·There are too many options when tapping message bubbles.。
·Backup and recovery settings.
·Tons more to explore and add.!!

Quick options.
·3Different desktop part styles.
·Pin contact FAB label.
·Quickly compose from the notification bar (3 favorite touches)
·Common contacts appear when you compose a new message.。
·Press and hold the attachment icon to quickly insert the picture.。
· And more! If you come up with a faster way don't hesitate to share! ;)

·3Quick reply style.
·Chat head.:Can be viewed on the lock screen! With a bunch of customization and configuration options (chat header some options premium)
·Pop-ups:the same ability.,to see the configuration options on the lock screen.。 (that is, message restrictions.),Pop-up size.,Closer to send and later)
·A simple dialog window.
·Custom vibrations.
·LED color and the ability to customize wink rate.
·Reminders for repeated missed messages.
·The swipe behavior is variable in the notification bar.
·The ability to set the non-digital address of notifications and unknown senders.。
·Be notified when you set how you want to listen to music.,Call.,When the screen is on and more!

Customization for different contacts.
·Ring,Custom vibrations.,Quick reply style.,The color of the LED and the frequency of flickering.,Status bar icons and more.。
·Appearance and feel.
·The color sent.,you can receive it.,The color of the contact avatar and action bar, as well as the color and size of the text, can change a specific conversation.。
·So much more for you to see yourself again!

Appearance and feel.
·Group threads by date on the conversation list (today.,Yesterday,the first two days.…)
·Timestamp option.
·Light.,Dark,Black.,Card type and random palette (you must have the ability to create your own palette and/or reset colors in advanced settings)
·Create a custom contact picture (size.,Shape,Color……),Font (size.),color bold options) for your own theme.,Information bubbles (colors.,Style,Animation),The color of the action bar and the ability to change the background color and conversation list color are just some personalized YAATA way.。
· Other...
·Filter options (search for conversations via MMS.),Send,Receive.,Date,text, etc.。
·The background alternates between different days.
·Session list swipes can be enabled or disabled (swipe calls).,Mute.,Archive,Delete,Reply to create a chat header)
·You can turn the keyboard option on when scrolling is enabled or disabled.,Hides when edits scroll.,Send after you turn off the keyboard, and so on.。


Update the log:

fixes and improved performance.


Version description:( @Kirlif’)

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Fabric/Crashlytics deleted.


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