Android Calendar Task Management aCalendar plus v2.4.0 [Beta-1] Paid Special Edition

ACalendar Plus is a calendar task management tool on the Android platform。aCalendar plus gives you a lot of extra calendar features。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

aCalendar is an advanced version of aCalendar – All features are unlocked and no ads。

aCalendar plus gives you a lot of extra calendar features,Your purchase support for further development,and help protect the endangered Mountain Tapir.。

Additional features (aCalendar plus or In-App-Purchase)
Public holidays (and school holidays in some countries) – Can be configured in the calendar list
More colors (theme/UI colors),The background color.,Calendar color,Event color)
Business functions (invite attendees),Link contacts,Busy/Busy,Private,Personal data,Share for ICS)
Task (from CalDAV) / OpenTasks manages Google tasks or tasks)
No ads (remove occasional ads)
♥ Tapir Apps donates 10% of all revenue to Rainforest Conservation through our friends at the World Land Trust

Intuitive navigation and smooth transitions
Day,Week,Month and year view
Full-screen widgets
Every 3 weeks,Every 17 days or every Monday,Flexible recurrence on Wednesdays and Fridays
More than 100 colors to choose from as calendar colors
The color of each event (even if the calendar of the event is not supported)
Custom event font size
Birthdays and anniversaries,It contains photos from your address book and edit
Use Android's native calendar back end and sync

Forward and back in the calendar by sliding vertically
Use horizontal swipes to switch between calendar views (open the date or week you started to swipe gestures) or double-click the day view
Tap to open calendar events
Long press to add new calendar events
Long-press mini-month to today or jump to date
Configurable operation on 3-finger touch,Click on the title,Volume button
Long-day view of events to drag to different times

aCalendar only requests the permissions required to apply the feature。 aCalendar - Respect for your privacy,Unless you're configured,Otherwise, you'll never send any of your private data anywhere。If you have questions about permissions,Please contact us。

aCalendar has been translated into more than 30 languages,Mainly volunteers. – Please let us know.,If there's an incorrect translation somewhere,,Or you want to add your language。

♥ if you like aCalendar +,Please leave a good comment and recommend it to your friends ♥ to show your support


Update the log:

Corner Info (Beta.)
Day of year / Day number
Shifts / Events
Calendar Alternative systems (Jewish, Islamic, Persian, Lunar, etc.)
Day Counter
Printing (Beta.)
PDF export (Beta.)
ICS export of calendars (Beta.)
CSV/Excel export of calendars (Beta.)
custom week numbers
online updateable holidays
Pure white/black theme
improved handling of video calls (Meet, Teams, Goto-Meeting, …)
set UID for imported events to be able to handle updates

Fix sharing of Google calendars
Select to open app in widget profile ALL, when it is not the default profile
Fix Google Drive photo upload
Google attachment sync duplication issue
Fix unwanted extra notifications after the event
Fix problem when moving events between calendars on Huawei devices
Fix Google Tasks sync not working working there is a list with empty name


Version description:

Straight-packed special edition


Download the address:


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